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ULTIMATE Guide To Building a Successful WordPress Blog – Step by Step


There are many people out there who want to learn how to build a successful WordPress blog online, and most of them have no clue, no idea how to even

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Huge Opportunity: Offer Mobile Friendly Website Creation


Disclaimer: This will not make you rich. But it's honest, quick and easy. Non-mobile websites are dead! You probably heard that Google recently rolled out a big update to their search engine

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Top Branding and Graphic Design Hacks for Newbies


Have you ever designed an Image and thought to yourself, “GOD…I Wish I had designing abilities to make this picture more Incredible”. If so, then don’t worry, you are not

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WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist


Part of my online business model is creating and selling turnkey websites that run on wordpress. Although I’ve setup 100’s of wordpress sites, without fail, it seems like I always forget

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Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis


Domain name prices are on the rise. Ugh, right? Verisign upped the .NET price again in January 2015, after they already did so in January 2014. New TLDs are far from

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What is the Best CDN Model? A Closer Look At Akamai, CloudFront And Incapsula


The CDN market is quite diverse, encompassing dozens of players serving a wide variety of industries and geographies. As the market evolves, it is constantly churning out new CDN approaches

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7 Sharp Shooting Professionals Reveal Their WordPress Hosting Secrets


Welcome to Part 3 of the WordPress Web Hosting Series. This week I've rounded up 7 Experts to spill the beans on their WordPress Hosting Secrets. ​Their mission is simple: answer 5

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10 Corporate WordPress Themes 2015


Build a nice and professional Corporate Website with the WordPress Platform, take a look at these themes. Here are 10 Corporate WordPress Themes 2015.

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How to Add Code Snippets to your WordPress Posts?


Are you a programmer or website developer? If yes, you might want to share the code snippet to your Wordpress posts. Perhaps you are showing a social ranking algorithm written

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How Can I Find the Right Web Designer for My Business?


Over the last decade I discovered that finding the right web designer was one of the hardest things to do for a business owner. It can be a high ticket

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Why PSD to HTML Is Not Dead (Even in the WordPress Age)


“Come on, man, who needs PSD to HTML if I can just get a free WordPress theme and have a site launched in minutes?!” – is likely the response you’re

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8 Little Known Tradeoffs of Managed WordPress Hosting That May Surprise You


Last week saw the start of the mini-series on WordPress Hosting with The Need For Speed. This week I'm Trading Places as I'm thrilled to have my first guest author at

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15 Best Comment Designs Trends for Web Designers in 2014-2015


Do you Blog? If yes, How's the design of your blog commenting system? Take a look at the top 15 comment design trends in 2014-2015.

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Improve Your Small Business Website Speed by up to 70% in 5 Minutes


Design, functionality and user experience are the three crucial parts to make your small company website leave a good impression. Website speed contribution to complete this goal is huge is

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11 WordPress Plugins to Enhance any WordPress Site


So, everyone has already picked out a web host, domain name, and business name to launch an online business and blog with WordPress. Maybe everybody has made a few blog post

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How a Web Designer Can Make a Profound Difference for Your Business!


Web designers can have a profound impact upon a business. After all, a website is the number one initial influencer of how a prospect views a business. In any business

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38 Great Web Design Tips For 2015


To create a list of web design tips, I've asked 38 web design experts what their tips are for other web designers. This resulted in a list of 38 web

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25 Reasons To NOT Use A Website Builder (and The Only 3 Times When It Makes Sense To Do So)


Is there any good reason to use a site creator or business website builder if you are a serious business person who considers their website to be an investment, a

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27 Cringe Worthy Website Design Mistakes to Avoid


Having a website is kind of a big deal. Everyone from major corporations, local businesses, lifestyle coaches and artists require websites to not only sell products or services, but to

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Does Your Website Design Suck? 5 Reasons to Change It!


The design of your website or blog is essential to reach the goals you want to achieve from your online presence. Any error in web design has an impact on your

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