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My Secret Free Blog Traffic Source Revealed!

Profile photo of Enstine Muki Submitted by Enstine Muki February 7, 2014 Website :

For some weeks now, has not stopped sending targeted referral traffic to my blog. When I checked my Google Analytic stats this morning, I was so excited with what I saw. So I decided to make this post to share with you exactly what I do on this exciting community platform.

Though I’m not the most active on, I still strongly believe this site can send huge traffic to your blog…

— refreshed by Kingged admin, as original giveaway post has been updated—

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  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Another exciting post from Enstine that makes all the hardwork we are doing here at Kingged absolutely worth it!

    I will read this in more details shortly and respond comprehensively, as I usually, do. I don’t like one liner comments that much, 😀

    Thanks for writing and sharing this, Enstine! Awesome Kinggers like you continue to motivate us to do even more here at Kingged.

    Like I always say – this is just the beginning, :)

    admin recently posted…My Secret Free Blog Traffic Source Revealed!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Hey Kingsley!

    Ahhh, Lets review the score….

    Kingged – 592

    Klinkk – 122

    Warriorforum 122

    Google plus – 460

    managewp – 283


    Topping even Google Plus eh? I am sure you will also beat Facebook’s score one day! This is still a very high score, but i don’t see how much traffic “Blog Engage” is sending him since he is also a part of that community.

    Well, I intend Kingged to be the no. one community of them all, and not “kill” the competition at the same time. Like you said, we need to pull every one up with us rather than leaving them out :)

    I believe in your ideals indeed 😀


    • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

      Hey Piyush,
      At this speed, I won’t be shocked to see on top of the list 😉
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Killer newbie trick that made $18,256 in 7 daysMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

        Hi Enstine,

        This is one of the main reason i am here, but my top reason to be here is Kingsley. It is his attitude, and his friendly nature that i like the most. He was very kind enough to tell me my mistakes, and give me a second chance unlike the most blogging communities that will just kick you out if you even make one mistake.

        Such so-called top communities only exist to feed the ego of such people who have got many things in their lives without their own personal effort. Such are the people who enjoy putting down others just because they can feel better about themselves. But, then such communities are bound to crash and burn :)

        I see a different future for kingged, and i will be here regardless of any contests or giveaways Kingsley is going to hold. :)


  • Profile photo of Nicholas Profile

    I read this post and joined kingged. Thanks a lot enstine for directing to this community! :-)

  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Once again, thanks a lot for dedicating yet another post to how much you love, re the kind of free highly targeted traffic you keep receiving through us. Like I said in my earlier comment today, it’s great results like yours that motivate us to keep doing more.

    We are able to send a lot of traffic to awesome KINGLIKE content like the type you always seem to publish on your blog, partly because we, ourselves, have techniques that we use to get a ton of highly targeted traffic to Kingged on a daily and consistent basis.

    Talking about the traffic we get to Kingged… since we started we have driven MILLIONS of highly targeted traffic to Kingged, and most of this has been without Google. Of course we have spent a lot of money to achieve this, but we can go to sleep at night without worrying about what Google does or doesn’t do.

    We also want as many bloggers as possible to start regaining control of their lives – and not living in eternal fear of what Google does or doesn’t do. There are lots of other ways to get traffic, and social networking or blogging communities like Kingged and the others can help a lot.

    And the good thing about the huge traffic we get at Kingged is this – we are not at all stingy with the traffic we get. We actually send MOST of the traffic we get straight to bloggers through the posts shared on Kingged.

    Unlike other social sharing sites that force you to open an inner page before you see the link to the shared site/blog, the direct link to the shared posts are right there on the frontpage of Kingged, so users can even click through to visit the blogs without opening the post on Kingged.

    And from what we are seeing with the many reviews/testimonials coming from bloggers like you, Enstine, we are doing a good job of sending targeted traffic to bloggers. We can also see from the Alexa rankings page of many blogs that Kingged is one of the top traffic referrer of many blogs. That makes us very happy and motivated to do even more!

