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Why did the blind blogger write a diet book

Profile photo of maxwell ivey Submitted by maxwell ivey March 25, 2016

Hello again;


When it comes to blogging, the experts say you have to pick a niche or a main subject area and stick to it. My area is finding ways to overcome obstacles, face my fears, and challenge myself to do more or do it better every day.

My thing is to inspire and motivate you to take action in your lives on a regular basis. By showing up in my own life and sharing these experiences openly and honestly with you; I’m told that I do just that.

Why A Diet Book?


So, some of you are probably wondering why I decided to make my second book about weight loss. Its really more about living a healthy life style than it is a “diet book”. I believe that physical well being is critical to success in all other areas. I didn’t start making real progress in my own life until I started getting physically healthy. But still you are probably wondering.

The truth is that I started out to write a memoir. You know how they say everyone wants to write about their life story. And I had made a pretty good start of it. I was up to 50,000 words, and every time I wrote about an event from earlier in my life I remembered others. It was and still is a very pleasurable experience.

However, the problem started when I began to try to edit it. I generally write without structure or even a vague outline. So, when I say 50,000 words I mean one huge document. When I started to work through this trying to edit it enough to send off to my editor Lorraine Reguly, I lost interest. I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle that big huge file.


This was during the Christmas holiday season. I was hearing all the ads on radio and TV for diets, exercise equipment, fitness centers, surgeries, and weight loss clinics. I got to thinking that even though I used gastric surgery as part of my path to good health that people still comment on how inspiring it is that I was able to lose the weight and keep it off. I thought why don’t I write a book and share the lessons I’ve learned along the way from 512 pounds down to 256.

I started by writing a chapter that I called its not the cookie its the bag. The idea came from the fact that there is nothing necessarily wrong with any one food item. Regardless whether we are talking about cookies, potato chips, biscuits, candy bars, ice cream, etc its not the food item its the amount. And I started thinking about the size and quantity that many of these items are sold in in our grocery stores.

This got me to thinking about some of the things we do in our family to maintain a healthy diet without feeling deprived by the knowledge that we will never have another oreo ever again.

That chapter lead to my thoughts about body image, repeatable regular exercise, positive attitude, and applying my personal approach to living a healthy life style. As with everything else I’ve done losing the weight didn’t happen overnight. It involved mastering one new habit and then adding additional habits as one became a natural part of my every day life.

Or as I often say do the best you can today and then do more or do it better tomorrow.

So, all of this lead to my latest book Its Not the Cookie Its the Bag.

And its really more of a mind, body, spirit wellness book than a pure diet or weight loss book.

But, I sent the book to Lorraine on February 27th, and we had our first conversation on March 16th.

I should mention that this delay is not per Lorraine’s usual excellent work. I didn’t want to mention this without asking, but she was dealing with helping her parents move out of their home at the time. She also took a well deserved vacation to the Dominican Republic. For actually taking a vacation she is now one of my heroes.

And in addition to this my email program kept sending my book into the eather. I finally found out that it was because I was trying to send it as a folder instead of sending the individual files. But all is now well.

During that call we talked about the time line for completing the editing and submitting it to Amazon and Create Space. The plan is to have it available by the end of April at the latest. I am still hoping it will be out by April 17th as that will be my 50th birthday. And I think there is some marketing value to a man who is happy with his body at that age.

During our talk I told her that many of you had commented on how much value was included in my first book Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.

That lead to my decision to raise the prices on it. As of today the electronic version is $14.95, the print copies are $24.95, and the autographed copies will be $49.95.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to do this a year ago. At that time i thought the book was too short and not impressive enough. I priced it based on number of pages instead of potential for helping people change their lives.

Now that I have finished writing the second book, its time to start thinking about pricing and promotion.

This book is about 30,000 words making it about three times as long as the first one. And I’l be honest and admit that the increased length does make it easier to set higher prices. Of course, it helps a lot that this is my second book. As with anything we get better at it the more we do it.

So, lets start with pricing of the new book. I’m going to step out in faith again. I’m going to price it at $14.95 for the ebook, $24.95 for the print copies, and $74.95 for autographed copies.

I should mention something about autographed books in general. In order to offer these I have to first order copies and have them sent to me. Then, I have to get a family member to help me sign the books. And then I have to get them to take the book to the post office or shipping place to be delivered to the buyer. The shipping both ways averaged me $15.00 on the first book. This second book is larger meaning that it will be heavier and cost more to ship. Thus the higher price for autographed copies.

Now, don’t fret because I have a special offer for you. I want to sell some advance copies to help cover the costs of editing, formatting, cover art, submitting to amazon and create space, and promotion.

While there are other visually impaired authors who can perform all these tasks themselves, i don’t personally feel comfortable doing so. I also have found that a lot of this process is very frustrating and time consuming for me to do it myself. I feel its a far better use of my time to let Lorraine and her colleagues do this work while I turn my attention to promoting the book.

Special Offer

Ebook Offer

If you buy an advance copy of Its Not the Cookie Its the Bag for $14.95 by April 2nd, you will receive the ebook and the audio version of Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.

Autographed Book Offer

If you pre-order a signed copy of Its Not the Cookie Its the Bag for $49.95 by April 2nd, then you will receive an autographed copy of Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light along with the audio version of my first motivational book.

Email Sign Up Offer

And to update my site from now on new subscribers to my mailing list will receive the audio of the introduction and first chapter of Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light along with a coupon for half off of the sale price of $19.95.

