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How Do You Create Brand Awareness and Win New SEO Clients?


If you are new into the provision of SEO services you could be having the challenge of finding new clients. It is not completely out of place to experience this

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5 Necessary Technical SEO Wins for Successful Web Developers


SEO is the critical part in web analytics to make the website reach its maximum visibility in Search Engine Optimization. Many web developers tries to get their site reach in

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Linkbuilding & SEO in 2016


I started out in the SEO industry back in 2006, and since the first minute I started learning about it, I have been hooked. Just knowing that I am helping

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Content is NOT King


You hear the saying all of the time in the SEO and internet marketing world: Content is King. In this post, I’m going to explain why content is NOT king, and

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Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2016


SEO is all about making efforts to gain ranking and visibility benefits on the internet. Websites that abide by the rules, updates and guidelines set by search engines often gain

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The 2 Sides of Guest Posting: I’m on the “It Works” Side, How About You?


When somebody mentions SEO or link building these days, the first thing you think about is usually the word “hassle”. The second, though, tends to be “guest posting”. That’s how popular guest

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5 Tips to Produce Big Results from Pay Per Click Ads


Paid advertising is an extremely competitive field. There are big guns and pros spending thousands of dollars every month, and these things can intimidate a small business with real financial

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PPC Vs SEO: A Detailed Breakdown And Final Verdict


When it comes to deciding on the methods that you will use to boost traffic for your website, pay per click (otherwise known as PPC) and search engine optimisation (otherwise

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Fundamental Seo Tips for Google in 2016 [Video]


Hey Dear, I am here again with an interesting post for you on my blog. It has been a long time I have published any post. Actually, I was experimenting

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7 Proven SEO Copywriting Best Practices Guarantee To Increase Traffic


Effective white-hat SEO strategies, when married to great copywriting skills, they become one and can produce massive significant result through a well-executed strategic content marketing campaign. However, not everyone who earn

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SEMrush – Spy On Your Competitors Keywords and Grow Your Business


Whether your business is online or offline you need to have a look at what your competitors are doing, what strategies they are applying in order to get sales and

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A Visual History of Google Algorithm Updates (2000-2015)


In the earlier day, search engine was not as powerful as it is right now. I am talking back in 90’s when search engine was works on the bases

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21 Free Authority Backlink Sources (Links In Minutes)


Let’s face it blackhat SEO link building isn’t for everyone, it can be confusing and time consuming. I want to show you my list of easy authority backlinks that only take

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The 10 Most Entertaining SEO Blogs You Should Follow Today


The year is almost up. I felt like ending the year with something different instead of the usual long form, balls to the wall actionable content. Instead, take a look at

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How Do You Optimize SEO Elements So Your Content is Worthy Of Shares and Clicks?


A successful SEO writer must not be a prolific writer but a successful SEO must understand the importance of good writing. If you plan to be successful as an SEO

15 Comments | Share By Sunday William>•2 years ago Profile photo of Sunday William

How To Pick The Best Keywords To Rank Better?


One thing new bloggers are confused at is "choosing the right keywords", recently I started talking with a lot of new bloggers through social media, forums, and blogger communities. All of

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Do You Really Need A Custom 404 Page?


Outdated, permanently moved, deleted web pages are increasingly cluttering search engine results. The link rot is more common than you think, it’s highly likely that Your website is infested with link rot as well. As

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The Infinitely Absolute Guide to Google News RSS Feed


Google News is not only a great way to stay up-to-date on current events, but also a useful tool for publishers. A tool that can help you get more organic

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7 Easy Ecommerce SEO Tips for Store Owners


. If you run an ecommerce store, SEO is probably one of your top concerns. After all, ecommerce SEO helps you to build a base of free organic traffic to your

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4 Overlooked Ways to Get More Traffic Using Web Mentions


Do you monitor your brand mentions online? No???? Then you better get started. Here are 4 ways to get more traffic with it.

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