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15 Best Alternatives to Dropbox and How Much Storage Space You Get For Free


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage system that offers users with secure sharing, syncing and storing service. It has an estimated number of users over 300 million and still counting. Also,

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How to Setup Gmail Auto Reply or Gmail Autoresponder Feature


You can setup Gmail auto reply or gmail autoresponder feature with ease. Google has provided Gmail users with steps to create the Gmail auto reply feature. This is the type of

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How Do You Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?


Two Great Applications: Compare Dropbox V Google Drive When I compare Dropbox V Google Drive, my opinions have changed over the years because Google Drive has expanded its products. Both technologies have enormous value. Not

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37 Cool Office Supplies and Gadgets That’ll Revitalize Your Workplace


Unique and cool office supplies address many common workplace doldrums. From grey walls to blandly colored carpets, a pop of color or a splash of humor can help liven up an otherwise

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How To Sign In To WordPress Without Password


How do you log in to your WordPress dashboard? Obviously the answer would be “by visiting the login page and then entering the credentials like username, password and completing the

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade – What You MUST Know and Whether To Upgrade Or Not


July 29th 2015 was the launch date and free upgrade of PC users to the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. As of May 2016, about 300 millions of

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Introducing the World’s First-Ever Free Training Portal for DDoS Protection


Incapsula just launched the first online DDoS Protection Bootcamp. Built for IT security and network ops professionals, this one-of-a-kind online training portal offers an unprecedented selection of free courses and challenging

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How to Move Old Phone Contacts to a New Android Phone


In the event that you got a new android phone, you might be faced with the challenge of moving your contacts from the old device to the new one. There

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How to Easily Send & Receive Fax Online


Fax was said to be introduced way back 1985. Most people really do not make use of this transmission method. However business organization, small and large companies still appreciate this

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How Internet of Things Will Change Digital Marketing


Internet of things pretty much dominated the digital space during last year and has now left everyone waiting to see its significant results across our homes, workplaces, streets as well

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Five ways to Optimize Mobile Website Performance


With the number of smartphone users in the market, it has become more convenient to access Internet via the phone rather than a PC or a laptop. Since users are

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Personal Cloud Storage: What Good Will it Bring to Users in 2016


It is now easier than ever before to access all data and information online. Not only that, but more and more businesses and individuals have started using personal cloud storage

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How to Boost Site Conversion With Cohort Analysis (Part 2)


For this article about cohort analysis, we will pick where we left off by discussing following topics: * Cohort Analysis And Conversion Optimization * Cohort Analysis And SaaS * Cohort Analysis And Mobile

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How to Know Which Websites Are Using Your Images on Their Pages


We often search the web typing in text, if you need to get an image you type the name or related text to the image you’re looking for but what

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See Your Favorite Search Engine Google in Different Styles and Experiencing Forces Like Gravity


There is no need to introduce Google. Is there? Obviously, the answer would be a BIG NO. The world’s largest search engine is actually far more than a search engine. There

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You Think Your Ears Are Okay? Check Them With This Free Online Test


Humans have 5 sense organs namely eyes, nose, skin, tongue and ears. There is no need to tell what ears do, they are one of the most delicate organs in

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How to Access Any Chrome App Right From Your Start Menu, Desktop and Taskbar


Google chrome store is filled with thousands of apps, some are quite useful and some are malicious even, so it’s better to give a warning that do read the reviews

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Like Apple, Staffing Professionals Can Shine as Champions of Data Privacy


Big Data became a big topic in 2015. As staffing professionals, we’re coming to depend on people analytics with greater reliance. Through advances in data science, we can generate more

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9 WordPress Plugins Your Small Business Needs in 2016


If your small business uses WordPress (as more than 60% of websites do!), you probably already have a shortlist of go-to plugins that are essential. Add ons like Yoast SEO,

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Top 5 Mistakes In Making Mobile Websites


The use of mobile devices is as commonplace today as drinking bottled water. The U.S. market alone boasts of more than 191.4 million smartphone owners. It’s no wonder that even small local

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