Its Not the Cookie Teaches Me About Writing

I started writing this book as a distraction, but the more I wrote; the more I found that I had to offer. I was able to create a working table of contents and write with a framework for the first time. By having the structure I was able to write the chapters much quicker than I usually do. And this book has actually helped me solve the problem of how to edit my memoir.

I told you that my memoir is so large a file that it has become overwhelming to even think about editing. However, Most sections are devoted to a single topic or story. So, what I’m going to do is start at the top and cut and paste sections from the big file into individual documents for later editing. Once I have a collection of a bunch of files no larger than one of my usual blog posts, doing the editing should be a breeze.

Without stopping to write this book I wouldn’t have discovered how to finally finish my memoir. I wouldn’t have learned the value of structure to efficiently writing a book. I had never created a table of contents or chapter titles before, but now I realize their value; and I wish I had always used them.

Now, all my memoir needs is a happy ever after or stand up and cheer moment. Perhaps it will be the publishing of my second book. Maybe this one will be what brings me to the attention of the national and international media making my name a household word as they say. It could happen and with your help it will.

How Can You Help?

  1. Share this post or the special offer links with your friends and family.
  2. Encourage them to subscribe to my email list.
  3. Purchase a copy for you or someone you know and love.
  4. Support me by making a donation via the pay pal link.
  5. Offer to host me in your home for a book tour.
  6. review the book on your blog.
  7. Invite me to be a guest on your podcast, radio show, or Tv program.
  8. Send prayers and positive thoughts.

Naturally, I don’t want anyone to do anything they can’t afford or that they aren’t comfortable with. Maybe there is some other way that you can think of to help out with my goal of making this book a best seller and helping lots of people get healthy and stay that way.

I hope you know I appreciate your continued support of me and my journey. I know you have lots of demands on your time and many options for how you spend the few free minutes you do have. And I’m truly blessed that you continue to spend some of them with me.

So, if there is ever anything I can do to help you; just ask. If you have a product or project that is near and dear to your heart; be sure and let me know about it. If I can help spread the word I will.

I want to be part of your story. I look forward to hearing you share your goals, successes, setbacks, comebacks, and problems solved. So, until next time thanks and take care out there, Max

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Hello; I am the totally blind son of carnival owners. Click Here To Visit My Blog. After the early death of my father I turned to helping others sell their amusement equipment to make a living. I have since discovered my value as a roll model to those seeking to improve their lives. I have lost over half my body weight after having gastric surgery. I am also a successful business owner, blogger, and podcaster. I offer coaching and am available for public speaking. If you have questions just ask. thanks and take care, Max

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6 Responses to “Why did the blind blogger write a diet book” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Max,
    Congratulations in advance for your new book. Its not easy summing up the courage to write a book. Its good to know that the book is more about “wellness” than “weight loss” per se.

    My prayers, positive thoughts and encouragements are with you and I sure will share these details to friends and followers. Keep up the good work!

    • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

      Hi Celine,

      Thanks your prayers and thoughts are exactly what i need.

      I’m humbled by the number of people who have come forth and offered me encouragement with this second book. and yes it is about wellness about balance and about doing your best every day. I share the many changes I have had to make and point out that I’m not perfect. I have days I would like to forget too.

      Thanks again and god bless you

      maxwell ivey recently posted…Why did the blind blogger write a diet book?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hello Max,
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience in trying to write this book. One thing that really got me thinking me is that we can get good from ugly situation.

    Your ability to eventually write the book from the overwhelming disordered draft is teachable.

    You always come with real life practical posts that reflects on the intellects. I guess I can learn from you to write my own proposed book 😉

    I will surely support you in the way I can starting by sharing the good word with others!

    • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

      Hi Sarah; I appreciate your kind words. I figure whenever life teaches me a lesson as it did with this book its an opportunity to keep others from having to learn that same lesson the hard way like I have had to. will appreciate any help you can give me. and let me know if you have a post project etc you need help with. I don’t always keep up with everyone’s latests post so send me a private message the next time I have something special to share. thanks again and take care, max
      maxwell ivey recently posted…Why did the blind blogger write a diet book?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hello Max,
    Its inspiring reading the reasons you have written a diet book.

    Against the popular convention, its not all about “weight loss” but much more about change in lifestyle and better living. This is awesome and inspiring.

    More so, you deserve to be supported and this why I am going to help share the goodies of this post to friends.

    My prayers and positives thought would also go to you! Thanks!
    Sunday William recently posted…What Exit Strategy Do You Have in Place For Your Online Business?My Profile

    • Profile photo of maxwell ivey Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      I truly appreciate your support and those kind words. prayers and positive thoughts are sometimes more important than what we think of as concrete actions. Its knowing people are rooting for you or following your progress in hopes of emulating it in some way in their own lives that can keep you going or make you reach even higher.

      I didn’t lose the weight by myself. I had help from friends online and off family members doctors dietitians and fellow patients. I have had to change my life but did it one new habit at a time. I’m hoping the book can help people see that we don’t get healthy by trying to be perfect but by trying to be better each day. some days are better than others. some people are more disciplined than others. i want this book to be a best seller and help a lot of people. I wish I could give it away, and I will be sending out more than a few free copies. I would love it if you could review the book once I get it back from my editor.

      And I am having a 50th birthday / book launch party on sunday april 17th. It will be online of course. I will write a post and share it here once I have the date time and method all figured out.

      Thanks again my friend. It was a blessing when harleena at aha now shared one of my posts here and i found out about this great community. many blessing to you kingged and all its great members.

      God bless you all

      maxwell ivey recently posted…Why did the blind blogger write a diet book?My Profile

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