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Recipe For a Successful WordPress Startup Business

Avatar of Sunday Submitted by Sunday August 23, 2013 Website: www.searchenginejournal.com

If you live in the northern hemisphere you must’ve noticed – It’s too damn hot these days. If you feel the urge for an ice-cream every hour, even something simple as cooling yourself requires you to think about two things:

1.What kind do I want and why?
2.How do I get it fast?

When it comes to your WordPress startup business, the “what” is tightly connected to the whys. What WordPress idea would bring that sustainability to your startup. Why would people want that particular WordPress products or service.

The answer to the second question lays in the means of acquiring your Haagen-Dazs, eventually cooling yourself while enjoying that full chocolaty taste. The tools and means of creating and presenting your WordPress product or a service and getting your reward.

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2 Responses to “Recipe For a Successful WordPress Startup Business” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile

    Another superb article from SEJ. Thanks, Dragan for keeping the reputation of quality content alive :)

    I like how you explained well and simple the the relevance of the questions what, why, and how, to creating a WordPress startup successfully. I also like the thoughts you shared under competition, differentiation, care, and profitability.

    I especially like your suggestion on observing in detail what you like and dislike about your competition and use those to improve your own.

    All in all, great takeaways. I appreciate it!

  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    I love all the things in this article, Dragan. All are practical, clear, simple and really helpful when talking about how to start a business using WordPress. To be honest with you, I’ve already read multiple articles about startups but I like this one better.

    I can easily figure out the ideas that you want us to know and understand. There is no need of epic explanations , info-graphics, videos and whatsoever just to make this informative.

    Brilliant post! Thanks!

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