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Valentine, Love And Stupidity

Profile photo of Terungwa Submitted by Terungwa February 14, 2014 Website :

Today is St. Valentine’s day – a day often confused and grossly misunderstood. While it connotes love, lovers have abused it to the extent that it doesn’t even make sense anymore.

Before you ask someone to be your Val, read this!

— added, by moderators, to Internet Marketing category, to give all Internet Marketers something to think about this Val day, :)

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I am passionate about making money online and living the dot com lifestyle. Having achieved the dot com lifestyle myself, I now teach others how to achieve same via NoToPoverty. You can also connect with me via Twitter: @TerungwaAkaahan

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  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Hmmm, short indeed, but very powerfully written. Well done, Terungwa, for writing this.

    You are right about lots of people professing “I Love You, my Valentine” today, even though they can’t do what St. Valentine of Rome did. That’s if they even know what it REALLY is all about, to begin with, :)

    Thankfully you have explained what it stands for, and how it even came about. Hopefully anyone reading this will pause a bit to think about your important question:

    >>To all lovers today, can you forgive even your Val if he/she grievously offends you to this magnitude?< < Of course, without thinking, we will all say yes, but can we... REALLY? :roll:

    If push comes to shove, can we REALLY forgive to this extent? It's easy to say YES, but let's all search deep within us before answering that question.

    As for me, I can't say yes, because I don't know. What I can say is that I hope to keep becoming a better person everyday, to the extent that when that day ever comes that I will have to answer such a question, I will answer the YES with DEED, not just words, :)

    Thanks again, for writing this and for sharing it here on the Internet marketing social networking site, I liked it and have "kingged" it, :)

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  • Profile photo of Sugar Mummy Profile

    The concept of Valentine is one a lot of people have totally misunderstood and misinterpreted. You don’t need just one day in a year to show your loved ones how much you love them, young people have been made to believe its a day for immoralities and all sorts of vices.

    It is important to sensitize people and re-orient them to the concept of Valentine and how they can be useful to the community in a day like this, there are the destitutes, motherless, helpless people you can make out time to do to go and visit, share love with them and encourage them.
    Sugar Mummy recently posted…How to enable 2-Factor Authentication for your Social Media AccountsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of suresh Profile

    I agree on part of your moral article, I had given a flower to my lover in the last year, but today she wasn’t here and unable to meet her or get in touch.

    In India Our Govt is banning valentine day, for spoiling children’s life and already arresting in most areas wherever they can catch to these valentines.

    It is not important day, because some might be busy or something went wrong or having problems.

    If you really loves then you can love all the year leaving this useless day. It’s better to spend time with the children in schools or playing with the kids who are interested.

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  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Yup, it is just like the concept of “Black Friday” which actually represented a financial meltdown in the past but it was twisted, and turned by the capitalists to create – “Black Friday sales” to promote materialistic nature in people.

    Also the “Rebecca Black’s Friday” was also the same propaganda to actually distract the minds of the people from the original event that occurred in the past. It was done purposefully to cause “confusion” in the minds of the masses.

    But, then this is just the tip of the…iceburg. :)

    Most people will never really realize how much they have been manipulated, but the day that manipulation breaks…the ones responsible will pay the heaviest price 😀

    How wonderful will that day be? I cannot even begin to imagine 😀

    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      I quite agree with you that things have got twisted for personal financial gain. Can you begin to imagine the sales that are made during Christmas alone? But then, Christmas is all about starting life anew on a better footing.

      I doubt however that this will ever stop…the masses seem to enjoy the deception even more than the capitalists who invented it. Can you imagine?

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Thought- provoking piece I must say. Valentine means many things for different persons. Indeed the REAL meaning of LOVE or VAL to this day has been misused by many who would be celebrating today.

    I guess its important to reflect on the true meaning of love and how it should be celebrated today. Thanks for sharing this VALENTINE piece. Terungwa!
    Sunday William recently posted…I’ll Drink To That! #NekNominateMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Remi Profile

    Wow! I didn’t know that about Valentine Day… it’s just so sad how days that are meant to remind us of important events are gradually been turned into something else.

    I totally agree with you that many wrong and immoral things would be done in the next few hours.,,the consequences of which may last a lifetime…
    A friend of mine actually posted below on his FB timeline…

    1. Engagement 11%
    2. Heartbreaks 92%
    3. Condom Sales 15 million
    4. Unofficial Girls known 68%
    5. Assumption Boyfriends 81%
    6. Wives caught cheating 44%
    7. Husband caught cheating 79%
    8. Fast food sales 100%.
    9. Restaurant sales 38%
    10. Night Club Sales 205%
    11. Joint & cool Spot sales 300%
    12. Girls in Hospital over love 62%
    13. Boys in Hospital ova love 106%
    14. Girls arrested for fighting over boys 88%
    15. Guys arrested for fighting over Girls 50%
    16. Wives beating up husband in public 12%
    17. Husband beating up wife in public 90%
    18. Exchange of boxers for blackberry 99.9%
    19. Problems with DPs that refused to change 99.99%.
    20. Numbers of Batteries that went flat on Feb 14th – 122 million

    How amazing is that??

    Thanks for educating me about the History of Valentine Day!

    Remi recently posted…9 Common Misconceptions of Success That Can Stop You on Your TrackMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Thanks for adding your voice to this, Remi, and for providing the report on last Val. Wow, that’s a lot of ugly stuff happening on such a beautiful day, :(

      Anyway, let’s all keep striving to keep the love and happiness in our hearts, everyday, because that’s where it starts. When we REALLY love ourselves, it’s easier to love others, :)

      When you read this, say to yourself, while smiling… I LOVE MYSELF! That felt good, didn’t it, 😀

      Thanks again, Remi. Hope to see you around here more often.

      admin recently posted…9 Common Misconceptions of Success That Can Stop You on Your TrackMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      Hello Remi,

      Now, that’s the stupid part I regret get to be associated with Valentine…the statistic is horrible!

      The worst part is that these folks are fooled…living under the illusion of a none existent event that positively benefits fast food joints, jewelry sellers and hotel managements.


      Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO ERADICATE POVERTY IN 5 SIMPLE WAYSMy Profile

  • Profile

    Valentine love and stupidity I really loved the title of your post. And after reading the post understood the clear meaning of valentine.

    But many people misunderstand this day and convert it totally in to some other occasion.

    Now it is even not possible to make every body understand the real meaning of valentine but can try by sharing this post to as many as possible.
    thank you for sharing
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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