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What if you make the leap…and fail?

Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Submitted by Arjay [Moderator] July 19, 2013 Website: www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com

How many of us have faced a decision…and we didn’t know how to decide?

I’ll take you back to one that changed my life. In college, I was deciding between taking a job at Google — a well-paid job that would have put me into an “elite” job category — or starting my own company.

How do you decide what to do?

Do you look at the salary you’d make and decide? (Easy to say no, “go for your dreams!” but what if Option 1 pays you an extra $50,000 over Option 2?)

Do you think about what your parents will say?

What other criteria can you use to make a big decision?

One thing we’ve ALL encountered is advice from others. Oh man, everyone loves to give advice. And most of it is bad! Ramit, take the job…you should be lucky Google wants you! Ramit, definitely start your own company…you can always go back to Google!

How do you decide amidst all these conflicting pieces of advice?

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3 Responses to “What if you make the leap…and fail?” Leave a reply ›

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    Hi Ramit,
    The fear of the unknown is always the bane of many that desire to do business. JB’s question reflects the mind of many marketers and you cannot really blame him for asking. However, your response couldn’t be more direct.

    It is good to take risk but risk should be calculated. If risks are calculated well enough before any decision is taken then it becomes readily encouraging to take the necessary leap.

  • Avatar of topjeff Profile

    Taking a leap to the unknown is often difficult for most people. However, the good news is that with knowledge and practice, taking a step into the unknown becomes easier. This also applies to business decisions.

  • Avatar of Ann Profile

    Hi Ramit,
    Your response to the above question is inspiring. Taking a leap in online marketing could be risky but some could be huge opportunities in disguise!

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