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Think and Grow Rich – The Secrets of The Super Rich

Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Submitted by Riza [Moderator] April 15, 2013 Website :

So I’ve been reading the peoples choice book, Think and Grow Rich (only 99 cents on Kindle). Chapter 10 really caught my attention. It talks about a “certain alliance” that is the basis of every great fortune.

It says something like: “no two minds can come together, without creating a third, powerful, invisible mind.”

Know what I am talking about yet? Well check this out. Andrew Carnegie surrounded himself with 50 men, all with the definite purpose of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributes his ENTIRE fortune to the power he accumulated through this…

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  • Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Profile

    I heard so much about the book and now this article. I think it’s time for me to buy myself a copy of it.

    I totally agree with this post; so maybe I would love the book. He based his conclusions from the book, right?

    I agree because success doesn’t come about by chance; or by your sole effort (I’m talking business here). No one, and I mean NO RICH will claim that they’ve done it by themselves. There’s always that support system.

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    An enticing offer from Matt Lloyd! The MOBE (my online business empire) Inner Circle boasts of tried and tested Internet marketing experts ( John Chow among them). The package is sold for $97, which is a good deal for a lifetime investment!

    However, my concern is this: wouldn’t there be a clash of the best methods to apply in becoming successful as an affiliate since all the experts listed in the MOBE Inner Circle have “unique” methods they want readers to follow?

    If the above concern can be addressed, then I am all for the Inner Circle!

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a timeless classic that still applies to contemporary personal and business life. Dale Carnegie and Mastermind is an inspiration from that book. Comparing the success of that group with the Inner Circle, I agree that many things are in common. I have been motivated to find a mastermind for success. Thanks for suggestion the MOBE Inner Circle.

  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Forming an alliance is good and could help the members to become rich, but this could only be applicable when the members really have something to offer. Suffice me to state that some partnerships or alliances do more harm than good to the members.

    That said, I agree that a mastermind like that formed by Andrew Carnegie yielded results, but there are still other factors that could be responsible for the their success.

    John Chow’s point in this post is understandable, but does everyone really need the Inner Circle or Mastermind group to succeed?

  • Profile photo of Ann Profile

    A mastermind group should work together and be perfect harmony to achieve any goal. This is readily understandable because there is power in Unity. However, about the John Chow’s Inner Circle offer, it is a great pool of seasoned professionals who can teach workable methods to those willing to take action and make money online. I think it is worth trying out!

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    The secret lies in growing in each instance when you get one. Being in a group of high influencer’s and successful entrepreneurs is the key to grow, think and earn money- probably a fortune in a very long period. There ain’t secrets to earn more- just the right method followed by continuous effort leads to successes.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of ComputerMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Well, in my case, there is an example that I can give. I own an education niche blog, which is targeted at helping Indian students with studies and related aspects.

    I started it on my own, like a one man army. I was the only writer there. In my college, I happened to see this girl, who was having a flair for guiding others. She was my senior.

    I approached her to write up and contribute for my blog. She hasn’t had heard much about blogging till then. So, out of curiosity and the prospect of reaching out to thousands, she teamed up with me. We decided to share the AdSense earnings from that blog.

    Till now, we’ve been contributing to that blog together. I must say that it is after getting her on board that the blog actually began to thrive. She, two of her friends and me still form the core of that blog.

    Talking about the master mind circle, this thing came to my mind! :) Not saying that we are super special and all. But I know the difference a group of like minded people can create!


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