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What Is Your Most Horrific Weakness And Why?


Let’s just think about this for a minute, let’s think about it like answering the flip side to this question is “What are your acceptable strengths?” We all know what are strengths are,

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The Top 5 Marketing And Conversion Lessons I Have Learned From Donald Trump.


Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has always been successful at generating headlines. Whether you agree or disagree with him, there’s no denying that his candidacy has been a

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How to Increase Website Traffic – 9 Tactics That Work Like Charm


For a blog to be successful, it needs more than just awesome content even at the consistent pace of publications - there is more to managing a blog that builds your

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How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business (Its not as hard as you think)


Today’s online reviews were yesterday’s word-of-mouth recommendations. The only difference? You can tell millions (literally) of people if you LOVED or HATED a service. Instant Reputation Report : Find Out How Your Business Compares to Competitors on Review

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Is Your Website Killing Your Business?


  A study published in 2011 found that 70% of people would not buy from a company with a poorly designed website. And that was before the mobile revolution. Today, most

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Sell Anything With These 4 Steps


You may think that there are people who have an unnatural ability to sell things. It may look like that on the outside but you can actually tap into a

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24 Deadly Mistakes That Kept Me Broke For 6 Years And How To Avoid Them


I started marketing online in 2004 and my first breakthrough didn’t come until 2010. That was 6 years of absolute total failure. So as you can see, I might even

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Media Kits and Sponsorships – How To Make Your Blog Attractive to Advertisers


Have you ever been contacted by an advertiser requesting a Media Kit before they quote a price for sponsored content? Or maybe they even just requested a little information about your

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How to Become a Wildly Successful Freelance Writer


Freelance Writing Jobs On Steroids Many of you go through it everyday… You wake up, inspect a few gigs posted on various job boards and immediately contact them one by one. You

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How to make Money without working a 9-5 (Regardless of Who You Are And What Your Experience Is)


Everyday, people search for the answer “What can I do to make more money or how can I generate a side income, or maybe even replace my current Job and

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The Anatomy of Making Money Online


After reading so many articles on how to make money online or ways in which money can be made from the internet; and drawing to the conclusion on what most

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Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis


Domain name prices are on the rise. Ugh, right? Verisign upped the .NET price again in January 2015, after they already did so in January 2014. New TLDs are far from

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Blog Management for SEO Companies: A Complete Guide to Perfect Blog Content (Part I)


Every SEO company has once faced, is currently facing, or will definitely face the problem of developing an effective content management strategy for its blog. And we at Netpeak haven’t

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Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn’t Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!


There is something very very important that you probably do not know about guest posting on blogs online ….. ….would you like to learn what it is?? I remember my very first

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Benefits and Reasons for Guest Blogging: the Only 2 Things You MUST Know!


If you are a brand new blogger online, you need to learn the great benefits and reasons for Guest Blogging! Guest Blogging will be the most important key to help you

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What The Houses of GoT Can Teach You About Content Monetization


Success in online content monetization is a long, hard struggle. It is known. And the net is dark and full of obstacles on your way to monetizing online content creation and

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TOP 17 Reasons Why You Should be Using WordPress


WоrdPrеѕѕ is thе mоѕt рорulаr соntеnt mаnаgеmеnt system (CMS) in thе wоrld аnd iѕ rеѕроnѕiblе fоr оvеr 60% оf thе sites thаt uѕе CMS on the Intеrnеt. In fact, it

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5 ways to use Twitter’s Direct Messages as a small business


Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK team. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. You know about Twitter. But what about its

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10 Smart & Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas


It’s rare for a day to go by without me scrolling through my Facebook feed. And I’m not alone: According to DMR, 65% of Facebook users log on daily. As marketers, we know

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How To Remove Ex-employees From Your LinkedIn Company Page


One of the most common questions I am asked by administrators at the end of our company profile course is how to remove the ex employees that are still showing on their

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How Deadpool Harnessed Social Media To Create A Record-Breaking Smash


20th Century Fox’s movie adaptation of Marvel Comics’ foulmouthed anti-hero Deadpool is proving to be a box-office monster. It had the highest-grossing opening weekend of any Rated-R film in history

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The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools


Social media can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you’re running an agency or managing the social media accounts of other businesses. How do you juggle and manage the many hats you need

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How to Make Sure Your Website is Found On Google?


So you are a new website owner! Or maybe a new blogger?! … Well, you are here because you want to learn how to make sure your website is found on Google. As

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What Does Bounce Rate Mean and How To Reduce It


Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who leave your site after viewing only one page. This factor describes the engagement. The lower your bounce rate the better which means

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9 Link Building Strategies for Your Online Business


Over the past few years, Google’s Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin updates have drastically altered how we approach digital marketing. Successful SEO specialists realize that trying new strategies and adapting to

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Get YouTube Videos By Adding Download/Convert Button On Official YouTube Site


Well another method that can help you get YouTube and like sites uploaded videos as MP3 audios and videos as well. I have already shared more than 15 methods here on Focus And Leap through

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Parental Control Quick Guide: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online


The web holds a wealth of information – including content that may be inappropriate or dangerous for young audiences.  A request for personal details, cheap ticket offers to a sporting

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Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!


When was the last time you checked your spam box? I am asking this because until recently, I hadn’t looked mine from months. Just because I am a Gmail user

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Reach Out to Millennials With Video Marketing


How do you reach the consumer who was born between 1980 and 2000? Interestingly enough, video marketing holds the greatest promise for reaching a customer demographic that we know as

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Don’t Compromise! Time to Say YES to Inbound Marketing Strategy


Let me ask you a question “How Will You Find Your Customers— or Will They Find You?” To get new leads, you must do marketing for your business. It’s a never

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20 Free Email Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Business


20 Free Email Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Business I still remember the era when internet was new to people, the other name of internet for the people was email,

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5 Ingredients To Make Email Marketing Your ‘Cup Of Tea’


  Email Marketing is the best and most effective way to enhance your business. Email is becoming the most personal and businessy way to communicate with customers. But writing to your

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How to train your copywriters if you need something more than SEO-texts


In the last two years I have participated in several projects, where I had to train copywriters a lot telling them about analytics, sales, information style, design and many other

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Here’s Why My Cat Can Never be a Customer Service Leader


A touch of independence mixed with patience, possessing a definite superiority complex and territorial.  These are some characteristics associated with the common house cat.  But what if we in the

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