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Did you know that Online Marketing and Money Making Opportunities Are The Lowest Converting Niches?

Profile photo of Gordie Chase Submitted by Gordie Chase October 15, 2016

For a long time I thought the IM niche was where all the money was. I figured that since it was the niche that brought about the evolution of online marketing, then it must be highly lucrative.
Boy was I wrong!  oops

The IM and Money Making niche’s, although they seem to thoroughly saturate today’s market, have the lowest conversion rate of all the top 5 niches. Could it be that over saturation of these niches has actually lowered their conversions? Or that the competition has out paced the market.


Or is  it more complicated than that?   

90% of the people online don’t even no what Internet Marketing is and don’t use the internet to look for money making opportunities.  So as marketers we’re leaving 90% of the money on then table by concentrating on a saturated niche.  We should be marketing products that the online customers are buying.


What type of products should you be marketing?

Of top the 5 converting niches, Money Making Opportunities and IM aren’t even runner up’s.


The Top 5 Converting Niche’s in 2016 are:

⦁ Sports – 21.7%
⦁ Food & Wine – 21.5%
⦁ Spirituality – 15.8%
⦁ Self Help – 13.7%
⦁ Green Products – 12.5%


Internet Marketing and MMO products came in at dismal 21st place, with a top conversion rate of less than 6 percent. I understand that most of the people in this niche would be satisfied with a 6% conversion rate, it’s a heck of a lot better than the 3% average for IM products.  However, most of the offers that convert in that niche have price points of $10.  You have to sell more products to make the same money you would selling high ticket low converting offers..

But don’t worry….

There are a few hidden digital gems in the top 5 niches:

1. 3 Minute Meditation is killing it in the spirituality niche.
2. Body For Golf in the sports niche, is a high converting product.
3. Paleo Cookbook is ranking high in the food and wine niche.
4. Synergy Spanish is a top selling self help product.
5. Model Trains For Beginners & Insiders Club, is a hot niche with a residual income.

All of the products listed above are currently high converting digital affiliate offers on Clickbank. So as you can see there are still digital products with high conversion rates but they’re not in the niches the guru’s point you towards.

The real money seems to be coming from the other 95% of the online market.
So applying your efforts to these other niches may be a lot more lucrative than following the herd of low conversions.


What do you say?

Is it time to get off the poor conversion train and join a high converting niche or are you satisfied with 3%?



This post was originally published in online-marketing-money-making-opportunities-lowest-converting-niches / by Gordie Chase

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Profile photo of Gordie Chase
I'm just here to help! I served 18 years in the military and have raised 3 wonderful kids. I've been in Internet Marketing for about 4 years and have made a few pennies here and there. My journey is not about making quick money on the internet it's about learning, discovery and building a business on a solid foundation. I get excited about helping others and meeting new marketers focused on developing their own businesses. The energy created by helping others has not only motivated me to learn more but has also given me more advice and resources to share. I'm here for all marketers so don't hesitate to ask me for help, and never give up on your dreams.

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44 Responses to “ Did you know that Online Marketing and Money Making Opportunities Are The Lowest Converting Niches?” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile


    It`s shocking for me to know that IM/MMO niche has poor conversion than other non MMO niches.

    I think that most of us here at Kingged.con are working on IM/MMO niche.

    The question is why do people insist in entering the Internet marketing niche?

    I think for one main reason: the whole web communities are filled with so many news about the potential of MMO, so people get the idea that talking about making money online is the best way to actually make money online.

    My advice for those who wants to make money online with MMO Is to narrow down your choice and focus on only one small target niche for example: Email marketing, youtube marketing, seo or blogging.

    After all I`m still satisfied with %3
    Thanks so much

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      I said some folks would be absolutely giddy to get a 6% return in the IM niche, I know I would. But the Internet barely knows what an IM niche is which means we’re just consistently marketing to each other and leaving all the good niches for the guru’s to profit from.

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for sharing this post. It is an eye opener for us as we get to know why our efforts are not being rewarded.

    The Internet marketing or make money online niche is probably a low converting niche because they are over saturated.

    The reason some people still get stuck with a low conversion niche is because they are just “passionate” with it.

    Unless they learn to explore new niches, they would keep dwelling on the low converting niches that is typical of the make money online today!

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Thanks for your comment.

      I believe the main reason people stick with the IM and MMO niches is because that’s the niche that introduced them to online marketing. It’s the most promoted niche by marketing gurus.

      There is way more money to be made in selling physical products than there is selling digital products, but almost every thing you see being promoted involves digital products.

      We all know that top tier marketers are killing it with Amazon and shopify stores but we still ignore the other 95% of the niches out there.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for revealing these facts about the state of the online marketing and money making opportunities niches.

    I guess it is time to start putting our energy running niches that yields more conversion instead of relying on the Internet marketing niches.