    And as you already know, Enstine, this is NOTHING compared to what’s coming on Kingged. We are working on even MORE ways of getting more traffic to Kingged, and of course, more traffic to bloggers that actually take the time to write the type of content that deserve the “Content is King” mantra, and that’s what is all about, :)

    Thanks again, Enstine, for the love. We are confident that this is just the beginning!

    admin recently posted…Audio Master Suite Mac ReviewMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Iftekhar Profile


    Well I must say that is one of the best sites to share interesting posts and get a huge amount of traffic.

    I myself have started using Kingged and I must say that it is helping me to get some targeted traffic.

    Receiving traffic is not only the best thing of this site. Besides this we can also increase our knowledge in our respective niches by reading others posts. Most of the time I read articles shared by others rather than posting my link.

    Thanks and Keep Going

    Iftekhar recently posted…Funny Google Tricks 2014My Profile

  • Profile photo of Kushal Profile

    I am a new visitor of Enstine’s blog. I must say his articles are unique and well written. Most of the times, I notice that bloggers copy others article or rewrite same topic over and over again. Enstine’s articles are very unique and written from personal experiences. I like to read articles which are written with personal touch.

    This particular article helped me to discover some great blogs and traffic sources. I also came to know about and this is my first comment. Thanks to Enstine for the awesome article and for this awesome site.

  • hey thanks for the url, thanks for sharing the Awesome info here, i just got Url of Kingged from
    it is great Source for Bloggers i think to interact new Bloggers and to learn new things Now to Read Link Suggested above :)
    Sahil Garg recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo With 5.5 Inch AMOLED DisplayMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Vinay Jaiswal Profile

    Read this post on your blog and now joined kingged! Really awesome community to get targetted traffic and also making money. Thanks for writing this post and letting us know about Kingged.

  • Profile photo of Chinonso Profile

    Wow, interesting, this site is already a hub for all bloggers… I wonder how big it would be by the end of the year….

  • Profile


    This is my first visit to this site and I’m totally impressed the prize is really impressive.

    I think this site gonna be amazing for gettting traffic and making money

    this site simply made my day!

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Welcome to Kingged, Anis, but please refrain from such “generic” comments. Our moderating team flagged this as a spam comment as it wasn’t particularly related to nor relevant to this post.

      Future comments like this will get deleted. Please take note, :)

      Welcome again, and feel free to let us know if you have any problems or need help.

      admin recently posted…Web Design Tips To Ensure Steady TrafficMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

    Hey Enstine,

    Kingged dot com has in a short period of time surpass some of the many great communities I know and used to be a part of.

    I recently wrote a post I tagged “21 blogging mistakes and smart ways to fix them”, one in which Sunday and Kingsley both visited and commented on.

    I should have added the last way which is not believing in kingged dot com. I signed up for king when it was just starting up but I didn’t like it but I have now realized hoe graving that decision is to me and my blog.

    I was perplexed about not getting traffic and Enstine you wrote this on your great blog, trust me this is definitely what I like to call a “timely post.”

    Thanks for sharing it, BTW, Kingsley, I now see the connection between your name and the site name. What a great correlation. Do have great day Enstine and Kingsley. :)


    • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

      Hey Sam,
      Good to see you here this weekend and I hope this continues 😉

      It will not hurt to even modify that post on your blog too. What about that?
      Enstine Muki recently posted…January $150 Paypal Cash Giveaway!My Profile

      • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

        Oh sure it will brother Enstine, I must your article finally made it clear why Piyush wanted me to be here and why I must be here.

        oh that’s true but it was a guest post’s 6k words already, don’t you think I’m already turning it to an eBook if I had another point?

    • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

      Hi Sam,

      Glad to see you here finally, this is a great place to be for bloggers and you have to be part of such blogging communities if you intend to make it into a long term medium for earning money.

