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Book Review: The Marketing High Ground


I’m always looking for new books. Recently, I stumbled upon a few good ones, so I thought I would try something new and share a few reviews.  I’m kicking it off

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How to Use Quora To Drive Targeted Visitors to Your Blog?


Quora allows entrepreneurs, bloggers and affiliate marketers to drive targeted traffic to their business websites. For a blogger, Quora will not just help you to gain more readers to your

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CoSchedule Review: Is This Marketing Calendar Everything Your Blog Needs?


Bloggers need to organize their tasks and prepare their posts in advance to help their blogs reach success at a faster rate. While there are lots of tool available that can help

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How To Use DeviantART to Build A Loyal Community Around Your Blog


Have you ever given DeviantART a chance as your content promotion channel? I added DeviantART to my list of unusual yet effective platforms for bloggers here at WHSR and quite a

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Mass Planner- A Robust Social Media Marketing Tool


Social media marketing has become an integral part of marketing product or business. It helps to spread awareness of your service/product/business which turns them into loyal customers. This is one

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Hootsuite Review – Ultimate Social Media Management Tool


There are numerous social media platforms in internet world, and all are important and constitute something or the other to a particular network. You can’t miss out on a single

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5 Ultimate Cheat Sheets For Your Online Business!


Online success is all about duplicating systems that work and the folks at have taken it a step further by creating these cheat sheets to show you exactly what

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Is This The Absolutely Best Social Sharing Automation Tool? It Just May Be!


MassPlanner is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to completely automate all your social media accounts, pages, groups and communities. If you have been doing business on the internet

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Why You Need to Join Today


If you are into online marketing and wish to expand your knowledge and connections about this industry, then you should join Inbound.Org today. May be you are already a member, but

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Top Genesis WordPress Ecommerce Themes Plus Bonus Pro Developer Pack


All the Genesis WordPress eCommerce themes listed on this page are eCommerce ready, sold without the Genesis framework, use the popular WooCommerce WordPress Plugin, mobile responsive and built on the

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Triberr Traffic Tip To Make Your Blog Soar! (VIDEO)


There’s a Triberr traffic tip that will make your blog soar – it has definitely worked for me. Triberr was founded by Dino Dogan and is my favorite platform for

7 Comments | Share By Carol Amato>•2 years ago Profile photo of Carol Amato

HootSuite – The Best Way To Manage Social Media Marketing


Using Hootsuite to cross post your content Being able to post the same content on multiple social media platforms at the same time is something that a lot of businesses find

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SiteGround Review By Its Features & Benefits


Recently one of my friend shown interest to start his own blog and approached me to help him in setting up the blog, I told him all the process involved

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Create Visually Effective Content with Visme (Infographics and Presentations)


It seems that everyone today wants a tool to help them create visually effective content. Now, you can meet all your visual content needs with one tool – Visme. Whether

12 Comments | Share By Carol Amato>•2 years ago Profile photo of Carol Amato

How to Analyze Your Site Traffic and Improve Your Conversions With Ptengine


In this post, I’m going to introduce you Ptengine, a great tool you have to use to monitor your site traffic, improving your goals and conversions.

2 Comments | Share By Erik Emanuelli>•2 years ago Profile photo of Erik Emanuelli

MyThemeShop Schema Theme Hands On Review


Premium themes are known for best lightweight coding frameworks which has a lot of SEO benefits like page load speed, schema markup, breadcrumbs, and mobile responsiveness. Last month I was desperately

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Paid Blogging Tools to Stake Your Lives on


Blogging is more than just a platform to share your thoughts. When in the right hands, blogging can build relationships and establish thought leadership. These are critical factors when applying blogging

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Integrating Charts and Graphs With WordPress (The How-To) – Visualizer Plugin Review


Raw data, stats, charts and graphs. … Including those is your no.1 way of taking a blog post (or any online article) to the next level in terms of content quality

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Thrive Clever Widgets – Make Your Website Smarter


One of the questions I get asked about my website is, "How do you manage to get different sidebar widgets appearing on different posts and pages?" If you're a member of

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How to Create Powerful Online Magazines using IssueMag PRO


Whether you are a professional working to make a living on the internet or an SME looking to build your brand online, the design of your website is essential to

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