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15 Best Alternatives to Dropbox and How Much Storage Space You Get For Free


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage system that offers users with secure sharing, syncing and storing service. It has an estimated number of users over 300 million and still counting. Also,

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How to Setup Gmail Auto Reply or Gmail Autoresponder Feature


You can setup Gmail auto reply or gmail autoresponder feature with ease. Google has provided Gmail users with steps to create the Gmail auto reply feature. This is the type of

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Awesome Server Speed Checker Tool


Hi Kinggers, I came across this server speed checker tool when I am monitoring a query from my tweetdeck. I feel this is a unique web tool and would like to

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Apply These 4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Personal Data Secure


Do you leave your home, your car, unlocked? Can anyone saunter in, night or day, unhindered, onto your property, and do as they please? No, of course they can't! That

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6 Best Selfie Applications


Selfies are the most trending pics in the world now. More than 1 Million Selfies are taken everyday. Also 48% Facebook users have a selfie as their profile picture. As

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Telecom Tech Evolution From 1G To AG


It appears that those movies we've been watching may not be fantasy after all, the likes of X-men evolution and Mutant X, where the focus is on individuals who have

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Best games to play when you have 5 minutes to spare

Flappy bird

With the introduction of smartphones back in 2007 mobile gaming became more popular than ever. Big companies are developing games for smartphones and a few people became millionares by doing

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Why Should You Care About the Internet of Things


  You might have heard about this term before and no sweat if you have not. Today in this post, I am going to share some of the basic things about

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5 Easy to Follow Ways to Enhance Your Website For 2014


Improving your website for 2014 is one of the most important things that you can do now to acquire more visitors on your website. But how you will improve your

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5 Essential Elements Every Ecommerce Site Should Have


Are you thinking to sell your product through an eCommerce website? That’s a good idea as most of the people are offering popular products through internet by targeting huge audience.

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Top 5 Latest Game picks from iOS app store


As we all known that Monsoon season is already started and a large number of apps as well as games are launched on app store by developers. Here I have

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