      Good luck to you Sam,


      • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

        Hey Piyush, it’s good to finally meet you here on Kingged dot come and it seems you are now a staff here, isn’t it?

        Oh you are right man and that’s why I have decided on being a part of this and being active on it like I am on Fb.

        In fact, as I’m typing this, my FB tabs are closed leaving me with King and the author’s blogs.

        Thanks man for showing me this way, even though it was this post that now sparked up the intensity to want to be here. 😀


        • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

          Hi Otumba,

          No, i am not “Staff” here, being Staff would mean that i am an Employee of Kingged, which i am not. I don’t get paid for making comments, not i have participated in “Kingged’s Giveaway” because i don’t exactly have a blog to promote.

          This is a blogging community which is why i suppose Bloggers like you to come forward rather than me hogging all the glory for myself.

          If i actually wanted to win the giveaway, i can easily make a 50 comments a day but i am not going to be a part of the “race”. This is about nurturing talent that exist in the world rather than taking it all for myself.

          Since, you have just begun your journey on Kingged, i will be happier if you were here everyday often. Kingsley is a great guy and he will help you with any problems you face here.

          Yes, i am here too but i am just a regular member here. :)


        • Profile photo of admin Profile

          Good to see you active here, Sam.

          And no, Piyush is not an in-house team member, if that’s what you mean.

          He’s just participating here just for the fun of it. Heck, he doesn’t even promote any blog in the process!

          Apart from just participating here for the fun of it, he actually goes all out to help other bloggers. For example, some of the bloggers that we have bought advertisement from were recommended to me by Piyush, without any affiliation with them.

          If anything, he’s actually’s #1 fan! :)

          admin recently posted…White hat or Black hat – Which one is the finest SEO practice?My Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Thanks for your kind words, Sam. And good to see you now getting active on Kingged.

      Yes, I can understand why you didn’t take it seriously in the first place. With so many social sites out there today, it’s confusing to know which ones are worth spending time/effort on. Thankfully now you know Kingged is one to get serious with, :)

      About the connection of with my name, it’s a fortunate and exciting coincidence… the main derivation of the name is actually from the “Content is King” premise, 😉

      We have always heard that “Content is King”, but if it’s really true, why not put it to the test. It’s not enough to just say your content is king, everyone can say that. Let readers actually decide which content should be king and which shouldn’t. If your content is king, then it will be crowned (kingged) at :)

      Makes sense?

      admin recently posted…Why your business needs an NFC Business CardMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

        That’s right boss Kingsley! I never wanted to be involve in any of this networks only to find out that they hold nothing significant for me, so I always backed out.

        I guess I backed out on Kingged dot com rather too quickly cus had I not I might have become a top gun in my niche already as my traffic and engagement would have increased.

        Well it’s cool am now here and that am now very active on Kingged and oh it’s really important for an individual aiming blogging success to get serious with Kingged else their success would be relatively difficult.

        Wow! Is that so? I actually thought you coined that amazing DN from your name not knowing it was as a result of the trend in the blogosphere about Content being Kingged.

        You are asking me that? If there’s another word for “make sense” in this context, I’d have loved to use it.

        I’m so delighted to be an active member of this amazingly great community! :)

        Sam Adeyinka recently posted…January 1st | A Day Never To Be Forgotten!My Profile

  • Profile photo of qasim Profile

    Great review about Kingged Enstine, Couldn’t agree more with you. It’s really a great website to drive traffic and engagement to your blog.
    qasim recently posted…MSocialH: Click Limits System and target system improvementMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Manish Madhukar Profile

    Shocking stats Enstine…. We should take kingged seriously.
    Manish Madhukar recently posted…Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker ToolsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sugar Mummy Profile

    I can see you are pulling a lot of traffic from Kingged, since i joined i have immensely benefited from the platform and will always recommend it to other bloggers. Your referral traffic stats is quite impressive, thanks for sharing as this will help me get to work in improving mine as well, but how do you pull such number from Facebook when they have intentionally altered their algorithm to limit the number of people that sees a post with link.
    Sugar Mummy recently posted…Wired vs Wireless Gaming MouseMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Biplab Das Profile

    Hi Estine,

    Somewhat by chance I’ve got to check-in today. I have read a few content here and have seen the comments. This is my first opportunity to check your blog and I must say that your posts a very engrossing and unique! Though I’ve read only a few, I’m sure your content will be as fresh as ever! I thank my luck for bringing me here today that I have got to know about so many brilliant blogs. I’ve registered and will come back to check the developments in, for sure.

