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Two Tips To Get Links In Forums Through Content

Profile photo of James Submitted by James June 8, 2013 Website :

Since traditional marketing was no longer the alternative as a way to achieve business success and began to give ground to the emerging Inbound Marketing, content has become a cornerstone of any digital strategy.

Inbound marketing advocates to get users/people/customers to come by themselves to our products/services on our sites, avoiding any meddling in their habits or breaking their routine. It is based on offering something so valuable to them that instinctively but recognizing the quality, they may feel attracted.

There are many benefits that content marketing can bring us within a global inbound strategy but, from a SEO perspective, it not only gives us editorial quality but also a unique opportunity to strengthen our linkbuilding.

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  • Profile photo of Jeff [Moderator] Profile

    These are helpful tips indeed. I would gladly put the ideas into practice! Moreover, I must add that getting links from forums require that one first develop themselves first as a contributor of useful information before offering to be teacher. This is sure in line with the ideas of this post!

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Sergio,
    Your piece is impressive and very helpful. In most cases, many get to hear that forums can be explored to get quality back links but information on how this could be done is often limited.

    However, your piece is unique in that it has helped to expose how this can easily be done. I guess making oneself valuable in forums is the first step in using contents to get back links.

  • Profile photo of Ann Profile

    One of the problems with comments made in forums is that of spams. If this can be dealt with, then it is more likely that quality back links would be accessed from it. Somehow, this post is able to teach us how to deal those spam comments!

  • Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Profile

    That’s a relatively new idea. I mean helping others isn’t, but helping others with the benefit of backlinks is a new one. I have to agree with the second suggestion too. Becoming a teacher will establish you as someone they can always refer to others when dealing with a specific problem. You’ll be able to create quality backlinks through that.


  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    The tips and basic rules under helping others in forums are revealing. It is good to know how users can take advantage of relevant websites to get relevant links from forums.

  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Inbound marketing is crucial for the success of today’s online marketing, and back links from forums could be helpful in that success. The two tips discussed in this post are spot on and practical. They are really helpful content marketing strategies link building!

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