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What Are Notifications Doing to Your Productivity?

Profile photo of Adam D. Mason Submitted by Adam D. Mason September 18, 2016

Have you ever left your phone at home?

You’re running a little later than usual and you rush out the door forgetting to pull your phone from its charging cable. You don’t notice until you are sitting at your desk and it’s too late to do anything about it.

You feel naked and alone.

Personally, I have a nervous pat down ritual I do when I pass through a door, and when I don’t feel my wallet, my keys, or my phone I get a rush of anxiety and I try to remember the last place I had them all.

I guess this came about because I am very good at forgetting things and my mind developed a way to help me.

So, I know what it is like to go a whole work day without a phone.

The day starts with ideas of how you can sneak back home to pick it up without being noticed. Or calling a friend to swing by your house and deliver it to you. You are consumed with the need to have your little device within arm’s reach in case something terrible happens.

But, as the day goes by the need fades, and you discover the benefit of working distraction free.

The smart phone is a fantastic device at helping us be more productive.

But, unless you take the time to personalize the way it notifies you, it is one of the biggest productivity killers we own.

Have you ever caught yourself reaching for your phone when you heard that ding? Like at a store, or while waiting in line for coffee, even while sitting by the pool on holiday.

I still catch myself doing this even though I have minimized the noises my device sends me.

I try to convince myself that I am not that important. I am not going to miss that once in a lifetime opportunity to sub in for Tony Robbins on stage because his voice got a little hoarse.

We like to think we are, but really, if that were the case, we would probably have someone fielding those alerts for us. And when something important came in they would be coming up to us to say that “Mr. Robbins has fallen ill and they would like for you lead the next Business Mastery event”.

Something as simple as turning off the ding for a new email, or removing the little red badges that show up when some notification happens on an app.

Heck, the next time you install a new application like a game or something that really has no business talking to you, say “Don’t allow” when that little icon comes up asking to send you notifications.

Take charge of your device. It should not dictate when you should look at your emails, or head over to Facebook.

You need the time to actually be able to respond to a message when it comes in. And that time is not when you are one number away from speaking to someone at the DMV. That email is more than likely junk or not beneficial to you, but if it is something that you need to take action on, and you don’t really have the time to do it, that message is going to be forgotten.

And, if it is on a messaging platform, the device is out to get you, because it will tell the sender that you have actually read the message.

Now the sender is in a tizzy because you read the message but you haven’t replied.

These are stresses that can be avoided when you stop chasing the notifications and you block out times in your schedule to do them.

It’s your day, take control of it.


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