    I am a professional content writer and have recently started my personal blog with WordPress free hosting…I’m trying to learn from the experts in this field, one can check my few postings here,

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Thanks for joining and already getting involved here, Biplab.

      While we appreciate you joining and already reading posts here and commenting, we don’t think it’s a good idea to put a link to your url right in your very first comment. I would have removed it but can see you did it innocently, so I will let it be for now.

      In future, please use commentluv, to link back to your blog, rather than putting a direct url in the comments.

      Thanks again,

      admin recently posted…Wired vs Wireless Gaming MouseMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

      Hey Biplab,
      I’m excited to see you here as well as on my blog. I’m very sure this is where to grow your blog and network with many other exciting bloggers.

      Do have a wonderful weekend as I hope to see you again here and on my blog 😉
      Enstine Muki recently posted…How To Make Money With Google HelpOutsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

      Hi Biplab,

      If you are a writer by profession, and have started your own blog then you are at the right place. However, you have to learn quickly the best trends of the industry if you want to establish yourself in the right circles.

      If you are promoting your work here, then you need to understand this platform, and the people here. You can clearly see that you can not only share your links here but this platform also has comment luv.

      You do not have to put any links in the comments itself but use the comment luv system to share your work indirectly. Also, you can use the “signature section” to add your blog URL to get additional traffic when you share someone else’s post.

      This is exactly what i did when i joined here, i tried to understand the system, and made a personal touch with the owner “Kingsley” who is a wonderful guy and a great friend to be around.

      I hope you will make good friends with Kingsley! At the end of the day, it is all about networking, and friendship is just that 😀

      So, Start making new friends from day one!


  • Profile photo of Biplab Das Profile

    Thanks a lot! Suggestions are noted..

  • This is great!
    Its my first time here. I saw a post about this website on one of my friends facebook fan page and decided to take a look!

    I love this site! 😀
    Carlinton recently posted…Piano Lessons, Learn to Play Piano with Great Online ResourcesMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Welcome to Kingged, Carlinton, but please refrain from such “generic” comments. Our moderating team flagged this as a spam comment as it wasn’t particularly related to nor relevant to this post.

      Future comments like this will likely get deleted. Please take note, :)

      Welcome again, and feel free to let us know if you have any problems or need help.

      admin recently posted…Facebook Now Lets Users To Edit CommentsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Naveen Profile is quietly getting famous around the blog sphere as every one getting the slice of the pie.

    You’ve used it to attract hundreds of eye balls by your exclusive content Enstine.

  • Profile photo of Swapnil Singh Profile

    Hello Enstine,
    Thanks for sharing another wonderful article. Yes Kingged is an awesome place to get huge traffic and I agree with your points, you can’t get traffic from any community until you not participate actively.
    Swapnil Singh recently posted…SEO Factors That Will Affect Your Search Engine RankingMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    Social share site is the deepest source for any personal blog. the public is come with every good post.

  • Profile photo of Stuart Profile

    So let’s give a try to see how much traffic it can send.

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Good to see you have joined and you are already active, Stuart.

      But joining right away and expecting to see magic surge of traffic from Kingged is not the right approach, :)

      You should get active here first, make friends, get well known, share KINGLIKE posts (yours and that of others), king or unking other posts, etc.

