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Blog Note Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and Services

money-girl2 has added a marketplace for Kinggers to list and sell their products, services, websites/domains for sale, etc, not just to other Kinggers, but to the MILLIONS of visitors that we

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Hey Kinggers, As some of you know, we have been working around the clock, for the past several months on redesigning the site. While there's still a lot to do, we

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Something Bad Happened To But We Will Keep RISING!


Hello Kinggers, Yes, something bad happened this past weekend. We got maliciously and massively attacked. It brought us down and we were broken for a bit. Thankfully we didn't suffer

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Petition launched to bring PayPal to Nigeria


Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa with millions of dollars in e-commerce potential and Nigerians that want to take part in online transactions cannot fully use PayPal which is

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An Ultimate Guide On Latest Google Panda Update You Must Read


As you may be knowing google rolled out panda 4.0 update on 20th May. Before going further to the latest Google Panda 4.0 details let me first explain you the

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Google AdSense Changes Reports To Remove Invalid Clicks & Impressions


Google announced on the AdSense blog that effective now, Google is removing not just the earnings associated with invalid clicks but also the clicks and impressions associated with those invalid

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May 30th, Google AdWords Spreadsheet Edit Shutting Down


Google announced they are sunsetting, removing the option for AdWords advertisers to modify their campaigns through the spreadsheet edit option. The spreadsheet edit option is going away May 30, 2013. The

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Microsoft investing $1 billion into games on Xbox One


Microsoft is investing $1 billion into games on the Xbox One, financing not only new studios but also securing exclusives for Microsoft's next-generation console. This is an unprecedented investment for

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TV Device Company Roku Raises $60 Million


Roku is a digital TV entertainment company that has raised $60 million in funding led by Fidelity. Hearst Corporation also participated in this round of funding. Previous investors

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UNL Talk with young entrepreneurs


Earlier this month, I got the chance to speak with some students and faculty at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I talked about how I got started, my previous

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Should you profile build by being a bitch… or will you just piss off your company instead?


As I wrote last week’s story about Gary Henderson’s #ID2013 conference, and his ill-thought-out video that made a lot of industry big wigs look like douches as he spliced and

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Apple hires Burberry chief as new retail chief


Apple announced late Monday it had hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to head its retail efforts, filling a position that has been vacant for nearly a year. Ahrendts will join Apple

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The FTC Goes ‘Native’


Unless the government is still shut down, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans to go “native” on Dec. 4, hosting a public workshop on the latest – some say disingenuous

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Forecast: Mobile To Be 48 Percent Of Display Revenue By 2017


Data aggregator eMarketer has published a revised set of ad-revenue forecasts with an emphasis on mobile. The firm projects that mobile advertising will account for an increasing share of display

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Panda Strikes Again: Yahoo Voices & The Yahoo Contributor Network Closing Down


Yahoo has announced another round of product cuts and changes, all part of what it calls a continued effort on “furthering our focus.” The most notable cut announced today is the

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A New Way of Linking Announced by Google


Links have been part of a big discussion forever in SEO. Originally most discussion was about linkbuilding, now the discussion is more about taking links down. Tactics like guest posting

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Google Launches WordPress Plugin For AdSense And Webmaster Tools


Google has released a new plugin for publishers using WordPress. The official Google Publisher Plugin offers support for Google AdSense and Google Webmaster Tools, with more services likely to be

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Yahoo Wants to Buy Hulu


Yahoo is reportedly looking to buy video-streaming service Hulu. And it isn't alone. Hulu, which is owned by Disney, News Corporation, and Comcast, has been holding a secret auction to sell

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Facebook Is Now Worth $190 Billion


Facebook is worth more than Amazon. Following yesterday’s earnings report, Facebook shares hit an all-time high in after-hours trading at $75. Price has been very stable this morning as well,

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$100- $200 Per Article: Write For Treehouse


Treehouse pride themselves as the leader of educating developers and web designers and in terms of providing high quality articles. Treehouse is currently looking for writers who can add more

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