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The Whacky World of the Newbie and 3 Critically Important Tips To Help

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There is a saying that goes like this, “There are two types of people in this world, those that watch things happen, and those that make things happen”.

Nowhere is this truer than in the world of Internet Marketing.


There is a great illusion and deception that all “Newbies” simply MUST protect themselves from.

The Internet is plagued with websites that make outrageous claims and promises of ‘Instant Wealth’ and ‘One Click Riches’.

Virtually ALL of these websites contain the following:

1)   A VERY convincing video that just seems to suck you in and get your heart racing and your hand reaching for your credit card with your heart screaming, “This is it, this is gonna make me money!”.

2)   Screenshots of How Much Money they are making. Yep, you’ve all seen them. The JVZoo affiliates accounts, the Clickbank accounts with figures ranging from a few Hundred Dollars per day to a few Thousand Dollars per day. Hey, let’s just understand something here though. I have no problem with that though. I believe the majority of those cases to be absolutely true. It’s not what they’re telling us which is the problem. It’s what they’re NOT telling us which we need to guard against.

3)   Then, the wording. Oh my gosh, the wording……. Don’t you just get tired of the same ol predictable wording? ‘Just with One Click….’ In Just Five Minutes from Now you could be Up and Running…..’ (Meanwhile the so-called Training Video, if there is one, is 30 minutes long), ‘Your Success is Guaranteed’, etc etc etc 

Folks, let me just set the record straight for all us Newbies (Yes, I’m also a Newbie). 

Unless your Millionaire Relative died and left you a fortune, or you won the Lotto, there is NO SUCH THING AS INSTANT RICHES. It’s an Illusion and it’s a Lie!

There is absolutely No such thing as ‘One Click Pushbutton Success’.

However, Success and Dreams of Financial Freedom etc can most certainly become a reality and there really are those that are earning Thousands of Dollars Per day.

That’s not a lie, it’s the truth, but in the vast majority of these cases this has been the result of hard work, sometimes investing, even losing, a lot of money before they even made a dime, and constant up-keeping and maintaining of their business.

Now, without making this article too long (and boring) the purpose for me sharing these things, and remember I’m speaking as a Newbie myself, is to encourage my fellow Newbies and my fellow Kinggers out there that Success really is possible and Living Your Dream is actually possible, but it comes at a cost.

The first thing we need to have in place is A PLAN, and isn’t this exactly what is giving us? 

The second thing, I believe, we need is COMMITMENT. We need to stay absolutely committed to that plan. 

The third thing we need is PASSION. Show me a man, or woman, with no passion then I will show you a man or woman with no drive, no commitment and no plan. 

But even passion comes at a price. In trying to complete my 30 Day Challenge program I purchased I have had to try and stick to my daily commitments.

For instance, because I hold down a full-time day job I needed to wake up at 4 A.M. today to write this article. 


Even while I’m writing this I can hear the birds starting to chirp outside as they get ready to greet this new day. So yes, passion is most certainly necessary but it does come at a price, which actually is a good thing because it serves to test not just our commitment but also the extent of our genuine desire to succeed. 

So folks, in bringing this article to a close, let me just encourage each and every one of us today, Success IS possible.

It’s become a reality for many people out there, but if we’re going to reach that level of success then we need to firstly protect ourselves from the lies and deceptions out there, become more sensitive and focused, have a plan, stay committed to that plan, develop a passion and be willing to pay that price of dedication and drive that our goals demand of us. 

In my next article I want to focus on the Emotional aspect of the ‘World of the Newbie’ and the battles that face anyone who has the desire to become successful at Internet Marketing. 

To close off I want to quote something that Tony Robbins, the world’s leading motivational speaker, once said many years ago and which I have never forgotten till this day. 

He said this, “If you want to become greater than a giant, just find one and stand on its shoulders”. 

Well, for me there have been many giants but for now the giant that I have found is with and by following the 30 Day challenge, which I STRONGLY recommend everyone to follow, I am standing on the shoulders of someone I know could lead me to success, however small or big it may be, if I just stick to my plan. 

Now, I’m going to step outside with a cup of coffee, watch the sun come up and listen to the birds singing their praises and simply just appreciate life.

Enjoy your day,  

Ron Smile


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