      Kingged is certainly not just about “taking” and “getting”, you should “give” first, especially of yourself, :)

      admin recently posted…The Ultimate Guide To Blogging: How To Start A Blog That’s EpicMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

      Hey Stuart,
      Just be active around and I’m sure you’ll start seeing the traffic 😉
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Guest posting for SEO is dead!My Profile

    • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

      Hi Stuart,

      Glad to see you here, if you have a blog and you want to generate traffic from this blogging community then you have to build yourself over a period of time. You have to make personal relationships with the people on the platform, and show them your work slowly to get them engaged into your ideas.

      Since you have just joined the community, and i do not see your work yet – It will take time for you to get the kind of results you are expecting from this platform.

      Explore this platform as much as you can when you have time, and talk to Kingsley personally or any other old members for suggestions.

      Enstine is one of the pro’s so he is also a great source for you when you want to learn anything. Don’t be shy, and open up with everyone here. Enstine is also very helpful and kind person, though a little busy but he always takes time out to help people whenever possible.

      So, take the next step!

      Piyush Mathur recently posted…Giveaway Hunt Starts Off Their Journey with a 50 $ Cash PrizeMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Efoghor Joseph Ezie Profile

      Stuart, are you here to give a try or you are here to get real serious and busy engaging with others? I think it’s good to join the train why it is still at the station than wait until it has taken off and then you try to chase it from behind.

      kingged is working and getting the buzz. Visits to our blogs through referral from here is on the increase. If not for the money, it is worth joining for the traffic.

      Thanks for at least taking the first step to be here. Try and go further and take advantage of the resources here. Do have a lovely weekend.
      Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…5 Certified Tips To Blogging Your Way to SuccessMy Profile

  • Profile photo of George Profile

    Really feel great to know about how good a social media site is. Actually I joined this site few weeks back but was not active and this blog post really prompts me to become a genuine and active member at
    George recently posted…Comment on Online Marketing: Affordable Ways Which Boost Your Online Website Traffic by Mary @ Green Global TravelMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    A very nice share Enstine! This just about reveals what it takes to get the most from kingged. A lot of bloggers are finding this community very engaging, and I would not be surprised to see the traffic reports for most members surged in the last couple of months.
    Sunday William recently posted…Giveaway: Win 3 Premium WordPress Themes from MyThemeShopMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    The true picture present by Enstine! In a social networking site visitors / friends scrool down but in that perform not only blog presenting but also blog sharing tools, with a quite aggressive attraction and motivation.
    I am really inspired the way of doing such by for example showed result by Enstine.
    Allah Ditta recently posted…US Cellular announce new unlimited contract free plan $50My Profile

  • Profile photo of Uttoran Profile

    Good to know that you are getting some real traffic from Kingged, keep it up,

    Some of those posts that talked about GuestCrew had hit kingged’s front page too, and those posts did bring a lot of traffic to us. That was how I got to know about kingged.

    Keep us updated on your traffic stats, hope you get a lot more traffic in the future,

    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Vine for BloggersMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Good to see you again here, Uttoran. You have been very active lately. That’s great!

      Good to hear that your site – GuestCrew got a lot of traffic from Kingged… all for free, :)

      Like I said to you in my reply to your other comment, this is just the beginning for Kingged. A lot more is coming!

      Make sure you stick around, 😉

      admin recently posted…Best Online Marketing TechniquesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Tharun Profile

    Hi Enstine,
    This is awesome post. Hope will surely drive some great traffic to my blog. Great post and thanks for sharing such a good review about
    Tharun recently posted…How to Optimize Blog for Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Tharun Profile

    Damn…this is awesome post I know..I recommend the power of
    Tharun recently posted…Where and How to build quality backlinks fast?My Profile

  • Profile

    There are many ways to drive quality and very targeted traffic for your blog, the best ways are surely, sharing your posts on social networks like facebook twitter and more, and also commenting on other blogs and doing guest blogging 😀

    thanks for sharing your ways to drive free traffic to your blog 😀

    keep it up and have a great day ahead 😀
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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