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Opt In Email Marketing – Top 8 Best Practices For Excellent Email Marketing Results

Avatar of Ann Submitted by Ann January 28, 2014 Website: www.tlmarketing.net

Opt in email marketing is the best way to generate real Internet income.A large majority of Internet marketers use this marketing strategy successfully. In this post I will try to explain what opt in email marketing is and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Email marketing is a source of direct marketing.When someone comes to your blog or website and enters his/her name and email address in the opt in form and clicks on the “submit” button, he/she is a subscriber and will receive emails from you.You can then email this person over the days, weeks and months with useful information.You can also recommend your products and services in your emails and this is why this marketing technique is so effective.You can use email marketing to monetize your website traffic.

Internet marketers are not the only ones who use opt in email marketing.Different companies, large and small, have found this to be extremely effective. It is low-cost and guarantees more website traffic and sales over time.

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  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    The best approach to effective opt-in email practice is to ensure that all steps and programs are geared towards providing the subscriber with value.

    Its good to see that avoiding or preventing spams has been highlighted as a top priority in this post.

    This is one area that marketers should not ignore when it comes to best practices for excellent results in opt-in and email marketing.
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  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    Well, these practices are impressive. One email marketing approach will result positively if you are targeting the right audience.

    No matter how great your email style, but if you aren’t sharing it to the right people, still it will be useless.

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