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What is your Experience with a Social Media Content Calendar?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William December 12, 2016


It is possible your social media content has not been effective. You regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest, but analysis of your effort indicates you are far from the conversion commensurate with the content strategy you have deployed.

 It is possible your social marketing conversion is failing because you don’t use a social media calendar. Yes, this is a must have tool if must turn things around for your social media marketing campaign.

A social media calendar is a list of postings you have to make on social networks. It defines what content to be posted, when it should be posted, and how it should be posted. Its basic principles relate to what is applicable in an editorial calendar.

Here are reasons you should consider using a calendar for your social media marketing campaign today:

♣  The calendar will help you stay organized in your social media content creation and promotion. You will post at the right time and at the right social network. This readily helps avoid neglect some social networks or spamming others.

  You will be able to publish high-quality and high-performing content regularly. You effectively make good research and always avoid posting poorly written contents.

  You will save the time, the energy and the resources used in posting to the wrong social channels. In this case, you now effectively allocate resources across platform.

  The calendar will provide you with a highly driven social media ROI.

So, using a social media calendar is very important. The above are clear reasons you should have one today.

Here are tips you should keep to heart when creating your own social media calendar:

♦  Organize your social media goals by monthly and further breakdown activities on daily basis.

  Ensure your calendar lists all the various social networks you are posting to. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

  Always include an icon for a social network you are posting next to the title of the post and the author’s name so you are reminded of where the post is going to be published and who is publishing.

  If you have a team of social marketers then your calendar should reveal the task of every member. It should reflect who will write, publish, or promote the content.

  The calendar must be easy to read and should have a column for evaluating what has been done and what has not been done daily and monthly.

Conclusively, creating a social media calendar for your business is helpful. It makes things easier for you create, publish and promote high performing content always.

Now over to you

Do you use a social media calendar? What is your experience with it? Please leave your answer in the comment section.

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Profile photo of Sunday William
I started with a College Degree in Business but I have been an Internet marketer and writer for 10+ years and have written 5,000+ high quality articles in diverse topics. I have also written 20,000+ comments on and 1,000+ blogs and/or websites. I have been working closely with Kingsley, the admin of for 10+ years and have been in the's administrative team since the first day in 2012. I highly recommend's Coaching and Partnership Program.

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41 Responses to “ What is your Experience with a Social Media Content Calendar?” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I have been using social media calendar without knowing. 😉 I often organize my social content in a way that readily spread tasks to my social management team.

    The importance of social media content calendar has been highlighted here. It is important that the trend is sustained for more productive experience!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    This is my first time of learning about social media Calendar. I am acquainted with editorial calendar and it is good to know this is quite related.

    My experience with it is zero but I will like to try it to improve my social media campaign! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    I have seen one or two social media marketers utilize a content calendar for their social marketing. Their opinions or testimonies sound encouraging and this is why they still use it.

    I think, it would be great to take a cue and try out this all important tool for organizing and managing social media content!

  • Profile photo of Norma Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    I haven’t previously thought of the need for such a calendar, but what you said here sounds reasonable.

    It’s ideal to have a social media calendar to help one stay organized in social media content creation and promotion.

    Posting at the right time and at the right social network will readily help get better results with content marketing.

    Well said, Sunday.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Norma,

      The importance of social media content calendar cannot be underestimated.

      Its features of helping the social marketer stay organized brings about productivity in social marketing campaign.

      I personally think that every active and proactive social media marketer or online entrepreneur should give a priority to the use this tool!

      • Profile photo of Norma Profile

        Thanks, Sunday. There are too many demands on our time today and too many social sites. I think more people will begin to see the importance and use of a social media content calendar.

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    My experience with a social media Calendar is nil. I don’t even know that this tool exists. After reading through your post, I am convinced it would be worth trying!

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Social Media content calendar? Well, this is absolutely great. From the sound of it, I envisage a handy tool that will help save time, cost and energy while improving productivity in social media effort.

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    I absolutely have no experience with a social media content calendar. But I will start using it. The benefits are absolutely clear and practical!

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Thanks for sharing this piece about Social media content calendar. It is important you know that this tool is a planner. Thanks for sharing details on what to keep to heart when creating it!

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Winford,

      Indeed the social media content calendar is a planner. Every marketer should be acquainted with it to improve productivity. When creating this tool, following the above recommendations will serve a guide for success!

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    My experience with social media calendar is still nil! I am learning of it for the first time.

    I think it is a vital tool for improved social media campaign.

    I will take a try at this tool for my social media campaign! Thanks for sharing this tool!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    There is no doubt that the benefits of having this tool is rewarding. A social media calendar is a must have for every social media marketer.

    For me, what will make me go for this tool time and time again is its features of helping me save time and stay organized when engaging in social media networking across platforms. This should motivate anyone still having doubts about this too!

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I haven’t ever thought of the need of a social media calendar or any kind of online activity calendar at all, but what you said in this post and the comments make sense.

    Having a plan and following that plan will work more than not having any plan. Too many things to do online and too many distractions, your proposed social media calendar is a great idea.

    Thanks for starting this post.

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    I haven`t ever tried to use social media calendar before, but sure I will do.

