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[VIDEO] How to Submit your Facebook Fan Page for Verification


This social media tutorial will cover how to submit a request for your Facebook fan page to be verified. These profiles and Pages may include: -Celebrities -Journalists -Government officials -Popular brands and businesses with a

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Video: Enhanced Campaigns – Challenges and Opportunities


When Google originally launched Enhanced Campaigns there was a lot of concern in the industry and questions along the lines of “Why did Google do this to us?” In this

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Dispersed Citation and the Idea Graph: November Webinar Video


Just wrapped up today’s webinar. If you missed it (for shame) here’s the video: I actually only have about 1/3 of the meeting management window in the video this time. Nice

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Increasing Your Sales, Conversions & Profitability With Video Marketing – Bloggers Ideas


Many businesses are now adopting video marketing as part of their core marketing strategy as most have realized that videos are a great way to advertise their products, services and

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