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What is SEO or Search Engine Opimization?


We hear the words "SEO" or "Search Engine Optimization" thrown around all the time in the marketing space, but what exactly does they look like in action? What does SEO actually

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CASE STUDY: Link-Building Outreach Done Right and Done Wrong


On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. If you have a believable story, there is always someone who will buy it. But there have been too many dogs barking

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How can I get my website indexed by Google?


It’s the biggest F in the FAQ of SEO. The most frequently asked newbie question: “How can I get my website indexed by Google?” The answer is simple.

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The 4 Google Myths That Can Hurt Your SEO!


Google has always provided information to it’s users about how to effectively rank their pages, but the problem is, some of this information is completely false. The real fact is

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5 Underrated On-Page SEO Practices You Should Implement On Your WordPress Blog


It’s already 2016, yet SEO or Search Engine Optimization is still a complex puzzle for a lot of digital marketers. Being one of the most elusive and fluid areas of online

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What is Negative SEO and How Can You Safeguard Your Business From It?


Negative search engine optimization (SEO) is generally referred to as: ‘when a website purchases links and forwards them towards a competitor’s website in order to destroy their rankings’. A few other

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You’ve Been Branded! How SEO Can Build Your Brand


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting YOUR brand more visibility. That’s really the name of the game. You are optimizing your online properties such as your social media accounts, website(s) and listings

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How to Make Sure Your Website is Found On Google?


So you are a new website owner! Or maybe a new blogger?! … Well, you are here because you want to learn how to make sure your website is found on Google. As

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What Does Bounce Rate Mean and How To Reduce It


Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who leave your site after viewing only one page. This factor describes the engagement. The lower your bounce rate the better which means

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15 SEO Writing Tips To Get Content Read, Shared and Ranked


Today I want to talk about SEO writing, writing content that will rank high in Google search. If you are going to write blog posts, pages, etc… on your blog, why

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9 Link Building Strategies for Your Online Business


Over the past few years, Google’s Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin updates have drastically altered how we approach digital marketing. Successful SEO specialists realize that trying new strategies and adapting to

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Local SEO: 10 Highly Effective Blogging Tips


Let me guess… You’ve been told you need to start or continue blogging to help your Local SEO. Well, whoever told you that is right, BUT there is a right way to blog

21 Comments | Share By Justin Herring>•2 years ago Profile photo of Justin Herring

Things You Need to Tweak in Your SEO Campaign for the Rest of 2016


Not long ago, Google changed its methods for ranking web sites. This has created an issue for many businesses, forcing them to consider their SEO (search engine optimization) approach. For

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5 Tips to Help Improve Your Amazon SEO


Sell on Amazon? If so, we hope you are not making any assumptions that you can’t improve your SEO. If you are doing that, clear your mind, because this post

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5 SEO Manipulations You Need to Know


Sites that use a SSL certificate show a lock in the address bar in the Chrome browser. SEO is a fast paced industry with a lot of conspiracies and useless advice.

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Thinking Local for SEO and Social


There is a huge difference between the needs of an online company targeting a global audience and a local company seeking local customers online. The global company can operate from a

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What is Website Optimization and Essential 5 Key Ingredients to Build SEO Friendly Site


SEO is a collection of strategies that improve the level at which your website ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) when a user searches for keyword or phrase. SEO is

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Build It and They Will Come: 5 Reliable Tools to Help Build Winning Websites


For the past few years, building and running an online business has been the most feasible endeavour for entrepreneurs. While the competition is getting a lot tougher, it is significantly easier

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How do Google Algorithm Changes Affect Your Website Today?


We are often scared whenever there is news that Google is planning to release an algorithm update. This is normal as previous updates are known to have been devastating and

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Google Starting to Remove PPC Ads from Right Side on Desktop and Tablet SERPs


  Over the weekend, breaking news hit the digital marketing world as rumors came to fruition that Google has rolled out a significant change, which drops ads from the right side of a

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