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Want To Make Real Money Online? Then DON’T Ignore These 6 Key Truths!

Profile photo of Ivana Dee Submitted by Ivana Dee December 12, 2016

robert-kiyosaki-rich-dadAccording to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad, there is flow diagram that consists of :

– Employee,

– Self-employed,

– Business Owner,

– Investor.

Were you previously aware of these? If not, you are certainly not alone. There are many others who haven’t previously heard of this flow diagram.

Let’s quickly analyze them together, shall we?


Being an employee, even if it (sometimes) gives good salary, gives us a time limitation.

Those who work as employees have to work from 9 to 5 almost everyday. The working time is limited by others and we can not do things we want in the determined time.

In this case, we also work hard to help others reaching their goals, not us. I do not say that it is wrong but it is surely frustrating because we can not do what we really want and we can also be fired anytime.

So, who said that being an employee is the safest option?

It is actually the most dangerous option because our financial life will be determined by others, no matter how hard we work.

The next option will be self-employed, which means that we determine our own working time and we are fully responsible to reach our goal.

But, the downside of this option is, we will not get money if we do not work, because we are the main employees in our workplace.

Being in this area is good but, we do want the money to keep coming in even when we sleep, right?

Then, we need to go to our main discussion for today, which is business owners who make real money online. It is all about system so, you can finally make money even if you are sleeping.

There are so many opinions regarding make real money online. Some people say it is easy while the others say that it is impossible.

To me, both of them are…


… wrong!

Making real money online is not impossible but it is also not easy. People who say it easy are actually not lying but it is because they say it after years of learning, failing and being focused.

But, for people who just start it, make real money online is not easy. Before you decide to start making real money online as one of your income sources, please consider these very important truths :

1. You need to invest money


There is no business without capital and if you take the online business seriously, you will know that it’s better not to use free domain and hosting.

It’s safer and legitimate to use the paid one and therefore, you need money. You will also have to spend money for autoresponder and sales funnel if you plan to build a long-term online business.

At the beginning of the business, there will be some ups and downs and you will need good amount of money as the back-up for your downs.

There are so many people fail just because they want to start without capital but to me, it is very important to start with money so, you can invest in necessary things and also, you have back-up plan If you fail at one particular time.

2.  You need to invest time


Yes. I know that you decide to make real money online in order to have more time with your family or more time to enjoy your life but, at the beginning of the business, you need to realize that you need to invest time to learn.

You need to understand at least the basic of SEO, list building and traffic. The knowledge gained after investing time to learn is priceless.

There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge in doing internet business.

3. You need to trust yourself

Even if people call this time is internet era, making real money online is still new for particular groups, especially when you live in the place when being an employee is the biggest achievement in life.

There can be this condition when you are now a manager in one restaurant and decide that make money online will be your way to financial freedom.

People will keep calling you stupid because you leave your comfort zone and try something that is uncertain. Do not hate them because they just do not understand.

Just trust yourself. You can do this and just do not stop because people keep calling you stupid for your decision to make money online.

4. You need to Focus


Since internet business is simply used by simply connecting your PC to internet network, there will be so many deals, guides and even ways to make money online.

Some of them are offered for free while the others require the payment to be accessed.

Some people say that the paid one is the better one but to me, it’s all the same as long as we focus. When you start “diving” in internet business, you will find overloaded information that will make you confused regarding where to start.

Just choose one field that make you interested and stick with it until becoming successful.

Do not waste money to buy guide that will not work just because you never implement it. You only read it and then leave it in your dusty computer folder.

Invest your money in something more important that is related to things you are focused on at that time.

5. You need to consider outsourcing as option

Life is always about choice and in internet business, the choice is mostly between money and time. Which one do you have right now?

If you have time and only small amount of money, then you will need to start by your own and try to set everything up from zero.

Do not worry, it is doable but surely will need your time and energy since you will do everything by yourself.

Now, what if you have good amount of money to start? Then you will save your time and energy because you may ask others to do your works.

You will save time to learn and the setup things can be done even when you sleep.

6. You need to find a good mentor


This thing is actually highly related to my previous point. If you have good amount of money to start, find a good mentor to teach you everything.

Having a mentor will give you good direction so you will use your time and money efficiently.

I am currently using this super powerful program as one of the ways to earn money online. It’s working very well for me and helping me make good money. Give it a try and see if can help you too.

And if you are into social media like Instagram, you can check out how to make a killing with Instagram.

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