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There can be little doubt that, just like Microsoft thinks touch is the future of computing, Google seems to believe voice will be the user interface of the future. Indeed, when I was in Mountain View earlier this month, a Google spokesperson challenged me to just use voice whenever possible on my phone.

For Google, all things voice now start with “Ok Google” or “Ok Glass.” With Android KitKat on flagship phones like the Moto X and Nexus 5, voice recognition isn’t just something you have to start with a click. It’s always listening to you and is waiting for you to talk to it.

I also went to see a screening of Google And The World Brain over the weekend, a 2013 documentary about Google’s controversial book-scanning project. The only person Google made available for the film was Amit Singhal, a Google VP and the head of its core ranking team. In the movie, Singhal doesn’t actually mention Google Books, but instead he talks about how the Star Trek computer was a major influence on his research. That, plus Google’s challenge to use voice commands whenever possible, made me think a bit more seriously about all of the work Google (and arguably Apple and others) have recently been doing around voice recognition and natural language processing.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Ok Google? Well, that could be the future of Google’s promoted android device. Voice features is not new to mechanical devices. Bringing it down as a major feature of android devices should tell us that Google is really meeting up with its mission of creating the “Ultimate Personal Assistant”
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    Voice is everyone thoughts neither it is for bing or Google. i also thought to get such things in future. I recently heard about Google voice search that’s way to use our voice for searching anything on Google and Youtube.

    I hope soon so many changes will arrive in future.
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    Ok Google call mama
    Ok Google check my mail and tell me if papa sent me a mail.
    Ok Google what will Nicon Hilton hotel serve tonight for dinner.

    I will love to see smartphones get even more smarter. The problem with voice commands on mobile is that most times it does the wrong things just because we pronounce words differently.

    it will be frustrating to use voice command when it can’t accurately carry out the command you gave it instead suggests other things just because it doesn’t understand the command you gave. I will love to see this issue fixed.
    Sugar Mummy recently posted…Chrome App – How I built one for my blogMy Profile

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