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ULTIMATE Guide To Building a Successful WordPress Blog – Step by Step


There are many people out there who want to learn how to build a successful WordPress blog online, and most of them have no clue, no idea how to even

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UX Timeline: Tracking Websites Life Lines


How does the face of every single startup looks like? The answer goes far beyond the ordinary “top official face” definition because when we talk about companies, we see them

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Improve Your Small Business Website Speed by up to 70% in 5 Minutes


Design, functionality and user experience are the three crucial parts to make your small company website leave a good impression. Website speed contribution to complete this goal is huge is

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10 Ways to Enhance your PHP Development Skills


Every developer would like to grab each and every opportunity in learning and exploring other fields of PHP development. Keyideas Infotech has come up with some inputs in learning the

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11 WordPress Plugins to Enhance any WordPress Site


So, everyone has already picked out a web host, domain name, and business name to launch an online business and blog with WordPress. Maybe everybody has made a few blog post

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Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis


Domain name prices are on the rise. Ugh, right? Verisign upped the .NET price again in January 2015, after they already did so in January 2014. New TLDs are far from

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10 steps to follow for a relaxed, easy web designing process!


For starting afresh or revamping a website there are some 10 steps to follow in a particular sequence to get EVERYTHING that should be on your website right.

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20 Bootstrap Menu Examples for Inspiration


An attractive looking website grabs more eyeballs, and that is why there is a need of designing a website that looks attractive and beautiful yet professional. Designing is the game

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How to Utilize Negative Space in Web Design?


Negative space, often called white space, is that empty space you have when designing web applications and websites. And it doesn’t have to be just white; negative space can be

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Why PSD to HTML Is Not Dead (Even in the WordPress Age)


“Come on, man, who needs PSD to HTML if I can just get a free WordPress theme and have a site launched in minutes?!” – is likely the response you’re

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How a Web Designer Can Make a Profound Difference for Your Business!


Web designers can have a profound impact upon a business. After all, a website is the number one initial influencer of how a prospect views a business. In any business

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Top Branding and Graphic Design Hacks for Newbies


Have you ever designed an Image and thought to yourself, “GOD…I Wish I had designing abilities to make this picture more Incredible”. If so, then don’t worry, you are not

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How to Hire the Right Web Designer and Avoid a Major Disaster


Are you building a website for the first time for your business? Have you worked with a freelance web designer or agency before and it was a bad experience? Do you feel

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8 Best Free Online Courses for Web Designers


In the world of Internet, most of the learning material you can find available for free on the web. Even if you want to learn something from scratch you can

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11 Free Bootstrap Tools to See Before Your Next Web Project


If you are reading this post, you must be into designing and development of websites or web apps. When you get a new project, you use your own design skills to

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What is the Best CDN Model? A Closer Look At Akamai, CloudFront And Incapsula


The CDN market is quite diverse, encompassing dozens of players serving a wide variety of industries and geographies. As the market evolves, it is constantly churning out new CDN approaches

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10 Points Need To Keep In Mind While Designing a Website


As you know in the present era, every person manipulated with fingertips on the keyword while its smartphone keyword or laptop with Internet connection. The internet with new technology now

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Responsive Website Design : Why is it important?


Responsive website design is a definitive approach to web design that is aimed at crafting your websites for better viewing and online experience on wide range of devices from desktop

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WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist


Part of my online business model is creating and selling turnkey websites that run on wordpress. Although I’ve setup 100’s of wordpress sites, without fail, it seems like I always forget

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A Complete Web Typography Guide


Most of the information you find on the internet are in the written form, and even after the popularity of the visual content (videos, images), textual content has its own

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