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I Need To Rank For The Following Keywords – Hell No!


At various Digital Marketing (DM) meetups where I speak I’m often asked whether it’s possible to get top ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page today using – Keywords –

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EPIC Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers


So far, throughout my journey online, I’ve came across many new bloggers who are trying to get some free organic traffic from the search engines, and try to learn simple

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Rank Higher: A Dead Simple Link Building Strategy that Works


We all read a lot of different articles each week to further improve our blogs and marketing knowhow. Much like you, I’m always interested in finding new ways to get traffic

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19 Backlink Building Ideas for 2015 (and 2016)


Last year we published a blog post on how to acquire easy backlinks in 2015, and while we know Google can rank a website even without backlinks, we are also

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Backlink Strategy – Develop These Resources For A Strong Backlink Profile


Backlinks That YOU Are In control Of Develop A Strong Backlink Profile With Links From Different Online Sources That You Can Build Up Over Time With Multiple Backlinks Building a strong

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How the Broken Link Building Method Earned Me 2 Killer Links and $680


If you are into internet marketing and SEO you have propably heared of the broken link building method. It's a link building tactic where you search for broken links on as

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The Two Most Important Factors to Rank Up in the Search Engines!


Back in the good old days of the search engines, you were able to rank up any type of content in  the search engines very easily and fast. As long as

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Top Must Followed On Page SEO Tips


Hello Folks, I am Pranay Khatri. This is my first contribution on In this post, I have included all important aspects which will help you to optimize your website with

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3 Simple Steps to Get Your Youtube Videos Ranking on The Front Page


Hey guys, First time poster and wanted to share my article on SEO for videos on Youtube. I currently rank Youtube Videos to make money off affiliate links. I wanted to

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How Are You Improving The Searchability Of Your Content?


Whether you are writing a blog, posting on social media, sharing videos, or simply creating content for your website there is need to understand the searchability of your task. The

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Paid traffic Vs SEO, Which is better?


This is a question on the minds of most bloggers but the truth is both have their pro's and cons. According to Jupiter Research 81% of users find their desired

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9 Tips to Create a Compelling SEO-Friendly Article


Blogging is absolutely interesting. But it can get frustrating after publishing posts and people never get to view or share them. One of the reasons this happens is because their articles aren’t

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A Link Too Far. How Many Links Should You Have In Your Blog Post?


I landed on a blog post the other day, and one thing immediately stood out. And that was the fact that in every paragraph, the blogger was linking to something else. I

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From 10 Links to 1 Answer: The Coming Trend of Discovery Marketing and What It Means for SEO


When I was in the fourth grade, I had to do a report about the moon. My dad handed me the Encarta CD-ROM to do my research, and immediately, I

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Where Is Your Business In The SEO Maturity Curve?


SEO has stages and businesses could find themselves in different stages of maturity. A fully developed SEO stage has reached a maturity curve. This is a point where the best

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Tag Optimization for WordPress


In our website reviews we regularly encounter websites who've got just as many tags as posts, or 20,000 posts and 5,000 tags. This is undesirable as it means you're not

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5 Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them


SEO can be very straightforward, and it can also be extremely complex. A lot of times we are so focused on our rankings, metrics, and content that we overlook simple

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The 4 Google Myths That Can Hurt Your SEO!


Google has always provided information to it’s users about how to effectively rank their pages, but the problem is, some of this information is completely false. The real fact is

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Get Natural Backlinks Built to Your Blog


If we consider Google search engine, there are more than 200 factors that it depends on, to rank sites and blogs in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Among those

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7 Easy Ecommerce SEO Tips for Store Owners


. If you run an ecommerce store, SEO is probably one of your top concerns. After all, ecommerce SEO helps you to build a base of free organic traffic to your

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