    Since Internet Marketing and MMO products are not in the top niches for conversion, why bother at all with them?

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Well Paul, like Celine just stated a lot of marketers have developed a passion for it and invested a lot of time becoming proficient at selling marketing info based products.

      The true marketers, meaning people who are in business to market products, have websites and products in every niche they can think of.

      I know marketers that won’t touch IM or MMO offers because they aren’t lucrative enough to bother with and have too much competition. They’re in business to make money so they follow the high conversion philosophy and are passionate about profit.

      Sometimes your passion is just about making money not branding yourself. Every major marketer will tell you there are only 3 things you should concentrate on when marketing products online. Traffic, optimizing conversions and increasing profit.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hey Gordie,

    I have no idea that these niches are poor converters. Your post has revealed a lot in short paragraphs.

    Since be the case, I will have to reassess my niche marketing and start gunning for high converting niches.

    Thanks for sharing this stat of the top converters. At least, it will give me heads up on where to start! 😉

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Most people don’t know Amit, even when you tell them they ignore it. Which is why only a few marketers are getting rich with less effort. IM and MMO interest about 5% of the internet population, however, the other 95% have the least amount of competition.

      If you still want to sell digital products it’s okay that’s why I gave you a list of the top selling digital products in those niche’s so you can see that marketing isn’t confined to IM, how to’s and MMO.

      I have a friend in my neighborhood that started a forum to help immigrants apply for citizenship he had so many customers he had an instructional PDF written in Spanish and consults for $100 an hour. He made $87,000 his first month and his business is spiraling out of control with rapid growth.

      The market is out there just be creative.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hmm! Gordie,

    This is a very thoughtful piece! I never new that IM and make money online niches are not even among the top ten converters. This is revealing!

    The question now is, why is everyone going for this niche? There must be hidden gem behind it.

    Personally, I am motivated by profit to do niche marketing, and after reading this post its time to start considering the top converters 😉

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      The surprising thing is that everyone isn’t going for this niche, the niche itself is so associated with marketing online that most people automatically gravitate towards it.

      Almost every Internet marketing ebook I’ve read tells you to select a niche with less competition, but we don’t. The majority of the people making real money online have a website or product in every niche that’s profitable.

      The hottest thing right now is niche specific online stores, they’re killing conversions. With the countless amount of IM blogs out there you have to wonder do these folks really have a passion for IM related issues or do they just believe it’s the easiest way to profit.

      Thanks for your comment, and yes considering a better converting niche would be the way to go if you’re in it for profit.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    It is not really surprising for me to learn that IM is not among the top converting niches.

    One reason for this could be that the niche doesn’t really have much ‘tangible’ products to offer.

    If you compare this niche to, lets say, a body for golf, you will discover that the latter is a product that can be related to easily by the buyer.

    Whereas most of the sales associated with making money online has to do with the selling of knowledge!

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      You’re right James it’s probably the main reason IM doesn’t convert well.

      Online services does pretty well at converting but it’s basically a green market. Physical products have always done better than digital products and a lot of the big boys have already started the transition.

      Perhaps you’ve noticed the new guru publications that claim to only require you to pay shipping and handling for their books. It seems they’ve figured out that physical products are more exciting to their audience than digital ones. For example Russell Brunson’s Dot Com secrets is now being sold at Barnes and Noble.

      But you’re right instead of extending our focus to a wider market we keep selling info products to each other.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hey Gordie,

    The Online marketing and money making opportunities niches are saturated. It is not surprising learning that they convert lowest.

    I guess one of the reasons for the poor performance conversion-wise is because most of the audience are those who want to make money online and not buyers.

    The only area that may convert high in these niches would be the sale of a specific unique digital book or software that would enhance the idea of making money online.

    So, to convert high in these niches, the marketer must stick with providing unique digital products!

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Saturation is not the entire crux of the problem with IM conversions. The more complex problem is repairing the reputation of the niche. So many marketers sell useless products just too make money that IM and MMO have become the least trusted markets.

      The other niches are more profitable and convert higher because they actually cover the interest of more users than IM and MMO does.

      What a lot of us fail to realize is the fact that the majority of the people online don’t surf the internet to buy products or to learn how to make money online. They surf to entertain themselves and follow subjects they have interest in. These type of customers aren’t being marketed to as aggressively yet they are 95% of the internet users.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    After reading about the conversion rate of online marketing and money making opportunities, it becomes important embrace the most profitable niches.

    Why waste time on niche opportunities that would be frustrating?

    So, indeed, it is time to get off the poor conversion train and join a high converting niche for real!

  • Profile photo of Mark Benny Profile

    Yes it is true that online marketing does not actually have the best of conversion.

    But i would also say that blogging should not necessarily be about running after the most lucrative niche, rather, running after a niche in which you can keep up with the competition and still come at the top.

