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Vine Videos Are A New Way of Marketing Your eCommerce Business

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Since its inception, the Vine application has grasped the attention of various people worldwide as this mobile application enables them to record six second videos that can be shared on different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and more. In just 6 months, this application has grown to 13 million users. Various eCommerce merchants see the value in Vine. Today, you will find various eCommerce businesses that are using Vine videos for their eCommerce business for different purposes.

Users of this app can easily shoot very short clips and edit those clips together, in order to create effective animation videos. Across the world, various businessmen understand that Vine videos that can help them to promote their products and services on the web. Here, you can find why eCommerce businesses are using vine videos for their eCommerce business.

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  • Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Profile

    Timely article!

    This is especially true today where people are busier.

    The shorter the clip, the more chances of the video”s whole idea to be grasped by those who watched. Six seconds will also compel marketers to deliver direct, to the point, and relevant story or message to their audience.

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    The thoughts of this piece are spot on. Vine is helping to enhance the promotion of products and services online. Any ecommerce site that aren’t seeing this app as a way of promoting its business is obviously missing out! The reasons explained in this post can, at least, help marketers make the right decisions.

  • Profile photo of Jeff [Moderator] Profile

    Its time for every type of online business to take a shot at the benefits of Vine videos. Within its short period of introduction, companies that have used if for promotion have achieved remarkable results.

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