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Video Marketing-How To OverCome Your Fear Of Making Videos


Video marketing seems to be one of the quickest ways to turn cold market into warm or even hot market. The fact that people can see and hear you lets

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Reach Out to Millennials With Video Marketing


How do you reach the consumer who was born between 1980 and 2000? Interestingly enough, video marketing holds the greatest promise for reaching a customer demographic that we know as

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Focus on Video Today for Your Brand and Business


Who would have thought that billions of hours of video content would be uploaded to YouTube and other online sites each month? The growth of video is astonishing and will

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The Simple Step-by-step Guide To Video Marketing


  Video is a powerful marketing tool that demands full time-bound attention from your audience. From explainer videos to creative video ads, more marketers are using video marketing today. People are more perceptive

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YouTube Red Receives the Green Light!


. Hurray! Festive cheers echo across the Internet community, for today marks the official date that YouTube Red goes live! What an exciting and groundbreaking moment for YouTube that could potentially

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3 Simple Steps to Get Your Youtube Videos Ranking on The Front Page


Hey guys, First time poster and wanted to share my article on SEO for videos on Youtube. I currently rank Youtube Videos to make money off affiliate links. I wanted to

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Quick Video Ranking Method That Might Surprise You


I haven't seen so much about ranking videos here on Kingged so this may help a few of you video marketers. I am using good ole YouTube for the method I

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YouTube Marketing Tips You Must Learn!

vxwex5PM is a great place to help you drive free traffic to your websites online. If you are new online, you must learn the Youtube marketing tips I'm going to

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