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Link Building Strategy By Experts [Part 2]


When it comes to growing your blog, link building is something that you want to consider. In this post Saurabh Tiwari​ asks three experts on what strategies they use to

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Thіngѕ Yоur Cоmреtіtоrѕ Cаn Tеасh Yоu Abоut SEO


Yоur соmреtіtоrѕ аrе thе оbѕtасlеѕ you hаvе tо соmреtе wіth, tо bе ѕuссеѕѕful. When you research your competitors, уоu can lеаrn a lоt аbоut whаt they are dоіng соrrесtly and

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Here’s How Social Media Affects Your SEO


I got a lot of emails and mixed feedback about this. Let's shoot it down already. Don't get caught up with the "number" of tweets you have because it's not gonna affect

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Where Is Your Business In The SEO Maturity Curve?


SEO has stages and businesses could find themselves in different stages of maturity. A fully developed SEO stage has reached a maturity curve. This is a point where the best

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SEO Over Optimization – How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website


One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to content is over optimization. This happens all of the time by business owners, writers, and SEO companies. In many cases, business

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What is Referral Spam and how to Block Referral Spam Bot in Google Analytics Report


Hey kinggers, How are you all doing? Hope you all doing a great. Do you ever checked your analytics that what kind of traffic you are getting. Usually we check that we

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How to Get First Page Ranking On Google [A 10 Minute Seo Guide]


Most of the bloggers, including me remain confused about the ranking system of the Google. There is an obvious question in many bloggers’ mind- How to Get First Page Ranking

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Which Specialist Do You Prefer – In-House SEO, Agency SEO or Hybr...


  Search engine optimization is one of the processes that can bring about phenomenal changes in a business. If it is applied wrongly a business would be affected negatively. It becomes

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Google Algorithm Changes will Target Hacked Sites! What Do You Make of ...


Google is planning on releasing algorithm changes that will aggressively reduce the number of hacked sites from search results. This means that after you “Google” a keyword or phrase, the

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How Google Won the Battle over Shady SEO Tactics


It was only a mere decade ago when shady SEO practices flourished. Because search engine optimization was a fairly new concept, and Google was not yet dominant as the number

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I Need To Rank For The Following Keywords – Hell No!


At various Digital Marketing (DM) meetups where I speak I’m often asked whether it’s possible to get top ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page today using – Keywords –

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Mobile Search has Dethroned Desktop Search for Google Searches Worldwide!


  Alas! It is time to rejoice, for mobile search has officially overtaken desktop Google searches worldwide. How should you celebrate this great day? Maybe by conducting some mobile searches? Taking

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Top 18 SEO Checklist For Improving Your Rankings on Google


You have probably heard that SEO is extremely complicated and that doing the wrong thing can get you penalized… But where can you find the most important things you should know? Well,

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Link Building Strategies By Experts [Part 1]


I am so happy to announce that I am staring a new series "link building strategy by experts". Hope you will enjoy this. Did you know, what is Link Building and

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Learn How To Be A Blogger With “Guts” From This (Failed) SEO Challenge


Are you a blogger with “guts”? Starting a blog can be difficult; earning an audience can be even more challenging. But when you set out to challenge a popular figure or a

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Getting a Wikipedia Backlink to Your Online Store


To continue to build traffic to your site and improve your domain authority, you have to stay focused. Building traffic to your online store isn’t easy. Today we are going to

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3 Easy Ways To Get Powerful Backlinks Without Doing SEO


I hate link building. Nothing is filthier than a person whose life is based on building backlinks on authoritative sites. Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with the principle

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19 Backlink Building Ideas for 2015 (and 2016)


Last year we published a blog post on how to acquire easy backlinks in 2015, and while we know Google can rank a website even without backlinks, we are also

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Want To Get Higher In Google? Apply These Handy Tips Now!


Come up higher in Google search result? But do not know how to do that? No worries! In this post I will tell you exactly what you should do to

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Gaming Google in 2015


I recently read a blog post in which the author claimed, "The days of gaming Google are over." What an absurd statement. If you are an SEO, gaming Google is

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