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Awesome Server Speed Checker Tool


Hi Kinggers, I came across this server speed checker tool when I am monitoring a query from my tweetdeck. I feel this is a unique web tool and would like to

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CommentLuv? I Call it TrafficLuv!


One of the frustrating things about, but something that I grew to really love, is the CommentLuv plugin. There is NO unpaid posting of links, dropping of links, a

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Top Branding and Graphic Design Hacks for Newbies


Have you ever designed an Image and thought to yourself, “GOD…I Wish I had designing abilities to make this picture more Incredible”. If so, then don’t worry, you are not

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Killer Ways To Increase Website Traffic With SEO


Search Engine optimization is the process of love and affection between search engines. It totally depends on your legal techniques which you are using to compel search engines to fall in love with

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How Much Is a Squeeze Page Worth?


I decided to write this after talking with a "dirt world" businessman about his web presence. He had no idea what I was talking about to start with but eventually

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Power Editing your Facebook Marketing


Facebook has, over the last few years, shed its ‘Cute Cat Video’ image to the small business community, and has become a big marketing avenue. In fact, in 2013, they

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5 Best Sites That Pay Cash for Your Articles


If you are a freelance writer looking for fast cash or a steady income, you can’t afford to not join these sites. Unlike the revenue sharing sites and content mills

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Realities of Pursuing Passive Income – Know THIS Before You Start


Hello Kinggers! This post is mostly geared to beginners, but if you have been doing this for awhile, the points about to convey may be a good reminder as well.   I wanted

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The 2 Most Important Tips to Make Money Blogging Online


I see many new bloggers online who quit very fast. I think it is because they get too many blogging tips and get lost with information overload. I started learning all

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Make Money on the Web Ideas: What You Should Know


If you’re looking for make money on the web ideas to jump-start your income for 2015, then you’ll want to carefully look at this…   The biggest problem you’re likely facing when

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Top 4 Methods For Students To Make Money on YouTube


We all love YouTube. It is a great place to find videos, view them and share them! Majority of us tend to use YouTube for recreational purposes only! But, the

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Why Only 2 per cent of Bloggers Earn Money? Finally Secret Revealed


This is most important test of your blogging skills. You can’t become a successful blogger without knowing your blog visitors needs. It is necessary to learn the whole process of how

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Authority Bloggers: 5 Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know


Have you ever wondered what separates an 'authority blogger' from bloggers like me and you? Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into such a position? Here's 5 secrets that

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Beginners Guide To Blog Traffic That Stay With You


I have lost count on different occasion newbie bloggers asking how to optimize their blog for better search traffic or ways in which they can increase website visibility which have

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How to Add Code Snippets to your WordPress Posts?


Are you a programmer or website developer? If yes, you might want to share the code snippet to your Wordpress posts. Perhaps you are showing a social ranking algorithm written

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See How Easily You Can Wine and Dine with Influential Bloggers!


If there is one thing I have learned ever since I started this journey of blogging, it's that blogging works well when there is a serious relationship between like minds.

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3 Key Things To Keep In Mind When Guest Blogging


One of the best ways to get traffic to your own website or to an affiliate offer is to do a guest blog post. There are many blogs out there

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Top Must Followed On Page SEO Tips


Hello Folks, I am Pranay Khatri. This is my first contribution on In this post, I have included all important aspects which will help you to optimize your website with

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Noteworthy Role Of The Best Keywords For SEO In Blogging


Everyone keeps his/her secrets of success in lock and doesn’t want to open it and if you want to open that lock of success you just have to find the

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Insider Tips To Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing


No matter what type of industry you may be doing business in, you've probably heard about a little thing called "email marketing" or "email newsletters". So how can you benefit

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Huge Opportunity: Offer Mobile Friendly Website Creation


Disclaimer: This will not make you rich. But it's honest, quick and easy. Non-mobile websites are dead! You probably heard that Google recently rolled out a big update to their search engine

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A Personal Search For Inspiration


I wish to be inspired. So where does inspiration come from? Is it from some outside source? Is it a spoken or written word or deeds done that you happen

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