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What People Think I Do: Blogger Outreach Edition

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If you’ve ever worked in the field of blogger outreach, you know how hard it is to answer the inevitable question that people ask you after you tell them your job title – “so what it is exactly that you do?” Seems easy enough, right? Not exactly. As soon as I’m asked that, a ton of questions pop into my own head: “Okay, how should I explain what I do to this person? Do they know what SEO is? Do they know what content marketing is?” I usually end up giving them a very vague description, telling them that I simply do online PR. Short, sweet and to-the-point. Most of the time, people just acknowledge my answer and talk about something else. Only a few rare instances do people have questions, then it gets complicated again. This is when I quickly change the subject. Some things, like the discussion of blogger outreach tasks, are just not cocktail party conversation.

Everyone within the outreach department here at Distilled has experienced the difficulty of trying to explain what we do to other people, especially to others outside of the Internet marketing world. As our very own Rob Toledo can tell you, parents are (most of the time) outsiders to our language of phrases like SERPS and canonicalization. Here I will explain the common misconceptions related to the obscure profession of blogger outreach. Hopefully I’ll debunk any rumors that are floating around about what it is that us Blogger Outreach Specialists do, as well as provide you with a better understanding of the importance of our roles.

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