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What is Domain Authority and Page Authority? List of High DA Content Submission Sites to Get Quality Backlinks


Nowadays, many SEOs and Web marketers puzzled about place of link building process in web marketing. Mostly they have threats about Google's penalty for excessive link building. Ya this fact

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How to Build Links for Niche Sites


Building niche sites that make money in autopilot has been always one of my plans. In this post I want to share the strategies I used to build links for my

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SEO Tips: On-page Optimization Explained


SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is the set of strategies which are put into action to improve the visibility of websites in search engines. On-page optimization and Off-page optimization are the two

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With DuckDuckGo Gaining Traction, Should Google Worry?


  Google Search has mostly been the dominate force in the search engine world. Most of the reigning champion’s search engine competition, such as Bing and Yahoo Search, have been anything

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Top 70 Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List 2015


Hello fellow bloggers, after a long time I’d like to share some Top 70 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs of 2015, I already wrote an article List of CommentLuv Enabled High PageRank

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10+ Tips for Quick and Easy Backlinks


We all are always find the new ways and tips for building backlinks for our blog or website to improve the search engine ranking of our blog and getting traffic

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How Can SEO Help My Business – A Case Study


It’s that time of the year again. The 2nd quarter is done so I’m back here on Kingged to do a new post. Last quarter, I talked about a simple SEO

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Broken Link Building for SEO With Domain Hunter Plus


It is a well-known fact in the SEO arena that quality and relevancy of back links plays greater role in the way Google view and rank web pages. But for the

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3 Simple Steps to Get Your Youtube Videos Ranking on The Front Page


Hey guys, First time poster and wanted to share my article on SEO for videos on Youtube. I currently rank Youtube Videos to make money off affiliate links. I wanted to

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How Getting Social Can Really Boost your SEO


This article was originally posted to Up to now links to and from your site have made a huge impact on SEO. Some say having links to your site used

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How to Get More Traffic While Building Links to Your Site


In this article, we’re going to discuss how to get more traffic while building your backlinks. While we get links from other sites, you can also get traffic from time to

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42 SEO Terms You Must Know To Not Get Screwed By Your SEO Company


With this blog post I will try to even out the scales between SEO experts and you. I will do that by revealing the meaning of the most commonly used

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Interview With Rand Fishkin – the Great Wizard of Moz


Here comes one more interview, and today we have a great folk here. It’s Rand Fishkin – the wizard of Moz. Rand kindly agreed to talk to me on Skype

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Syndicating Content: Get More Traffic Without Screwing Up Your SEO


Creating great content takes a long time, but the good news is that you can increase your reach by syndicating it. However, it's important to syndicate properly to avoid duplicate

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The Most “Effective” SEO Strategy of All Time


A lot of people keep asking this. Is there really one?

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Mobile Devices are Propelling Local Searches

Moble Devices Local Search

How often have you gone around town searching for a new local hotspot to check out? How do you decide what to do and where to go?It wouldn’t surprise me

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How to Get Profitable Keywords with LongTailPRO 3.0 – A 3300 Words Guide


In this post I’m going to explain into details how to use LongTailPRO, version 3.0 (which is currently in beta testing, and will be available to public in a few

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Local SEO Schema and How It Helps with On-Page SEO


This was a presentation that I did some months back. It's about using Schema for local SEO and besides being a sucky speaker, I think it's pretty informative. LOL Hope you

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Revealing How To Get a Google Penalty Revoked Here


You may have remembered way back when I was hit with a Google penalty here. Ouch! Right? I hope you haven’t been hit by one or get hit by a

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Google confirms that it DID update its algorithm this month (Phantom)


A few days ago we reported that Google had secretly been rolling out a Phantom algorithm that at the time the search engine giant kept under raps, yet thousands of

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