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My Toughest Time In Blogging!!!

Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Submitted by Nanda Rahmanius July 12, 2016

My Toughest Time In Blogging

The first thing I want to convey in this article is an apology from the bottom of my heart.

I’m sorry for vacuum blogging for some time, surely it would make my readers feel that I stop blogging. I feel bad for that.

No, no, I don’t stop blogging at all. Well, I must admit that I did think that way, but I feel I cannot stop halfway. I have to finish what I started.

So, what happened to me in the last few months?

I will explain everything in this post. Honestly, the last few months is the toughest time for me, either to blogging as well as for other aspects of my life.

One thing you may not know that my greatest motivation for blogging is My Mother.

I want to prove to her that I could succeed in blogging even without a mentor who taught me. I want to prove that we can seek knowledge from anywhere. There is no limit for that, you can even learn something from animals and nature.


But, as fate would have it..

My mother passed away on February 26, 2016 after being hospitalized a few days in the hospital.

My mother passed away before I could prove anything to her. 🙁


There are 3 chapters that take place during my blogging vacuum.

Chapter 1

As you know, the last article in this blog was published on September 24, 2015; I could not write a new article after that due at the beginning of October, my mother was hospitalized and I must take care of her in the hospital.

At the beginning of December my mother could be discharged. She feels healthy and this is the start of second chapter.

Chapter 2

On December 26, my older brother held a wedding reception. Somehow, at that time there was no strange thing happened. All is well.

My mother could enjoy her son wedding perfectly. I’m grateful for that.

Chapter 3

More than a month after my brother’s wedding, my mother was hospitalized again. This is the peak.

Exactly two months after my brother’s wedding, February 26, 2016, my mother passed away and left us all.

It was the hardest moment in my blogging career and in all aspects of my life.

I don’t know what to do. I lost my greatest motivation and mother at the same time. It was really tough.


>> I really can’t say much words about that right now, I’m sorry <<


I apologize to my readers, especially those who have the time to leave a comment on this blog. I truly appreciate that.

Honestly, I don’t reply to all comments yet. I’m sorry, but I’ll catch up as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading this short message.

I’ll continue blogging right away. So, please take care of me.


Talk to you soon,

Nanda Rahmanius

This post was originally published in by Nanda Rahmanius

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