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What Are You Doing About The Rising Effects Of Mobile Ad Blocking?

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Your Mobile marketing experience will not be that successful if you keep ignoring ad blocking. Mobile ad blocking impacts on conversion negatively and advertisers must realize that ad blocking is on the rise and a 2015 report by Page Fair confirmed that Ad block usage in the United States grew 48% during the past year, increasing to 45 million monthly active users (MAUs) during Q2 2015.

The impact of ad blocking is not limited to conversion, it also affects the cost incurred by publishers. In 2016, it is expected that ad blocking will cost publishers nearly $41 billion compared to roughly about $22 million it has cost publishers by June of 2015. This is going by the statistics presented in the  infographic  published by INVESP on ad blocking statistics and trends.

Since ad blocking is on the rise, it becomes necessary for mobile marketers to acknowledge it could have to make or mar business. Ignoring ad block can be disastrous for any business especially if its sole source of earning is advertising.

That said, with the rising impact and cost of ad blocking mobile advertisers can take actions to survive in the rising trend.  Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to prevent mobile users from blocking ads posted alongside content.

Before discussing the actions that mobile marketers employ to discourage ad blocking, it would be vital to refresh our minds on the basics of ad blocking.

 What Is Ad Blocking and How Does It Work?

 By its simple definition, ad blocking means stopping advertisements whenever a user is surfing the Internet. An ad blocker is a browser extension that acts like a firewall between the web browser and the server. These extensions are open-sourced programs that can be installed by the end user.

If a surfer wants to block advertisements from the web pages they are accessing, he will install an ad blocker extension on the browser to prevent any ad that may pop-up.

The popular software for blocking ads include AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. The latter has features that enable ad blocking experience in mobile browsers.

The reasons for installing ad blockers include:

> To speed up the browsing experience which might have been slowed down by the ads displayed on the browser.

> To reduce the amount of data plans eaten up as a result of the ads popping up on the browser.

> To protect the browser from invasive and intrusive ads that keep popping up as a result of behavioral targeting programs used by the advertisers to track browsing history of the marketer. 

What Can Mobile Marketers Do To Prevent Ad Blocking?

 Since ad blocking has forayed into the mobile experience, it becomes crucial to create contents and implement advertising strategies that would beat the trend. Here are four features you can implement to curtail ad blocking in your mobile marketing campaign.

 Timely – You should time your advert without interrupting content experience on the mobile app provided for the audience. An advert delivered timely will have better chance of being clicked than an advert presented untimely. The best timing for adverts should be after conclusion of a segment or when there is a break of activity levels. Timely ads will go a long way to prevent annoying blockage and also increasing respect for the users.

 Inventiveness – You can embed inventiveness into adverts to excite potential targets. Adding creativity that would clearly define benefits to the mobile user is sure an important strategy. When the benefit is clear an ad would be acceptable. So, if you are a mobile marketer, ensure that you create ads that would be beneficial, attractive and different from what is expected.

 Relevance – You should make the ad relevance to the app or site. For the ad to gain acceptance easily with the target audience, there must be relevance. An ad about how to service a car will not make sense for an app or a site that talks about good health. So, to avoid people blocking ad, demonstrate relevance with the ads you have created or shared.

 User-Friendly You should always provide ads that are user-friendly. There is no doubt that some ads, by their nature in features and numbers, will slow down the speed of a site. This would be user experience for the mobile user. So, advertisers and publishers must ensure that the mobile ads provide are user friendly for the host site and app.

 These are features of the mobile ads that marketers or advertisers can implement to improve content and user experience and also prevent ad blocking.

It is always important to optimize content and user experience that will enhance value to the users. More so, it is important to adopt best practices so that people won’t make investment or pay to block your ads with extensions.

So, if you have been experiencing ad blocking in your mobile marketing, what have been doing about it?

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