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The SEO Puzzle | The Facts OF SEO and Online Marketing [ Infographic ]

Avatar of Piyush Mathur Submitted by Piyush Mathur February 17, 2014 Website: nakshit.com

It doesn’t genuinely make any difference just how much an individual analyze this, it’s extremely hard to obtain the great SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (Search Engine Optimization) credit score for virtually any very long stretch of time.

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Avatar of Piyush Mathur
Hi, I am a writer and i love to read almost every thing i come across to raise my level of awareness. I love to meet people with similar mindsets and talk about almost anything in the world.

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  • Avatar of Ryan Profile

    Excellent! Good note about usage. What words do you wish to rank for? Pinpoint these terms and grow your blog around these key words and phrase to target your readers.


  • Avatar of Steven Hughes Profile

    SEO is always changing. Google doesn’t sit still, and over the last few years with Panda and Penguin, it’s not clear what one should do.

    Nice colorful infographic you found Piyush, thanks for sharing with us.
    Steven Hughes recently posted…Digital Management SolutionsMy Profile

    • Avatar of Piyush Mathur Profile

      Hi Steven,

      Its a good infographic, but over emphasis on SEO is not a good idea either. You have to keep on creating, and work for your specific client base. There are many companies that operate their blog section according to their business rather than playing with Google traffic.

      If you love your work, and business then you should be using the blog section to present your mindset to your loyal clients. It is an opportunity to connect with them directly, however this is a process that not many businesses follow.

      But trends are changing, and many businesses are hiring people to work specifically on their Social Media platforms.

      Many people need to catch up with the latest trends if they want to survive in a tough business market.


      • Avatar of Steven Hughes Profile

        I couldn’t agree more Piyush. I think SEO (Whatever it is at the time) has a place, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus, at least for most businesses.

        The obvious black hat tactics have at least been address and policed by Google, but you know there some looking to beat the system. There always will be.

        Yes, it all starts with an emphasis on your clients and readers.
        Steven Hughes recently posted…Dummies Guide To Dealing With Irate CustomersMy Profile

  • Avatar of Tharun Profile

    No doubt this is awesome infographic. Something I learnt there is website structure.

    A well said words, google doesn’t rank websites, but it ranks web pages. This is fact and including tips to boost web page ranking helped me alot.

    Off page factors once again proved that, social media links will boost ranking. Yes and this is also mentioned in infographic.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Tharun recently posted…Justhost review: Is Justhost really best among all web hosting?My Profile

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Quite an Infographic. SEO is changing and it boils down to the changing algorithms of the search engines. Lack of understanding in how these work would become a “puzzle” which readily worries many people today.

    However, I think this infographic has somewhat made a lot of clarification as to the key factors that would guarantee the use of the perfect SEO in online marketing!
    Sunday recently posted…MBA in Finance For a Bright Career in Finance SectorMy Profile

  • Avatar of suresh Profile

    It is very hard to rely on Google, as they always changes their algorithm. I have studied some part in your article, and I left doing SEO so cannot mention. The last two, engagement and freshness is the keyfactor in these days.

    Ranking for keywords is hard and there are so many websites that are competing one another. I built links in the past and still my site hasn’t reached first place, but may in future.

    Thanks for your infographic about SEO.
    suresh recently posted…$150 Cash Give away at KingsleyMy Profile

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