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Site Optimization in a Post-SEO World

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Change can be a good thing. But changes in the Google algorithm is the death of SEO specialists.

For years, they have been finding ways to increase their search rankings. They do this by developing white hat off-page optimization strategies.

The problem with white hat SEO is the time it takes to get a site or blog to appear on top of search results. It can take months, if not years, for a page to rank on the first page for its target keywords.

Because of this, some specialists fall to the dark side and conduct black hat techniques. They get sites atop search results in record time through shady link building tactics.

Google has been rolling out massive algorithm updates as of late. It all started when Google penalized content farms for proliferating thin content in 2011. Another important algorithm update involves disregarding guest blogging as a link building tactic.

These changes ensure that search results provide users with useful content. By weeding out shady practices, they provide a much better user experience.

SEO specialists need to keep up with the changes to remain competitive in this industry. Keeping updated is a difficult thing to do should they continue to tread the black hat SEO waters. There is a chance that their sites or blog will get penalized sooner or later.

Because of this, specialists must not only adapt to the needs of SEO, but also to users. It is no longer about using the right keywords for the right pages. Instead, it is all about providing value to users.

In other words, it is time for SEO to get personal.

In this post-SEO age, specialists need to adapt their practices to the modern approach. I will discuss off-page optimization practices that are a cut above among other strategies.

Below are ways that they can maximize their SEO output.

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Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional content marketer and writer. He has helped small businesses achieve their goals by implementing a strong content strategy that emphasizes their unique selling points and promoting created content using effective online channels and methods, in particular social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

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