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Why Neil Patel Is Totally Wrong About Twitter


I would never have thought that one day I would say that Neil Patel is wrong about anything. I am a fan. I think he is one of the best

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9 Ways President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter


How President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter Want to tweet smarter today? Love or hate him, President Trump can tweet smart. He may appear harsh or quick witted but he can

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21 Smart Tips For Elevating Your Facebook Live Broadcast


Good morning everybody and a special shout out to my loyal readers ( big cashers). It's Darrell back at you for a weekend share. I just got back in from vacation

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Twitter Edits May Be Coming This Year – Will It Make You Happy?


Twitter edits have been talked about for a long time. As a result this piece on Twitter Edits was started on December 1st but it was never completed. You know

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10 Powerfully Effective Tools For Measuring Social Media ROI


Social media marketers should always be conscious of the impact of the investment they make. At least, managers would love to know how much benefits the budget they approved has

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How Do You Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media?


A good content creator has earned the right to walk tall. After all it is painstaking work starting with finding a topic and then spending frustrating hours searching Google Keyword

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What is your Experience with a Social Media Content Calendar?


It is possible your social media content has not been effective. You regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest, but analysis of your effort indicates you are far

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5 Social Media Best Practices – #5 May Seem CounterIntuitive But Is Very Effective!


Get the Most Out of Social Media Utilizing social media is a great way to engage with your readers. It can also be an excellent way to increase exposure to your

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7 Key Insights from LinkedIn’s Study ‘The State of Sales in 2016’


Sometimes it feels like the web is overflowing with advice on how to leverage tech tools to attract new and relevant audience, capture leads, nurture relationships and close deals. If it’s a

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30 Days Using Instagram: What I Learned


Finally, I created my own Instagram account. Previously, there was a lot of feedback that encouraged me to create my own account. But, now I did. Currently, the age of my

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Free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses & Freelancers


How to get everything out of social media to promote your small business, and to turn your followers into real customers? This free ebook has all the answers to the

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Who Really Are The Best Valuable Social Media Influencers?


Everybody today is tvaluable social media influencersalking about valuable social media influencers. Just who are they? Are they everyone’s social media influencers or just valuable social media influencers in their

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7 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy


Successful Social Media Strategy So you want to create a social media strategy? It isn’t easy, right? Many of the social media marketers struggle to roll out an effective and practical

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Are You Wasting Your Time Promoting at Social Media Sites?


Can you think of any bloggers who don't use social media? I know one, but she is certainly the exception. The norm is for anyone who wants to spread the word about

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How To Make Fun Twitter GIFS To Make You More Tweetable


Do you want to get noticed more on Twitter? I recently started using the Twitter GIFS image option after I noticed Ryan Biddulph onTwitter using them to thank me

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How Adding Instagram Photos Boosted Checkouts by 24% [Case Study]


Vanity Planet A/B tested the results of adding Instagram photos to its most popular product pages to see how it would affect conversion rate. Learn how adding Instagram photos to product pages increased

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How To Use Twitter Lists To Build Productive Online Relationships


Master The Use Of Twitter Lists Build Lists That Have A Specific Narrow Focus And Alert Members Of Your Lists To Relevant Quality Content Ok. Let's start with a short list of the

28 Comments | Share By Robert A Kearse>•8 months ago Profile photo of Robert A Kearse

How to Find The Perfect Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest: Cont...


One of the best things about social media is that it gives you the ability to share the perfect content at any time and establish direct contact with your audience.

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5 Most Significant Instagram Benefits for Businesses


Believe it or not, there was a time when phones didn’t double as cameras and when “selfies” (and selfie sticks!) weren’t a thing. Of course, we’ve come a far way from

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How to Get Twitter Shares 10x the Usual for Your Blog Content


Twitter is a still great place to share your latest blog post even if the share count has been disregarded from total social shares. Learning how to get Twitter shares

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