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The Blind Blogger is joining the Creative Magic Network and you get to help choose the show name

Profile photo of maxwell ivey Submitted by maxwell ivey September 5, 2016

Hello again;

Today, I have some great news to share.

I have just spoken with Frederic By of The Creative Magic Network.

I have agreed to co-host a show with him. It will air on Thursdays and start next week.

Yes, we will have guest interviews.

We will have people whose stories fit with the theme of transformation, accomplishment, and overcoming obstacles.

The show will be recorded live. That means it won’t be live when you hear it, but it won’t be edited either. We both agree that hearing people in their own authentic voice is essential.

What Happened To Get Moving Mondays?

Now, some of you are wondering what happened to my other show. That is a fair question.

I was enjoying my Monday Night visits with you and Anna Banguiland on The Universal Energy Network. However, Anna had some personal issues; and she was unable to maintain an additional show.

I had to accept that this was just not the right show or the right timing for it.

Staying Open To Possibilities

However, doing the show with Anna gave me a taste for it. I decided to keep myself open to the possibility of doing another show should the opportunity come along.

It would of course have to be a co-host position as I still don’t think I want to be responsible for all that goes into putting on a show all by myself. Being a prolific guest means I know lots of hosts and am familiar with just how hard they work.

Luckily for me I noticed a post on twitter a couple weeks ago. It was from Frederic saying he was seeking a co-host for an additional show on his network. I knew Frederic from being interviewed on his show several times. I reached out to him through twitter and we set a date to discuss what he had in mind.

A Minor Setback

Last week was not a good week for me physically. I suffered from fatigue on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I totally missed our appointment to talk via Skype. I didn’t remember to email him and cancel. It was several days later before I remembered to write him to apologize for not making it.

However, he was very gracious. He asked about talking today. I said yes of course. We had a great talk. We settled on a day of the week and a general idea of what the show will be about.

So while the one door closed on my time with Anna another opened with the appearance of Frederic.

Choosing A Name

The only thing we couldn’t agree on was what to call it.

I told him that I didn’t want to call it the No Excuses anything because I used that for my own messages.

He suggested “The Blind Blogger Show” and “The Max Ivey Show”.

I suggested the “I Know You Can Show”.

Help Us Pick The Name

Then I had an idea. I said Frederic why don’t we do what all the experts say to do. Why don’t we ask our friends, family, and followers what they think. One of them may even have a better idea.

Its up to you. I have faith that you will help us come up with something amazing.

It would be great if the title is less than fifteen characters, so I can apply for a twitter id for the show.

Please just drop your vote or suggestion in the comments section. As always I will reply to all of them.

And if we use a name you suggest, I will insist that you get a mention during the debut broadcast.

Being Grateful

I humbly appreciate every opportunity I receive whether I go after them openly or they are delivered to me by God or the Universe.

The best way I know to say thank you is to send visitors to their site. As I learned in the carnival world its all about putting buts in the seats.

I hope you will ask your friends, family, coworkers, and social media connections to visit His Awesome Website.

If you sign up to his email list, you will receive a book of happiness quotes from The Ambassador of Happiness herself Maura Sweeney.

You will also be able to listen to an awesome conversation I had with him and my amazing friend Alex Okoroji.

I say this all the time, and I mean it. I couldn’t do this without your help.

Thanks for your continued love and support. Until next time, take care out there, Max

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Hello; I am the totally blind son of carnival owners. Click Here To Visit My Blog. After the early death of my father I turned to helping others sell their amusement equipment to make a living. I have since discovered my value as a roll model to those seeking to improve their lives. I have lost over half my body weight after having gastric surgery. I am also a successful business owner, blogger, and podcaster. I offer coaching and am available for public speaking. If you have questions just ask. thanks and take care, Max

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