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    Hey Winford,

    Yes, I also agree with on the comment that Sherman Smith (@shermansmith75) left. His opinion resonates with that of most other commentators who are of the view that desktop traffic is still relevant today! Thanks for quoting the awesome comment of Sherman!

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    This is an interesting topic and I have read a lot of the commentators. I stand where @shermansmith75 stands on this discussion.

    But I would have to say nothing beats getting onto a desktop and although desktop traffic has dropped this year, who’s the say it will drop next year. As a matter of fact, for example, there’s still a lot of people who…

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    • Hey Winford,

      Yes, I also agree with on the comment that Sherman Smith (@shermansmith75) left. His opinion resonates with that of most other commentators who are of the view that desktop traffic is still relevant today! Thanks for quoting the awesome comment of Sherman!

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    Its nice having this conversation. There are times when we get confused about whether to use evergreen content or not, or whether to use long-form or short-form content.

    Understanding the basics becomes important and I am happy to learn of what “evergreen content” means by different experts.

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    • Hi Celine,
      Yes, Sherman Smith’s take on what is evergreen content is quite expressive. He explained the concept with clear-cut and relevant examples!

      Evergreen content is synonymous with relevance, and this should be the guiding principle for content marketers!

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    Hey Chery,

    Thanks a lot, for your usual words of support.

    I am really grateful to you and Sherman @shermansmith75 for telling the truth to the member who contacted you about this.

    Good thing that he contacted others like you and now knows who the real evil person really is. Sadly there are obviously others who have listened to her,…[Read more]

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    UPDATE: We haven’t announced winners of this giveaway for a while because there haven’t been winners, unfortunately. Most Kinggers still mostly only king and comment on their own posts and share their own posts on social media, but this giveaway is for those who spend MORE time on Kingged.com reading, kingging, commenting and sharing OTHER…[Read more]

    • Hi Kingsley!!

      I am honored to be in this list!

      I really appreciate it. And all of the amazing work you have put in to create one of the best blogging communities online!

      I am loving Kingged.com. And I have been recommending it to many bloggers online.

      This announcement just encourages me to keep on being active in this community, and…[Read more]

      • Hey Freddie,

        Thanks but the honor is actually ours, having you on this list, :)

        You see, it’s not just how very active you are on Kingged but most importantly how much value you add with your participation. Almost all your comments are packed with depth and richness, always adding a lot more to the posts you comment on. Some of your…[Read more]

    • Hello Kingsley, How Sweet is this, Congrats to all the winners. It is so nice getting to know you all from visiting and commenting on my blog, I appreciate all of you and Yes all you have put together here on Kingged Kingsley.

      Last week I was on vacation and did completely unplug from everything, It was a much needed vacation with my family and…[Read more]

      • Hey Chery,

        Yes, these and other awesome Kinggers like you have added a lot of value to the posts, not just here on Kingged, but also on members’ blogs. It’s the least we can do to say THANKS every now and then.

        Good to know you took a much needed vacation with your family and friends. All work and no play makes Chery a dull girl, right? :D…[Read more]

    • WOW!

      I didn’t really expect anything like this.

      I’ve gotten to meet a lot of great people over the months here and I saw how things changed here.

      Can’t wait to see what other things you have in store for the future Kingsley!

      • Hey Dennis,

        That’s what I said in my comment above – you and the others haven’t been participating on Kingged to win anything but you won anyway, because of how much value you have been adding, not just to the posts shared on Kingged but even on the blogs themselves. The least we can do is say THANKS every now and then, :)

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    • Cool, I am so happy Freddy Junior Gandarilla told me about this opportunity!! Thanks bud, and I can’t wait to advance and make some money with this team : )

      • Hey Seth,

        Good to see you here and love your enthusiasm, but don’t forget that it’s all about adding value FIRST, before thinking of making a dime here, 😉

        Those who join Kingged.com just because of “making money” with this or any other giveaway here without adding tons of value will be disappointed.

        But of course, if you are like…[Read more]

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    Hello Sylviane,

    Thanks again, for voicing out the same thoughts/concerns about Kingged.com, but I am confused at this point because I had already explained to you, about 5 months ago, why you were not getting good results from Kingged, and how to change that.

    Anyway, in case you didn’t read that particular reply to you, here it is…[Read more]

    • I think you summed it up quite well Kingsley. if you want engagement, you need to engage. No doubt about it. As you said, it’s worked for many people here on Kingged alone. Kingged is no different from social platforms and even blog comments. I know I have not been as active lately (time constraints) and it shows.

      Also engagement needs to be…[Read more]

      • Hey Ron,

        Exactly right, my friend. It’s all about give and take, not just take and take and take, 😉

        That’s also true about life in general, not just social platforms – those who give more than they take get lots more results, than those who only take. Perhaps that’s why the wise saying “blessed is the hand that giveth, than the one that…[Read more]

        • Many blog owners stripes commenter’s links when the commenters don’t use their real name. If the comment text is also cheap, the admin just trashes the comment but if the comment is written well, admin keeps it and remove the link so that commenters would understand that they did something wrong.

          In my case, I mostly reply them to use their real name!

          • I’ve been around long enough and have commented enough to realize all this. It was clear who got links and who didn’t. Those who lost links are regular commenters around the net, who use their real name and give pretty good comments, so I have to think it was not as you’ve mentioned.

            Did not post to stir up trouble, just wanted to impress upon…[Read more]

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    Hey Chery,

    First, congratulations on the new look of your blog. It’s sleek, smooth and so mobile, 😉

    About your video… yes, the sound wasn’t that great but I enjoyed seeing you doing that bit of workout. Wow, you are super fit being able to stretch and bend that low!

    About this post as a whole… you are very right about these 5 essential…[Read more]

    • I had to king your comment, very good comment, Mr admin, you made it very easy to read! :) I agree with you that the lies we were told helped us but thinking more about it, what of those internet marketers who lost so much money because of the lies they were told and empty promises they were given, and wasted their time accomplishing nothing? Your…[Read more]

      • Wooo Hooo I also had to King Your Comment Kevin, I know when I first got online I was intrigued by the Top Tier Opportunities and drawn into the dream of making a 6 figure income in a year..

        Oh Yeh Very Costly Mistakes but no one held a gun to my head my friend! Lesson learned, or so I would hope so.

        So that is what I am a thinking.…[Read more]

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    See, I am confused. Happens often.

    If you check a site with Google Insights, sorry Sherman I used your site as an example, on the mobile tab it does not score well on speed, but okay for user experience. But if you use the Google Mobile Friendly tool (listed on Davids blog), it says it’s mobile friendly.

    So it seems as long as it passed…[Read more]

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    This is amazing.

    I have been working with mastering the Law of Attraction for over a year now and @shermansmith75 Sherman Smith’s comment on this wonderful blog post brought it into a greater understanding for me.

    Thank you for sharing!