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The State of Digital for SMBs

Avatar of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty June 21, 2013 Website: www.stateofsearch.com

Everything is moving more and more towards digital. Which is no surprise. But still there is room for improvement. Vocus did a study to determine the state of digital marketing amongst small and medium businesses. And it shows there is room for improvement. Digital marketing is mainly used for sales purposes and social media is embraced more and more. The effectiveness however is a big target.

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    Digital marketing. The power it possess is still in the theory stage. You know, it’s something that people talk about, praise and made it something larger than what it actually is. We are still in the process where in it’s proving itself effective.

  • Avatar of topjeff Profile

    Well I agree with the facts of the survey and the infographic. They really showed the state of digital marketing for Small and Medium businesses. However, it is pertinent that marketers utilize the details above to create and develop effective digital marketing strategy that leads to the future.

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    It is really not surprising that digital marketing and social marketing are embraced by businesses. What matters is how are SMBs utilizing these strategies to their advantage.

    The infographic above is clear about the state of digital in b2b, however I concur with the fact that more still needs be done if we are going to sustain this effort in the future.

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    It is obvious from this article that digital marketing is essential to marketers especially in the area of sales. I agree that sales drive digital marketing and SMBs that apply this principle are making impact today.

    The infographic above is clear and readily shows that there is truly room for improvement!

  • Avatar of Ann Profile

    The infographic reveals the state of digital marketing for small businesses. It should spur marketers to take helpful decision for the future – especially as it relates to strategizing for improvement.

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