• ThumbnailOne of the most common questions I get from someone new to blogging is,

    What topic should I write about?

    This is the first, and biggest, decision every blogger must make. It will either lead to a blog you’ll […]

    • Hi Tiffany:

      Thanks for a thoughtful, well researched, and beautifully illustrated post.

      RE:Offer Gold: Secrets To Making Money

      This one key topic is fundamentally related to all the other topics, because if individuals make a surplus of money, they are in position to enjoy experiences in the other 9 areas to the fullest.

      If they are…[Read more]

    • Hi Tiffany,
      You have provided a very important topic. A blog should know what to write about from the onset if he/she wants to gain traction in the industry.
      It takes a pure mixture of passion and trend to write a compelling blog post that will resonate with both the audience and customer.

      The topics you have shared in this post are in…[Read more]

    • There are many blog topics that will fascinate the readers.

      Its important to establish a popular topic and this begins with understanding what the audience wants.

      However, a topic is as good as it is delivered. Hence, even the best of topics should be based on good delivery which is hinged on knowing “who” the audience is and “what” sh(e)…[Read more]

    • Hey Tiffany,

      A great post. The top 10 blog topics are in order. They cover important areas where bloggers can generate blogging ideas.

      I am sure that after reading this post, many new bloggers would be inspired to start blogging on topics that are relevant to their passion so they can easily start to make money online!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you for this great post. I had that problem when I started blogging. This is a great post for new bloggers and even professional ones. These 10 topics are evergreen topics. Thank you.

    • I know, everyone agrees… Well, I am sorry, but I do not agree…

      It starts with the first question: What topic should I write about?

      In my personal view, if you have to ask yourself this question, you already lost…

      Yes, it is possible that you have a couple of topics you like to write about and you have to decide between them. But if…[Read more]

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