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Pokémon Go -The New Craze Online and All You Need To Know about it

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A new craze is online and you might be wondering what this is all about. It is the Pokémon Go craze.


Yes, this craze is absolutely trending and you may want to know about this buzz that is being talked about online, making servers to crash, and making  business owners strategizing on traffic and profit.

It’s all about the Pokémon Go game and here is what you need to know about it now.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon is short term for “pocket monster”. This is an adorable creature that represents the basis of a video game developed in 1996 by Nintendo.


In case you are not aware, Pokémon is not new but Pokémon Go is just another level that the original version has been taken.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by gaming giant Nintendo. It is augmented reality in the sense that real life actions are complemented by digital facade. In order words software superimposes digital images onto real-time footage of the real world.


It is a new version of the “Pokémon” series that was developed in 1996. The difference between this version and the original version is that this version is played with smartphone and the full impact can only be attained if the player is on the move to capture the poke monsters.

How is Pokémon Go Played?

Pokémon Go is played by navigating the map on your smartphone through GPS to find the pocket monsters which you can train to fight other Pokémon. In reality, you must walk around with your phone to locate these odd looking creatures.


As you follow the map, the game is going to pop-up a nearby Pokémon on your smartphone display. Once a Pokémon appear you can capture or collect it by swiping a Pokéball on it. You will be able to catch more and stronger Pokémons by the level you have attained.

Your collection of Pokémon can be trained at the Pokémon Gym. The essence of the training is to build strong Pokémon which are strong enough to battle teams. You can fight with friendly team to really test the skill of your Pokémon. Or, you can fight with opposing team which allows you to earn Pokécoins.

The more matches you win the more Pokécoins earn. This means you have increased chances of increasing the skills of your Pokémon.

Similarly, you can increase your chances of capturing more Pokémon with Pokécoins as the latter allow you to buy incense – which helps in attracting more Pokémon to your area.

Furthermore, you can buy Pokécoins via in-app purchases with real money.

In the process of playing the game you are going to encounter Pokéstop. This is a real world landmark like restaurants, churches, Park, statute, shopping malls, historical markers and other places of interest in your area.

From a Pokéstop you can locate loot packs containing items like pokéballs, portions, incenses, incubators, etc, which help power-up your Pokémon journey.


In other word, Pokéstops act as power stations to get food, Lucky eggs, medicines and balls for Pokémons. These landmark locations lure Pokémons with pink flower petals so you can make a capture within 30-minute period.

Pokéstops have items that help in capturing and upgrading the pocket monsters. These items you can purchase with Pokécoins include lure modules, license, lucky egg and egg incubator.

Pokémon Go is quite adventurous and could help you in physical exercise. If you are to hatch an egg placed in an incubator, you can choose to walk a distance of 2km, 5km, or 10km. doing this brings fun, exercise and Pokémon to you.

Quick Pokemon Go Video

The downsides of playing Pokémon Go

The craze around Pokémon Go has been buzzing. It’s truly catching lots of attention and fun for game lovers!

However, this game has raised a lot of eyebrows and safety concern since its official launch on July 6, 2016.

There have been reported cases of players been robbed in certain places, dead bodies being found while playing the game, players trespassing on other people’s property, etc.

There are also privacy concerns as well as hackers crashing the servers.

So, while this game could be fun, you still need to exercise caution with it!

Can Internet Marketers Make Money With Pokemon Go?

Of course!

It’s still early in the day for Pokemon money making opportunities but it’s there if you want to jump on it.

Simply check out how it’s working and what money making opportunities are there for you to explore.

Since it’s an online game and is already used by millions of people, online marketers will surely find ways to make money with it.

Conclusively, Pokémon Go is a fun and adventure game. The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android for free.

However, you need a good phone with camera function, internet connectivity and durable battery power.

For now, it has been released in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Gamers in other parts of the world would soon be given an opportunity access this game.


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