    I think that every marketer needs this tool, since it can cut extra time out of the content marketing strategy and helps utilize the available resources wisely, to build your brand awareness consistently and to publish high-quality, well-written, high-performing content pieces.

    Promise I will put social media calendar on my action plan.

    Thanks so much
    Omar Saady recently posted…8 Simple Steps to Make Profits With ClICKBANK and YOTUBEMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Omar,

      Sure, a social media calendar would be an invaluable tool for the Internet marketer.

      This tool will help the marketer stay organized with the kind of content published and shared on social networks.

      It will also help the brand to maintain steady stream of high-quality content.

      Please do try this tool today! 😉 Thanks for leaving your comment here!

  • Profile photo of Helen Black Profile

    Hello Sunday William!

    The post is great, so thanks for sharing!) It is both informative and concise, just as I like!)

    When working with content, I find it essential to have a calendar to be able to plan your posts and see what is the situation with your posts, their frequency and conent in general. So I highly support the idea of using a social media calendar when you want to produce a high quality professional content that will be well-organised and well-thought.

    I am using such calendar myself and I must admit that it not only helped me to develop social media accounts I am working with, but also saved my time and efforts.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts on this discussion! It is highly appreciated!

      Yes, a social media content calendar is essential to plan social posts and content.

      It will ultimately help the social marketer to save time, efforts and cost when it comes to delivering valuable content on various social media platforms.

      If this tool is used effectively and efficiently then all social media activities would easily yield the required results!

  • Profile photo of Gavin McDonald Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    Thanks for sharing this discussion post.

    I never thought of it like this before, but this seems like a good way to get better results with social media marketing.

    I clicked the link you included to the Wikipedia article on Editorial Calendar, and can see that the same tools can be used:

    – Pieces of paper and a file folder
    – A paper calendar or online calendar (for example, Google Calendar)
    – A spreadsheet or online spreadsheet (for example, Excel or Google Docs)
    – Editorial process tracking software in publishing software

    The Wikipedia article also said:

    “Some editorial calendars also track the responses to each piece of content, for example, the number of tweets, Facebook likes, and links to the content from third party websites. This performance data allows the publisher to identify content that appeals most to their readers and larger audience. These results, in turn, can be used to generate new story ideas and, if appropriate, attract advertisers.”

    They didn’t include any names of the tools. Do you know of any such editorial calendar tools that can achieve the above?

  • Profile photo of Jeff Miller Profile

    Absolutely. A social media calendar can be an invaluable tool.

    I personally recommend using either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to keep track of your posts.

    You can create rows and columns for post dates, post type, links, times, etc.

    I find this is especially helpful as different social media sites have different hours that are better for posting.

    For example, on Facebook, the optimal time to post during the week is between 1 and 4 PM. On the weekends, it is between 12 and 5 PM.

    A social media calendar can help you stay on top of all of these nuisances.
    Jeff Miller recently posted…5 Tips to Writing Better Blog ContentMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for adding more value to this discussion! The use of Excel or Google Sheets will go a long way to help the social media marketer become more organized when creating and posting with a social media content calendar.

      The multiple columns and rows of these tools come handy to insert any element that is needed for organization, monitoring, and posting from different social media Platform.

      I couldn’t agree with you more on this comment!

  • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

    Honestly, Sunny,

    I never have or outline any calendar routine for my social media marketing. I just do my own thing and let it be.

    As a content marketer, there are lots of hats you need to wear. Is not easy making all these hats fit your head. You look terrible in some and look handsome in some.

    Though, with automation tools available today, one could manage many marketing channels and still look good in many. But in all honesty, is hard.

    Thanks for sharing and for the reminder.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…The Truth About Blogging For Money – Why Passion is an Obsolete Advice In 2017My Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Shamsudeen,

      Thanks for being honest and for leaving your frank review. I agree with you on the fact that as a content marketer, one is presented with the ‘opportunities’ of putting on different ‘hats’.

      Whether these hats fits the head or not would depend on so many other factors.

      Nevertheless, with a social media content calendar, those with already overwhelming activities on different social media platforms will find it relieving!

      Have a great day!

  • Profile photo of Howard D. Bray Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    This is new for me, first time of hearing about a social media content calendar.

    I use a to-do list and can see why you said a social media content calendar must be easy to read and should have a column for evaluating what has been done and what has not been done daily and monthly.

    Thanks for starting this unique discussion post.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Howard,

      Social media content calendar exists. Many social marketer use it for organizing their plans.

      Much like the Google planning calendar that is popular, the social media content calendar helps one to organize tasks as they relate to the sharing of social content as well as the evaluation of the content status!

      Hopefully you can explore it. Thanks for leaving your thoughts here!

  • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

    Thank you Sunday for always pushing me to put out good content, which is one of your reasons to use a social calendar.

    Personally with things starting to speed up, and my span of contacts growing I definitely need to start being more organized.

    Looking forward to really organizing my postings.

    Thanks again and enjoy your weekend,


    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Elton,

      Its humbling to hear those kind words from you. It is in the doing of things that we experience the results desired!

      The social media content calendar will surely come handy for your contact management and contact organization. It would as well help at ensuring your postings readily make the mark set for each in social and contact marketing.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

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