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Negative SEO: still taboo or becoming an accepted practice?

Avatar of David Submitted by David February 25, 2014 Website: econsultancy.com

It can sometimes get a bit murky in the digital marketing world, with slander, extortion and Google penalties all potential weapons for practitioners of negative SEO.

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3 Responses to “Negative SEO: still taboo or becoming an accepted practice?” Leave a reply ›

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    An interesting take on SEO! In 2014, SEO practice is a favorite topic. However, the issue of negative SEO seems to have taken over the show from proper SEO.

    The practice is not acceptable but its a matter of principle from the website owner.

    There are tools and processes to do away with negative SEO but I think we should preach more of psychological changes for those practicing SEO in 2014!
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    • Avatar of David Profile

      When Google rewards webmasters for creating a gazillion spammy links to their websites, Google creates webspam.

      So Google punishes them by rewarding webmasters who create a gazillion spammy links to competitor websites.

      All the while, Google could have simply ignored any link that it did not want to include in its algo.

      • Avatar of Sunday Profile

        So, obviously we are not going to see an end to double standards played by Google. Its the smaller or unknown brands that really suffers from “negative” SEO as defined by Google.

        Webspam is acceptable if it is from them, but same is punished if it is from other websites ( Google may describe as Link farm).

        Well, I guess sticking with the basics is still important!
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