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4 Ways to Utilize Virtual Reality in Marketing


It’s the 21st century now, and although we don’t have all the devices portrayed in popular sci-fi movies, we do have self-driving cars, smart devices we can talk to, and

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7 Practical Tips for Well-Written Emails


Did you know that people are expected to open 4.9 billion email accounts by the end of 2017, an Email Statistics Report for 2015-2019 shows. Currently, there are 4.35 billion email

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Building the Best Damn Logo Design for Your Business


The business of designing your company logo is of utmost importance. While a logo design may seem like a peripheral part of your business, it is the visual embodiment of

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Smart Content Marketing from the Next Big Brands


When we think of innovation in the content marketing world, our minds usually jump to the big companies paving the way with kickass campaigns and programs—brands like Red Bull, Marriott, and GE

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Distinctive Marketing Drives the Cloud Market


Expect to see more vendors exit the highly-competitive Cloud market in 2016, due to their inability to clearly differentiate their capabilities. As the cloud computing market matures and buyer preferences

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Google URL Builder: Easy And Simple Way Of Tracking Your Sites’ Performance


How many of you are working really hard at getting traffic and leads with the limited time you have, but yet your results seems very grim and nonexistent? This can be

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Are You Fed Up Not Making Money With Your Online Business?


Online Business Or Online Hobby When I lost my job as a bar manager in Dec 2010 I started searching around on the internet looking for a way to work from

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The Top 10 Blog Topics Of All Time + Exclusive Topics


One of the most common questions I get from someone new to blogging is, What topic should I write about? This is the first, and biggest, decision every blogger must make. It

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How to Improve WordPress Security [Infographic]


Is your WordPress site locked down? Ok, there is no such thing as 100% safe or secure. All you can do is take some proactive measures to protect against any potential security

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Grow Your Blog Traffic Without SEO With These 7 Tactics


As hard as you've tried, it just seems impossible - getting constant significant free targeted SEO traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So you decide to leverage other

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Blind Blogger Goes From Frightened Radio Show Guest to Host of His Own Radio Show


Hello again; When it comes to podcasts and radio shows, many of you know me as a prolific guest sometimes doing three or more interviews a week to share my inspiring

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The Top 15 Website Optimization Blogs


If you thought the bear in The Revenant was persistent, you haven’t seen anything yet. In our humble opinion, he gave up just a little too soon. Instead he got turned

7 Comments | Share By Eyal Katz>•2 years ago Profile photo of Eyal Katz

How To Use Klout To Generate Blog Ideas


Klout is a notable social media manager analyzer. It’s free and widespread, and the Klout Score is so common among various social and blogging platforms, that use it as an indicator of quality. However,

8 Comments | Share By Luana Spinetti>•2 years ago Profile photo of Luana Spinetti

6 Simple & Effective B2B Social Media Content Ideas to Try Now


One difficulty of social media marketing is finding content that relates to your consumers, your brand, and actually drives the right traffic and engagement from your social channels. B2B companies

4 Comments | Share By Dhariana Lozano>•2 years ago Profile photo of Dhariana Lozano

Why Social Media is the New Way to Shop on Mobile


Social sites are dominating the time spent on mobile devices, and they can be used for far more than just being social. Many retailers are using social media to engage with customers and

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49 Noteworthy Social Networking Stats and Facts


Though new social networks continue to be launched (e.g. SnapChat, Blab) and some disappear (anyone remember Pownce or Friendster?), the “big three” among both consumers and marketers continue to thrive and dominate. But there are no

7 Comments | Share By Tom Pick>•2 years ago Profile photo of Tom Pick

How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram


 . . In the age of 2016 it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of Instagram, in fact it’s probably unlikely you haven’t got an account & have many on the social media site.

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5 SEO Manipulations You Need to Know


Sites that use a SSL certificate show a lock in the address bar in the Chrome browser. SEO is a fast paced industry with a lot of conspiracies and useless advice.

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Google Starting to Remove PPC Ads from Right Side on Desktop and Tablet SERPs


  Over the weekend, breaking news hit the digital marketing world as rumors came to fruition that Google has rolled out a significant change, which drops ads from the right side of a

7 Comments | Share By Beth Davis>•2 years ago Profile photo of Beth Davis

How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code


  The most recent evolution in Search Engine Optimization is schema markup. Google has changed its algorithm so many times that trying to keep up has become irrelevant to a lot

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Safe, Kid-Friendly Alternatives to Google, YouTube, and Beyond


Today’s youth is exposed to technology very early in life – according to 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics, ”30% of U.S. children first play with a mobile device when they are

2 Comments | Share By Rocky C>•2 years ago Profile photo of Rocky C

6 Smooth & Best Video Player For Windows 7 and 8.1


Watching videos, movies and listening music are some of the tasks in which nobody wants interruptions neither from outside nor from their computer. There are number of video players which

1 Comments | Share By Karan Bhagat>•2 years ago Profile photo of Karan Bhagat

Product Review: Slack, the Tech World’s Favorite Communication App


. It’s roughly 2:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. The Tek Team readies a mass email to everyone at eGumball’s lovely corporate office. In its contents are all the articles and

3 Comments | Share By Tek>•2 years ago Profile photo of Tek

The Ultimate Guide: How Publishers Can Join the Apple News App


Apple has recently announced that its news-stand app, Apple News, will be open to all publishers. What does this mean for the display ad market, and how does this affect

4 Comments | Share By Eyal Katz>•2 years ago Profile photo of Eyal Katz

Content is King in Marketing – But Other Departments Crave Content, Too!


We’ve been in business since 1996, and “content is king” has been a guiding principle in our industry since we started. Good marketing has always been all about creating high-quality, useful

8 Comments | Share By Jess Hall>•2 years ago Profile photo of Jess Hall

A Quick Email Campaign CheckList: Pay Attention Before Hit Send


Email marketing is great channel to drive sales and maintain good relations with customers & subscribers (If you do it right and follow the genuine process!) Are you going to

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Google-Backed Slack is a Tech Darling Ready to see the World


Have you heard of a hot little startup called Slack?  You know, that instant messaging application that Google Ventures backed with about $120 million last year?  If your answer is

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What Are Your High-Value Activities?


I run into a lot of people whose main goal when starting an online business is to fire their boss. I know that was my main goal for the longest time.

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Here’s Why My Cat Can Never be a Customer Service Leader


A touch of independence mixed with patience, possessing a definite superiority complex and territorial.  These are some characteristics associated with the common house cat.  But what if we in the

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