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What Is The Best Time To Monetize Your Blog?

Profile photo of Mi Muba Submitted by Mi Muba September 29, 2014

Soon after establishing your blog you receive an advice from everywhere to monetize your blog. But here two questions are very important.

  1. Is it wise to monetize your blog without getting traffic?
  2. Or you need to wait till you get a huge traffic on it.

These are the two opinions about how you should monetize your blog. Both points of view have their own arguments. Their arguments can’t be rejected outright. Nor can be accepted.


So first we should discuss them to go for any of these two options. This is the most rational way to monetize your blog.

Monetize your blog initially

Many bloggers say eventually you have to monetize your blog. Even if you want to do blogging just for fun, you have to earn money with it. You need money to meet your blogging expenses. So you want to cover up your expenses by earning from it.

Secondly if you put a few ads on your blog you can judge how they work. Suppose you have ten visitors initially. Out of them if two click on your ads what does it mean? It means 20 per cent visitors are hitting your ad.

It shows response level of your ads placement. It does not mean this percentage will remain fixed. It may decline or rise but you get an initial feedback on your monetization strategy. So it is better to keep trying various monetization methods to finally pick the best one. Meanwhile you will have quite good number of traffic.

Monetize your blog later

The supporters of this opinion say initially you must focus on attracting visitors on your blog. Then you need to develop your blog’s community. After that you have several options how to earn money with your blog.

If your visitors are loyal you will not go for pay per click option. If you have more unique visitors you can try Google Adsense. So first make a clear picture of your blog community then select the best monetization strategy.

It is also very correct to first know your visitors then make them your customers. This strategy works more successfully if you have clear idea of how to sell affiliate products. The best way to earn money from a small audience is selling your own and affiliate products.

What should you do?

One thing is quite clear about blogging now. You can’t get huge number of traffic in short period of time. You need to wait even for years to get huge traffic. Meanwhile how you would manage your blog expenses at least.

So it is better to develop a small community of your blog and sell them affiliate products. This is the most viable strategy in present times.

Yes as soon as your visitors increase, expand your monetizing strategy.

So the moral of the story is this – adopt a mid-way. Neither fully avoid placing ads and selling products nor stuff them on your blog.

What do you say?

Have you already put some PPC ads on your blog and also started selling products on it?

Or you are just planning to monetize your blog?

Or you are also in favor of adopting a mid-way as I suggested in this post?

Do share your views to start a great debate for concluding what is the best option for a newbie blogger.


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