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How to Create an Email Newsletter That Actually Gets Read


Even your easily bored cat would love to read your email newsletter with the tips contained here ;)   Evaluate: Do You Even Need An Email Newsletter? Do some research, if in your

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How To Build Your Own Huge List Using Safelist?


Is using A Safelist a Waste of time for building a buyers list? Believe it or not this is a question I get all the time from newbies and the answer

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I Need To Rank For The Following Keywords – Hell No!


At various Digital Marketing (DM) meetups where I speak I’m often asked whether it’s possible to get top ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page today using – Keywords –

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Content Marketing: 5 Reasons it Should be Your first Strategy for Increasing Conversions


  There are many things that you can do to increase your conversion rates. Many of them are extremely useful and have a place in any long term marketing plan that

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How Facebook Live Stream May Cause Social Media Envy


Lately, I’m experiencing something most of us probably can relate to: I feel like my life is duller than that of my friends, relatives and acquaintances. My news feed is

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How to do Competitive Analysis Quickly? Read Here


Though we are in a free market, some brands will always prosper more than others. The challenging reality is that the modern marketplace makes it an easy platform for new

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Ways to Make Money Blogging (A Followup Post)


Hey Kinggers! Introduction How's everyone doing? Not long ago I shared my personal tips on how to make money blogging and the post got some very positive responses. So I thought some of you guys

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Four Essential Elements To Successfully Making Money Online


Advanced Training On The Four Essential Elements To Success A while ago I was invited to  an advanced training and it started off going over the Four Essential Elements To Success. It

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5 Reasons Newbies Give Up On Making Money Online


Numerous people turn to the internet to try and earn some money. They are tempted by the idea of flash cars, big homes and exotic holidays without any idea of

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10 Side Businesses You Can Start On Your Own, Online or Offline


If you are struggling to make ends meet, maybe you should ask yourself if a side business is right for you. You can start immediately, work the hours you that

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How to Make Money Blogging Like A Super Man (what I learned in 10 years)


Quick shoutout: Hey Kinggers! I just signed up on Kingged today and thought it'd be a good idea to submit something useful in my first posting. And, what's more interesting than the topic "make

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Get Google AdSense Approved at First Chance!


Well, to be straight, earning money can be a pain in the bum. Few bloggers can’t even make enough bucks to cover their hosting costs! If you have a decent

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Are There Signs That Indicate You Are A Bad Blogger?


Deep inside every Blogger yearns to be recognized as an authority Blogger in the Blogosphere. Secretly everyone knows that when that happens – Business Magic – always accompanies it. Translated, it

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Self-Hosting Blog? You Need to Know Some Things


I have been blogging a little over two months now. On my main blogging platform I've gained 85 Followers which I am proud of. After receiving some comments, I was

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3 Effective Ways to Decide Exactly What to Blog About


Are You Scratching Your Head? We've all been there. Sitting at the computer, staring at the computer - what to write, what to write - until we're ready to take whatever

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5 foolproof ways to sell your blogging expertise without a blog


Why don’t you sell your blogging expertise to earn big money? You must be tired of frequently hearing this free advice from all who know your blogging skills. They know you are

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A Link Too Far. How Many Links Should You Have In Your Blog Post?


I landed on a blog post the other day, and one thing immediately stood out. And that was the fact that in every paragraph, the blogger was linking to something else. I

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How to Increase Facebook Likes – Organic Tips


Facebook likes are not taken seriously but it can be very much helpful for the free marketing of your business when you are having them on your Facebook fan page.

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6 Ways to Become A Pinterest Marketing Whiz


Pinterest Marketing -Have you been using Pinterest to market your blog or website? If you are marketing to women Pinterest is really a must! 80% of it’s users are female.

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Killer Ways To Increase Website Traffic With SEO


Search Engine optimization is the process of love and affection between search engines. It totally depends on your legal techniques which you are using to compel search engines to fall in love with

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How the Broken Link Building Method Earned Me 2 Killer Links and $680


If you are into internet marketing and SEO you have propably heared of the broken link building method. It's a link building tactic where you search for broken links on as

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Rank Higher: A Dead Simple Link Building Strategy that Works


We all read a lot of different articles each week to further improve our blogs and marketing knowhow. Much like you, I’m always interested in finding new ways to get traffic

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Best games to play when you have 5 minutes to spare

Flappy bird

With the introduction of smartphones back in 2007 mobile gaming became more popular than ever. Big companies are developing games for smartphones and a few people became millionares by doing

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5 Essential Elements Every Ecommerce Site Should Have


Are you thinking to sell your product through an eCommerce website? That’s a good idea as most of the people are offering popular products through internet by targeting huge audience.

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Houdini’s 3 Step Guide To Effective Content Marketing


Are you typing your fingers raw trying to write epic blog posts??  Checking your stats every five minutes to see if you’ve had any visitors?  Unfortunately, the “build it and

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How To Build Your Own Huge List Using Safelist?


Is using A Safelist a Waste of time for building a buyers list? Believe it or not this is a question I get all the time from newbies and the answer

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How Much Is a Squeeze Page Worth?


I decided to write this after talking with a "dirt world" businessman about his web presence. He had no idea what I was talking about to start with but eventually

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How to Succeed In Google AdWords Management

Google-AdWords (2)

Those who have been successively using Google AdWords campaign will tell you that it is no walk in the park. However, the challenges, you will still have to succeed in

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How to Add Code Snippets to your WordPress Posts?


Are you a programmer or website developer? If yes, you might want to share the code snippet to your Wordpress posts. Perhaps you are showing a social ranking algorithm written

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Thoughts on Thoughts, Attitudes and Outlook


What if you really could control the circumstances of your life? What if you were in complete control of every success or failure you have ever had or ever will have? How

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