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What Type of Plugins Do You Use to Automate your Blog?

Profile photo of Gordie Chase Submitted by Gordie Chase September 9, 2016

I don’t know about the rest of you, but before I used WordPress to build my websites it took me weeks and sometimes months before I got it right. As if building the plain site wasn’t hard enough I also had to build Landing Pages, Pop-ups, ad code for email integration, upload files to my index using an FTP file manager…

You get it.

It was the most horrible and time consuming process I have ever had. But then I heard of WordPress and how to create a blog. My life and dreams had finally been rescued from countless hours of frustration, I finally had the end product that I wanted! or did I.

Now that I could basically build a blog in a day instead of spending a week trying to figure out how to place a pop-up on my website, life was but a dream. That wasn’t even the best part, once I discovered that WordPress had plugins that basically did the heavy lifting for me I was feeling like a professional six figure blogger and I hadn’t even published an article yet.


There was a plugin for every feature I ever you could dream of. I felt like I was in website heaven and all I had to do is click a button to add excitement to any feature on my blog. So like most beginners with big dreams, I wanted it all and I wanted it easy. It took me about a minute to see that WordPress had so many plugins covering so many different widget features I could spend a year just looking for the perfect set. There are just too many so I had to narrow my focus a little. I had to calm down and develop an actually plan of what plugins would be best to accomplish what I was trying create.

Since my main business didn’t really involve blogging and the only reason I was trying to develop a website was to create a brand. I had to re-think my entire strategy. Blogging is hard work and as an affiliate marketer who runs paid campaigns I didn’t want to waste all my time and resources trying to create a popular blog. My blog was created to help other marketers, but If this blogging thing was going to work for me , I needed to find a way to automate as much of the process as possible.


My first problem was how to add content, and I needed quality content that has already been shared. After all, content is what blogging is all about and I wanted to be about providing useful content. So my first goal was to find the best plugin that I could to scrape the internet and search for keyword generated content.

The best tool I could find was pflogo_transparent, it’s a free plugin that allows me to collect, discuss and share content from a number of sources on the internet and quickly edit, schedule and publish my post. This tool saved me from hours of tedious content curation and it had the right price, it was free. I’m not saying that you don’t have a better plugin for this purpose, so please let us know if you do.

Now that I had my content lined up I needed to perform some SEO so the search engines could find my articles. I went directly for Squirrly SEO and I was happy because it did would they said it would do. It helped me write content that was SEO friendly that a human could understand. It helped me improve my rankings with Google, did a weekly SEO audit and sent me an email report. It even helped me find the best keywords to use. But that was me and I chose it because it did what I needed and it was free.

I definitely needed Google Analytics so I could track what was working. So I used the highly rated Better Google Analytics plugin, it allowed me a way to add Google Analytics code to my website and track every movement without logging into my Google account. I get heat maps, reports, charts, events and site issue tracking , and I can control it all right there in my WordPress admin area. I love it, it’s awesome, but most of’s free.

Of course me being an affiliate marketer I wanted all those keywords to count for more than just SEO, So I monetized them using a VigLink plugin. It was the easiest way to monetize the links on my site. VigLink automatically affiliates my keywords to monetized links, it even links to posts you’ve already written with no extra editing! I get stats on which links are making the most money, which links get the most clicks. VigLink is my content marketing workhorse, and of course it’s free.

I had to have a Landing Page with an integrated opt in form so I use the Ultimate Landing Page plugin. It basically outlines the areas I need to build the landing page and I just fill in the blanks. Building a landing page couldn’t have been easier and the form integrated with my email provider so what more could I ask for…okay ….It’s also free.

My automation wouldn’t be complete without social integration and I needed a platform that linked it all together like a well constructed machine.

What about you? 

What Type of Plugins Do You Use to Automate your Blog?

Please share with the rest of us in the comments here. 


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I'm just here to help! I served 18 years in the military and have raised 3 wonderful kids. I've been in Internet Marketing for about 4 years and have made a few pennies here and there. My journey is not about making quick money on the internet it's about learning, discovery and building a business on a solid foundation. I get excited about helping others and meeting new marketers focused on developing their own businesses. The energy created by helping others has not only motivated me to learn more but has also given me more advice and resources to share. I'm here for all marketers so don't hesitate to ask me for help, and never give up on your dreams.
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