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Strong SEO Keywords are Key

Profile photo of xian Submitted by xian March 25, 2014 Website :

The world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about helping the search engines find websites with expertise on what the user is searching for. The old world of search engine indexing focused on a series of computer codes that lived “behind the scenes” on your website and had names like meta tags, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. It was considered normal to repeat about 20 of the same keywords over and over on your entire website in order to “tell” the search engines that your website should be on the first page of search results for those keywords. However, this kind of behavior can get your website penalized in the new search landscape – so what do you need to know to make sure your site is ready for the new rules?

Choosing the right keywords

Today’s SEO is all about subject matter expertise. Your first step should be to audit all the keywords you have competed on in the past. If, like most businesses that have internal SEO experts or have done business in the past with an SEO consultant, you have a long list of around 20 keywords, you need to pare those down. Best practice in the new search engine world is to narrow it down to no more than 3-4 topics. For example, you might have a long list like this (if you own a local coffee shop):

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  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    For me, choosing and focusing on low competition Key Words, which have good search volume has worked like a charm. So, when I read that strategy right here, I could relate to it very well.

    The keyword planner tool helps me search such KWs. I admit that it is difficult to find such KWs. Because low competition KWs often have less search volume. And the much searched ones often have good competition associated with it.

    But, if one invests some time and effort towards accomplishing this task, good results will follow. I’ve been following this strategy on many blogs of mine and getting good results!

    The last two paragraphs are also crucial. We should write keeping the readers in mind, not to please bots :)

    I make sure that I don’t insert the KW here and there, consciously. I just go with the flow of the sentence.

    Nice work by April. Good share, Xian! :)

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    Nicely crafted article for a basic but effective SEO method to optimize the website. I must say it will help many understand why they rank lower and how they can improve on the same.

    Quite detailed explanation April. I enjoyed it and will also indulge in keyword planner to make sure I optimize better.

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