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Mastering Lead Generation: From Content To Chat


Mastering lead generation requires you to be a bit of a jack of all trades. You need to be able to attract prospects to your funnel, write informative (and persuasive)

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Marketing and Decision Fatigue


Decision fatigue is a psychological term for the deterioration of decision making by individuals as they become increasingly fatigued in a cognitive sense; in short hand, the more decisions you

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Importance Of Branding Yourself Online When You’re Broke With Little Time


When you’re broke with little time on your hands, it can become a challenge to build your blog and home business. So what do many do with the little time they

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Is Marketing a Scam?


There are a lot of scams out there. One of the largest, yet least talked-about scam of them all is the entire field of marketing. Marketers are all scammers, greedy folks

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Email Deliverability & Security Developments for 2016


What’s New with Email Deliverability and Security?  Keeping up with changes in email is challenging, but a new report from Litmus, an email creation, testing and analytics platform, will fill you

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7 Reasons Why Clicking This Title Will Prove Why You Clicked This Title


Recently, I’ve been thinking–the time I spend online is perhaps only 50% productive. The remaining hours I’m either on Facebook, watching videos of cute animals on YouTube or doing a

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EPIC FAIL – How to Stop Feeling Like A Failure

the-master-has-failed-more-times-than-the-beginner-has-even-tried-stephen-mccranie-1-638 The short video above is taken from a Q & A response by my friend Dan Klatt of in reply to a person that had to move back home

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Google Search Optimization: 4 Foolproof Ways to Make More Money, Fast

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  You know how great your business is. Problem is, you can’t seem to find anyone else who agrees with you. Though you’ve been in business for several years, and you

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How I Used Guest Blogging To Add Subscribers To My List… And Sales…


. Guest Blogging Yes, I know... It's one of those "archaic" traffic generation methods (like some people like to call them). Nowadays people love money making methods that bring you loads of cash

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Can You Really Make Money With Online Reviews, Or Is It All a Load of BS?


“MAKE MONEY ONLINE REVIEWS” Does that look familiar? It probably does.. and that’s because those were the search terms you entered in Google or your favorite search engine, and it brought you

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7 Guaranteed Steps to Becoming a Wealthy Entrepreneur


You want to be a successful entrepreneur right? I bet you do. Who doesn’t? Ok, maybe there are some folks out there who enjoy entrepreneurship for other reasons.  But for some of us,

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Make Money Selling Tshirts Online


Most people don’t know they can make money online selling T shirts. Although it is no news that before you can make money online legally, someone must give it to you

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The POWER of Guest Posting


UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF GUEST POSTING HOW DO YOU GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE? Whenever someone decides to set up a website or a blog, the main intention is to get as

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The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!


The year of 2010 was coming to an end soon .... was a nice afternoon and I was browsing through the internet when all of a sudden I came across

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Perceived Virality: Why You DON’T Want Your Content To Go Viral


So you want to go viral… or so you think. A simple Google search of the words “Viral Content” and you’ll quickly find a list of marketing guides, articles, how-to’s, and

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What Are 10 Ways To Make A Blog More Search-Friendly?


It’s no wonder almost everyone seems to be blogging these days. estimates that there are 56 million new blog posts and almost 47 million new comments on those posts hosted on its

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The Top 10 Blog Topics Of All Time + Exclusive Topics


One of the most common questions I get from someone new to blogging is, What topic should I write about? This is the first, and biggest, decision every blogger must make. It

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How Did You React to Facebook’s New Emotions?


It’s a familiar plight: Your friend has posted something candid and revealing on Facebook—maybe something about a sick relative or a tough situation at work. You want to offer your

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Here’s How to Stop The TripAdvisor Blackmail


What do you do when someone threatens you with “TripAdvisor Blackmail” by posting a very negative review if you don’t give into their demands, even if they are unreasonable?  Even

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Is your Hashtag Helping You Gain Followers? Hashtag Analytics 101: Followers


What do your followers have to do with hashtags? Comparing a hashtag’s mentions and most engaged users to your followers can help you gauge the success of a hashtag after

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How To Use Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ To Get More Engagement


What Was Your Reaction? When Facebook’s reactions showed up last week, there was the typical banter as to who likes them and who doesn’t. Me, as with most new features or

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5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016


With so many social media and digital marketing options now available, it can be overwhelming to know what you should be doing first. At the same time, it’s also very

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Local SEO: 10 Highly Effective Blogging Tips


Let me guess… You’ve been told you need to start or continue blogging to help your Local SEO. Well, whoever told you that is right, BUT there is a right way to blog

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Things You Need to Tweak in Your SEO Campaign for the Rest of 2016


Not long ago, Google changed its methods for ranking web sites. This has created an issue for many businesses, forcing them to consider their SEO (search engine optimization) approach. For

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5 Tips to Help Improve Your Amazon SEO


Sell on Amazon? If so, we hope you are not making any assumptions that you can’t improve your SEO. If you are doing that, clear your mind, because this post

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Best Free File Sharing Sites For a Secure Transfer of Files


How do you share your files online with someone else? E-mail? Many of us as it is one of the most convenient way to transfer or send files online, BUT

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Taking a Safe Approach to Online Activity


  A piece of advice I always give people in regard to their online activity is to be mindful of the sites they visit. This is especially true in the K-12

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Have Tons Of Holiday Fun With Google’s Santa Tracker Website


So, I had the best job this morning.  I got to play around with the Google Santa Tracker, where anyone with an internet connection can “explore, play and learn with

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Focus on Video Today for Your Brand and Business


Who would have thought that billions of hours of video content would be uploaded to YouTube and other online sites each month? The growth of video is astonishing and will

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The Top 8 Hottest 2016 Content Marketing Trends (Infographic)


Have you ever wondered why digital marketers call content “king”? It all boils down to the fact that content is your primary link to your targeted audience – and is

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1 Reason Why Email Marketing is Important – Podcast#6


  Are you taking this online business very seriously, and treating it as a real business?? So it can pay you as a real business!!! If so .... Are you currently building your own

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Building an Email Series Ain’t Rocket Science


The main reason most marketers don't make a dime on the internet is because they refuse to build a list. It's not that they don't want to be successful and

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What Are Your High-Value Activities?


I run into a lot of people whose main goal when starting an online business is to fire their boss. I know that was my main goal for the longest time.

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15 Dead Simple Tips for Writing Powerful Web Content


Much has been said about using tools for writing better and faster articles and posts. However, at the heart of every great web content is a well-written article that communicates its ideas

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