    3% may seem low, but people still make money from it, I for instance knows little or nothing about sports that tops your chat with 21%, rushing to that niche because it is lucrative will only show me how bad my knowledge is in that field, so i suppose it will be good to stick to a field where you can cope with the competition coupled with knowledge you have and past experience.

    Great Post!
    Keep up the good work.
    Mark Benny recently posted…Make Money Writing Freelance: Top 40 SitesMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Mark I have to disagree, most bloggers out there chose the IM and MMO niches completely without knowledge of what they involved. The majority got into the niche thinking it was an easy pay day, which it is not.

      In reality as a novice you would know more about sports from just growing up around sports than you would about IM and MMO they have to be learned with a concerted effort.

      Now you may be confusing the issues, this article is entirely about the IM and MMO niches. If your blog covers green niches like web site design, article writing etc these conversion stats don’t apply. ” running after a niche in which you can keep up with the competition and still come at the top.” IM and MMO have the most competition and the hardest struggle to even reach the top.

      Thanks for you comment, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    If a blogging niche is not giving me what I want then there would be no point dwelling on it.

    Online business should be profitable and if a niche like “IM” on Make money online is not profitable then it is time to move on to the niche that converts high.

    Thanks for this heads up Gordie!

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      I feel the same way Black, but a lot of people are stuck on the you must have a passion lie. Most people who have IM and MMO blogs have one interest…Money and there passion is making more of it.

      However, the other niches cover actual interest that are shared by everyone not just those looking to make money and they’re actually more profitable.

      It would be easier to find a niche in something that you could develop a real passion for than just being passionate for profit.

      I’ve just listed the main niche’s, and there are probably countless sub-niches associated with them that bloggers could easily have a passion for.

      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    This is revealing! I have always thought that make money online niche would be among the top converters.

    Or, does this position change? Was there a time when this niche made the top 5 converting niches? Please I would like to know.

    Nevertheless, if this niche is not converting high for marketers, then its time to embrace the niches that do!

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      No Sarah, MMO hasn’t been the top converter for quite some time. Sure it was the number 1 converter when the internet was in it’s infancy. But bad products and a history of rip offs have changed the niche tremendously.

      While most of us still churn and burn promoting products to a small segment of internet users, the smart marketers and bloggers are quietly making life changing incomes.

      One marketer I’ve known for years has quietly made an average of $8,000 a month on her blog about couponing using only adsense. Not only was it her passion but it also had little to no competition. She watched her income grow significantly just by providing a forum for people who want to save money on their purchases.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for reminding us about the top converting niches for 2016. Indeed, online marketing or make money online niches are not best converters. They are highly competitive since it is an over saturated industry.

    If a marketer should stay with this niche, he will learn a lot even though he will not earn more.

    So, for learners of niche marketing, a break through with Internet marketing or make money online keyword will mean a lot.

    My point is that anyone that can breakthrough with this niche will definitely succeed with other niches. This is because of the high competitive nature of the industry.

  • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

    It;s definitely the harder buck to earn. But hey, blogging is a business or it’s a hobby. Competing in different niche’s just expands our market and increases our business. I’m already in the process of creating new media properties in thee niche’s. There’s no reason to ignore the other 95% of internet users, they want to find products for their needs to.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Gordie,

      A blog that is run as a business will consider ‘profitable’ niches. As you are planning to do, many webmasters would try two or more profitable niches to breakeven.

      However, I agree with you that whether we are blogging to earn or to learn, there is need to place Internet users a priority. By meeting their needs we also meet our needs!

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Gordie,

    This really isn’t a surprise to me. As a matter fact, the majority of people that I have spoken with around my area doesn’t even have a clue that it exist.

    I think the major reason is that there’s no interest.


    Because there’s isn’t strong belief that one can make it with a side business of any sort, despite the fact “they think it’s a good thing to do.”

    But yes, leveraging those niches can be profitable, but in essence we should focus more so on those that are doing internet market which is what Sunday was referring to.

    Thanks for the info. Gordie!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      I would have to disagree, after talking to some folks I’ve know in this field for a decade, most of them gave up on MMO and IM for green products or specialty niches.

      One of my buddies swears up and down that you’re wasting your time and money if you aren’t selling physical products instead of info products, he puts all his eggs in Amazon stores and they’ve been hatching quite regularly.

      There are so many people making money in these other niches and they’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible. So as far as pursuing a business you’re passionate about, there are very few people passionate about IM and MMO, they just see it as a way to make money.

      Real niches like sports, collectibles and even gardening are a lot easier to get passionate about and give your users a greater experience than the contrived passions of MMO and IM.

      But something tells me the majority of us got into marketing to make money and we’re passionate about seeing commissions. Am I wrong?

