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Top 10 Beginners Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Submitted by Shamsudeen Adeshokan August 23, 2015 Website :

Mistakes are part of life, we all commit blunders at some point… don’t hit your head against the wall when you find yourself committing some serious affiliate marketing mistakes that has been holding back your success over-time.

In fact, if you have been conscious of what you’re doing, despite committing these mistakes, you’ll see that there are positives that come along with each of the mistakes you’ve committed. It only takes an open mind to discover these treasures that comes in disguise.

So, just like we do made mistakes in our real life dealings, same goes for affiliate marketing since there is always a beginning to something and every super affiliate marketers you heard of today are once a novice like you.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for some time, during this period, I have found myself in a very state of want, confusion and even wanted to close up on everything concerning affiliate marketing since every strategy I applied just don’t take me anywhere.

But looking at where I stand today in affiliate marketing, and what has kept me in the dark for so long, I decide to share with you some of those deadly affiliate marketing mistakes I have committed and wish you could learn from them, so you can possibly scale years of trial and errors.

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Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan
Shamsudeen is a passionate blogger, author and internet marketer. His blog CyberNaira - Blogging Tips And Tutorials is where he write about his ups and down, everything he has been learning and know about the process of building a profitable blogging career

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16 Responses to “Top 10 Beginners Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Great article!

    There are many affiliate marketers that has good intentions fail in their affiliate marketing efforts because they do not recognize some of the most common blunders in their affiliate marketing strategies.

    In my point of view, if you know what you want, need, your, goal and your target market, you will not have much problem in picking what product or affiliate program. Pretty sure, if you are passionate and raring to be successful, you will consider list building as one of the most important things to be triumphant.

    Good thing that you create and share this blog post with us here. Beginners must be aware of these affiliate marketing mistakes so they can avoid these pitfalls that most affiliate marketers make.
    Metz recently posted… Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and ServicesMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

      Thanks Mezt,

      Your input to this article is of high value and most welcome. Sure I have to share with the Kingged community.

      Kingged community has been a wonderful place for me, helping my little blog grow and spreading the word out of it.

      If there is just one thing I can give back, is to help contribute quality stuffs to this place and make sure I create time out of my busy scheduled to engage with others.

      Thanks Mezt, nice having you.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…Top 10 Beginners Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to AvoidMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Shamsudeen,
    You are points-on with this presentation. Indeed, affiliate marketing mistakes are easily made by newbies.

    Until they start accepting the need to correct these mistakes, making money online with affiliate marketing will just be a mirage!

    Personally, I have made some of these mistakes in the past but now I know better. The name of the game is provide value, be transparent, and help visitors to solve their problem.

    One mistake I made and that is still affecting me today is not creating email list earlier on!
    Sunday William recently posted…5 Ways To Make Money Online – You Haven’t Tried #4!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Profile

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    Yes, I agree with you. Everyone who is seeking something is bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are a natural thing and we should not be ashamed to admit it. 😉

    Oh yes, before selling a product and introduce it to our viewers, we must test the product first. There are many benefits that we can get when doing it. We will know clearly, what the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

    After reading this article, it feel likes I have a desire to start an affiliate marketing business again. It seemed if I follow what you share here, I could achieve success because of it. 😀

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Shamsudeen,
    Have a great weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Top 5 Crucial Tips For Building A Successful BlogMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Shamsudeen, Oh so true my friend I was told this a long time ago The Worst Mistake YOU Can Make Is Being Afraid To Make One. But the important thing is to learn from them HUH?

    Your tips are all spot on, I do believe that I will always be in the learning mode LOL

    Thanks for sharing..
    Chery :))

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Shamsudeen,

    This was a much needed post for all of us that do affiliate marketing and not just beginners. Some of us fall into the trap of making the same mistakes over and over again without making any type of changes.

    I was one that did this when I was using solo ads and PPC. Although I was getting a lot of leads, I wasn’t doing any type of tracking. Especially when it came to sales conversions. This is what you were talking about in point #5 and it is vital to anyone’s success.

    Also #2 is important. Building an Email list and communicating with them will help you to build competency and trust among your audience. With it, it would be much harder for you to make any sales whatsoever. A good rule of thumb is to use Pareto’s Principle where you promote value 80% of the time and sell 20% of the time.

    Thanks Shamsudeen for sharing this post! It definitely will help a lot of people!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Is Your Online Marketing Plan Building Strong Reciprocity?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

      Hi Sherman,

      Good to read you’ve tested Solo ad and PPC for your affiliate marketing, I would be very glad if you can share more light on your experience using Solo Ad and PPC with us, a full post will do better on your blog.

      What do you think?

      On building email list, I believe it doesn’t stop with affiliate marketers alone, anyone running an online business that need lots passing foot on regular basis should strive to get their email address because email remain one of the best channel to reach people and build up that relationship.

      It has been so for a long time and this doesn’t look like it will change, at least for now.

      Thanks Sherman, nice having you around.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…3 Effective Strategies to Run Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Carol Amato Profile

    Hi, Shamsudeen,

    Wow, I liked your article and the topic especially. The very first dollar I ever made online was through affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing has a very special place in my heart because it gave me the encouragement to move forward in learning how to grow and online business.

    I love your point number two because building an email list is the core foundation of my business, so I couldn’t agree more.

    I also like to point you made about being involved into many affiliate programs. I did this in the beginning and learn my lesson.

    Testing and tracking with something that I did later on, as I learn the importance of it.

    In the beginning I used the long, ugly, raw affiliate link instead of using PrettyLink to make it a branded link. PrettyLink will also give you the stats you’re wanting to know about clicks, unique clicks, etc.

    Now I have my own own URL shortener and can look at stats etc.

    Thanks for sharing. Spreading the word…

    Talk soon,
    ˜Carol Amato
    Carol Amato recently posted…Carol’s Cut – Best of the Month 4My Profile

  • Profile photo of Shanelle Profile

    Great article, Shamsudeen.

    Totally agree with you re: testing. Sign up for an offer on CJ, run some ads, fail, repeat… it’s an all-too-familiar process for many.

    I think another mistake new affiliates make is exclusively associating with other affiliates. They end up getting stuck with SEO / PPC tunnel vision. There are a lot of other ways to generate affiliate revenue.
    Shanelle recently posted…Working Hard Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing [Rant]My Profile

  • Profile photo of Julia Frank Profile

    Thank you brother for this great share.
    Am actually in the same novice condition. Things seem not to work.
    Well with time, i know I’ll get better. Won’t give up
    If others can make it, I can too!!!

  • Profile photo of Satish Kumar Ithamsetty Profile

    Hello Shamsudeen,

    The mistakes of Affiliate marketers article is very good. The analysis is also good. In my opinion, Affiliate marketing is the primary source for the most of the bloggers and marketers. Here u analyzed this listed mistakes doing by every new blogger or affiliate marketer. Thanks to providing the smart guide.

    Satish Kumar ithamsetty
    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty recently posted…13 Top Email Marketing Software for Effective Blogging in 2016My Profile

  • Profile photo of Hephzibah Asaolu Profile

    This is an excellent post. Thanks for sharing it here. I agree with you on all the points you raised, especially the first point – “Selling, selling, selling’.

    “Your job as an affiliate is not to sell the products but rather, educate the prospect on the benefits/disadvantages of using the products.”

    That is the truth of the matter. I made that mistake while I was starting out in affiliate marketing. It was a total failure. Now, I know better.

    Thank you for the reminder.
    Hephzibah Asaolu recently posted…How to Write Content for an Industry you know nothing aboutMy Profile

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