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13 Awesome Halloween Ideas for Your Small Business


Halloween is the perfect opportunity to promote your small business! If you are looking for ideas how to do it, here is a list of 13 awesome Halloween ideas for

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60 Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads Online and Offline


Generating leads very consistently is the most important part of building a successful network marketing team. Get ready for a massive blog post today – as I’m going to share with

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Huge Opportunity: Offer Mobile Friendly Website Creation


Disclaimer: This will not make you rich. But it's honest, quick and easy. Non-mobile websites are dead! You probably heard that Google recently rolled out a big update to their search engine

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Offline Marketing Strategies & Why They Still Matter


When marketing your brand, it is important not to focus your efforts on just one type, such as digital marketing. A good marketing strategy should include both online and offline

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Using Labels for Brand Messaging & Awareness


Communication with customers is an important part of marketing and branding. In many cases, brands are not sure how to go about properly getting the message out to a large

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The Pros And Cons Of Field Marketing


Most people turn to the internet to do their online shopping, however, there is still a percentage of us that physically go into the shop, or the town centre. To

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Most Useful Marketing Concepts


What is Marketing? The process of planning and executing the concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas / goods / services to satisfy individual's / organizational goals is called marketing.

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92 Percent of retail purchases are still happening offline. Why?


The internet is the world’s biggest shopping mall and it never closes. You can shop anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year. You can find almost anything

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Why Local Marketing is Scarier than Osama bin Laden


Lately, I’ve been working more and more with local clients (thanks to this one blog post about lean startup dentist that went viral). Some of them are what you’d consider the

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How to Develop a Highly Profitable Loyalty Marketing Strategy for Your Business in 2014


Loyalty marketing is simply doing things for your customers that keep them coming back. How to develop a strategy that works for your business?

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3 Offline Marketing Lessons That Will Boost Your Online Conversions


Sometimes the best online marketing ideas are found in the wild. Conversion rate optimization isn’t just about landing pages and A/B testing. It’s a discipline with roots stretching way back before

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Why Integration Is Key: Digital Marketing Versus Offline Marketing


Digital Marketing has evolved rapidly over the last five years. Maybe longer. Its speed to market, its improved ROI attribution and scale of reach has taken Digital Marketing from buzzword

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10 Local Marketing Myths Hamstringing Your Business


As an internet marketer, I frequently encounter local business owners (and large chain store companies with many local outlets) that haven’t had time to really understand online marketing. Many of

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Increasing Local Reviews: Integrating Offline Marketing Tactics


When we discuss local SEO, most conversations revolve around online marketing strategies and recommendations – fix title tags, include keywords, claim g+ locations, citations, link signals, and reviews. This obviously

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Getting Back to Basics: Guerrilla Marketing


Limited marketing budget? No worries! You can use thought-provoking concepts to generate a buzz a.k.a. guerrilla marketing. In essence, guerrilla marketing is all about finding ways to promote your business and

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How to Recruit Talented Human Resources for Your Small Business


The selection of personnel is one of the core activities of a company, since it is through this process that the organization provides new human capital in order to create

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At Leading in Local: ILM 2013: Digital Agencies


Today at BIA/Kelsey’s Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media conference, leaders of local digital agencies shared some critical success factors in the challenging business of offering agency services to local

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Good Customer Service Makes All the Difference [Infographic]


Good customer service can make all the difference when it comes to business. However, as companies grow it becomes harder and harder to provide good customer service. Check out the infographic

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Should I Charge for That? Don’t Forget About These 7 Crucial Project Tasks


The client snarled, “there’s no way I’m paying extra for that.” He was referring to the time I would need to research his rather complicated project. Have you ever been challenged

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Apple Turns On iBeacons In All Its 254 U.S. Stores For In-Store Notifications And More


Apple will kick off this weekend by launching iBeacons functionality in all of its 254 domestic U.S. stores, according to a new report by the AP. The location-based tech will

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