      Thanks for commenting Sherman I appreciate your input.
      Gordie Chase recently posted…Did you know that Online Marketing and MMO are the lowest converting niche’s?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Helen Black Profile

    Hi Gordie!

    Thank you for the post – it gives a bunch of interesting information and I really enjoyed reading!

    I was extremely impressed by the top five converting niches for 2016 – thank you for including the recent data in the post. It shows the direction for marketing specialists that are working with online stores and try to increase the income rates till the end of the year.

    Moreover, I totally agree that the current data is not the end of the world as there still are the types of products that have high conversion rates and at the same time they are out of the guru niches’ list, so it is importat to look outside the box and seek for new alternatives.

  • Profile photo of Marie Yovcheva Profile

    Thanks for pointing out these stats Gordie.

    I also think that the “make money online” niche doesn’t convert well because a lot of the times it’s hyped up, may not be believable or people have become immune to these types of deals and ignore it altogether.
    Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Inspiring Quotes To Motivate Your Entrepreneurial SpiritMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Janice Wald Profile

    Hi Gordie,
    Thanks for the information. I am planning on writing more about making money online, so I appreciate the information.
    Janice Wald recently posted…4 Ways You Can Improve Your Keywords & See a Big Surge of TrafficMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chris Profile

    Fascinating to see the top converting niches in 2016.

    As you are saying, years ago when I started IM, I assumed that selling IM products was the thing to do, because some people were obviously making money at it. And I am making money in the IM niche, after having learned a lot over the years.

    But reading your article here, I realize that I might be making more money from the same effort, in other niches, both with selling affiliate products, and with creating my own products (I do have one product which has made me over $1000 in 4 years simply by listing it in JVZoo, and it’s not in any of the top niches, but you’ve got me thinking about other areas now).

    Having thought about this for a few seconds, I’d also say that some of the best-converting niches are also some of the more competitive, so just because a few of the “big boys” are converting well and making their millions, doesn’t necessarily mean that someone starting small will do better in a high-converting niche, than they would do in a low-converting niche with much less competition. Anyway, it’s well worth testing.

    Thanks for your useful article, you’ve certainly given me some things to think about !

    Chris recently posted…How the most common advice to internet-marketing Newbies, can be a disaster.My Profile

  • Profile photo of Maketta Profile

    Hello Gordie,

    When I first started blogging I was blogging about natural health. In fact, I’m about to start it up again. I was with blogger and they shut it down but I have since found another blogging platform and I will be writing in it again soon. The reason why I started my internet marketing blog was because I wanted to talk about helping people with blogging and internet marketing. Which I think is important no matter what niche you are in. You have to have some knowledge of internet marketing or you won’t be successful.

    I think the best thing for anyone to do is don’t put your eggs in one basket. Have multiple streams of income. I see people blogging, doing ecommerce and doing affiliate marketing. This way you have more than one income.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…How Do You Protect Yourself From Identity Theft?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Mark Profile

    Hi Geordie

    I just seen your post and although I was made aware that the IM niche/market is much less converting than other niches it kind of left my vision, so many thanks for the reminder.

    What I have noticed is that a number of guys who have been really successful in non IM markets enter the IM niche and sell their ‘how they made it big online in a non IM niche’ to the IM crowd.

    You’ve got me thinking especially as my main interest is personal development and spirituality

    Many thanks

  • Profile photo of John A Karnish Profile

    Hi Gordie,

    I’d guess much hasn’t changed about the top niches since you wrote this article.

    You gave me something to think about when choosing a niche. Not only are niches like self help more profitable but they have way less competition.

    I also noticed a lot of people here pointing out the fact that the IM niche has very little tangible products to sell.

    I agree with Mark @keepitsimple that many of the gurus become successful in other niches and then teach how to sell… They later move into the IM niche.

    Thanks for pointing out the differences in profitability of the niches and giving us something to think about

    Take care and have a great week!


  • Profile photo of Robert Profile

    Nice post- again suprised to see some of the niches so low.

    But, picking a niche that has low much competition can be a winner.

    If you look at the Sports niche,YOGA is a massive niche- thousands of hits a day, but there is no point in having an affilate offer around Yoga, dig deeper, what do Yoga users use?… Mats, trainers etc.

    Look at Yoga Mats on Amazon- offer Yoga Mats with a free Yoga guide..


    • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

      Thanks for commenting Robert and extra thanks for adding value to the conversation. Like you I truly believe there are thousands of niches yet to be uncovered with hundreds of profitable key words. Your Yoga reference already has me thinking about the spiritual elements as a sub -niche. Thanks again.

  • Profile photo of Peter Nyiri Profile

    I believe that you are right.
    The reason is also that internet marketing and money making have a percentage of scams.
    I am actually working to change this. My marketing is based on engagement and trust. I have a 40 percent email open rate. Now I am building the sales part of my funnel.

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